>> I forgot to introduce you all to my new friend Jorge.  He hails from the Ciudadela market in Mexico City and comes from a friendly lady who wouldn't reveal her secret of gluing minuscule beads in intricate formations but did give me a discount so that I could proudly place Jorge on my crowded bureau.   He also is now perfectly at home alongside Venessa Arizaga's day of the dead skull adorned necklaces, which I got an introduction to when she did her trunk show at Liberty as well as this Christopher Shannon A/W 11 pom pom tassel shirt, dubbed my jazzy party shirt.  You know how every guy has a jazzy party shirt that's a little bit too shiny and often gets marred by numerous sweat patches after a wild night?  Well err… this is the antithesis to that.  With numerous collections up on Arizaga's e-shop, it's hard not to go there and want everything in sight with flashes of neon, macrame, cutesy but never twee charms all in harmony together in every single piece be it a chunky necklace or a delicate bracelet.  Jorge is having a blast hanging out with Arizaga's jewellery.  In fact, I might create some sort of a bust so that Jorge might wear them on his makeshift neck when I'm not.    








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  1. Jasmine says:

    wow, love the vibrant colors. Jorge is a stunner

  2. The Provoker says:

    yes that shirt is all kinds of crazy! Love the texture and cultural/tribal/folk references in that shirt, fab-
    xx nathan.niche

  3. Haha! Normally I am not a big fan of skulls, but these actually seem to make me happy with their quirky smiles 🙂 And respect to the woman that made the necklace and the person that made the skull: massive amount of work I guess! Have a nice evening! Best wishes, jadepillar.com

  4. walda.m says:

    Wow how innovative, the time it would take to make those pieces, i like the colour and textures.
    Appreciate it if you’d check out my blog: http://be-you-do-fashion.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. sophie says:

    oh my god. this blouse is amazing!

  6. Tara says:

    Wow! That tassel shirt is something else! And Jorge is simply wonderful! I love intricate designs like these – they’re just so expressive and it’s almost as though you can see all the hard work and effort that has gone into creating every new piece.
    Best Wishes,

  7. Lilzeon says:

    ..but what will happen when the Aztec civilization will collapse? What will then happen to Jorge?? MAYDAY

  8. Donna says:

    these skulls are outstanding!

  9. great post! it really inspired me a lot 🙂
    Michelle Angeline

  10. Anne Meyer says:

    Wow! So creative and vibrant… 🙂

  11. jessbuurman says:

    This is very pretty picture lot of color are been used in this attraction of the picture also attractive

  12. In love with this explosion of colour!

  13. Frances says:

    This is so beautiful and fun Susie! We’re glad that a couple of Venessas were able to meet handsome Jorge! 🙂

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