Swooosh Swash!

>> Some labels just get on with the task of designing without creating any fuss or press-ho-ha over what they do.  Swash are definitely grafters as they have solidly built up a loyal group of stockists whilst repeatedly upping their game when it comes to those beautiful hand-drawn and painted artworks that transfer so well to so many mediums.  I'd have my whole house Swash-ed up if I could and in recent years, they've applied their delicate prints to bedsheets (which I still sleep on quite regularly), blankets and cushions, scarves as well as their growing ready to wear range, which I'm still an avid fan of.  Whilst eyeing up a few of the spring summer pieces on Far Fetch, I then trailed off to discover that Swash have got themselves a stunning new website which does all kinds of animated scroll-y things with their drawings and more importantly is fully updated with their collections.  

Therefore it's time to salute a Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka, an enduring husband and wife partnership that really continues to yield an unbelievably prolific output.  With both their recent spring summer 2012 and latest autumn winter 2012-3 collections, it seems they've broadened even further, adding shoes, hats, belts and bags to form countless head-to-toe Swash-ified looks that are kind of irresistible.  The shapes of the clothes themselves have also developed further on with print placement on bomber jackets, skirts, silk-fronted cardigans and dresses being more precise than ever.  There's definitely a justification for some sort of a Swash Land akin to Disneyland if I had it my own way.  Swash rides with their illustrated animalia, flora and fauna coming at you from all directions.  Swash sweet shops filled with pastel hues.  Swash hot air balloons taking us to lands far and away.  I can but dream but for now, back to deciding whether to go for the skirt or the shirt to start my renewed Swash attack… 

Swash Spring Summer 2012:



Swash Autumn Winter 2012-3:



29 Replies to “Swooosh Swash!”

  1. Susie, honestly, how do you manage to uncover such amazing designers?! In particular, I really do love the Swash S/S 2012 collection – the juxtaposition between the simplistic stripes, fringing, chain-patterns and the outlandish florals and bird prints is striking.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Susie, you are way too cool. I have just started my very own blog and you have been my biggest inspiration to do so. Love these glorious prints by the way!

  3. Hey Susie
    Can you seriously not see your influence in all these amazing designers you post about? With these Swash designs, change the model’s face for yours in these pics and it could have been you in any of your photos on any given day.
    Brava! Not only one of the most interesting bloggers around, but a truly inspirational one at that in the best sense of the word. Yours I think is the only blog I have never stopped reading since the fashion blogging trend began.
    Saludos from Spain

  4. Ana : What kind words! I can’t certainly take the credit as Swash have actually been in partnership and producing these kind of prints and designs long before I even existed as a blogger! Nonetheless, thanks for your lovely comment!

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