Yard Sale: The Sequel


It would have made sense for continuity and momentum's sake if I had got my act together and done another yard sale last year in 2011 following on the success of the first one in 2010.  Sadly the summer flew by and my sluggish lack of proactiveness took over.  Still, in the wise words of Daft Punk, coming back harder, better, faster, stronger was the goal for 2012's Bloggers Yard Sale.  I'd replace the word "faster" with "bigger" though in this instance as this time round, we had gathered up a strong group of fourteen bloggers, including myself and a few last minute additions.  The final line-up included Steve of Style Salvage representing the only bit of menswear for sale, Kit of Style Slicker, Shini of Park and CubeAlexxsia of My Labyrinth, Hedwig of The Nothern Light,  Zara of Geisha RockJen of Style Crusader, Charlie of Girl A La Mode, Isabelle of Isabelle OCand her flatmate Sam, Jen of Style East, Kristabel of I Want You to Know, Jacqueline of Platform Princess and to add the final flourish of making if a family affair, my sister Louisa, who works at Beach Tomato but also runs Lust and Found Magazine at the side, also joined in.

My yard felt was therefore propery filled and it felt a little more like an official market as I went all out by hiring a ton of trestle tables and rails.  It was then up to the bloggers to bring their A-game of wares to sell, which they did as one by one, they shuffled round to my N7 yard heaving with suitcases and laundry bags.  According to Steve, a group of around thirty people had already gathered outside by 9.30am and so we were under pressure to get set up as quickly as possible.  Doors opened at around 10.15am and once again, a seasoned group of rummagers charged ahead, rifling through rails, raiding bags on the floor and clutching on to things as they made their way through the sale.  A bigger sale unfortunately made it a little hard to track everybody's movements and at one point, I did have spouts of paranoia, wondering who had made off with my Christopher Kane or Louise Gray dress without paying for them.  Overall, though we all came out of the morning rush largely unscathed with pockets full of cash and hopefully from the sale goer's perspectives, they had a bargainous time.  Save for three items – a pair of never worn Balenciaga A/W 08 latex-panelled trousers, a Louise Gray S/S 10 dress and a Christopher Kane S/S 10 embroidered dress all at ¬£150, I was pretty random with the pricing with most things going for ¬£10 to ¬£20 and a lot of things going for a fiver.  I got told off my friends after my last sale when I said I sold bits of Acne and Lanvin for a tenner but I'm unwavering in my stance on yard sale pricing – why be ambitious with prices when you can see people get high on their bargains instead?  Plus I just like putting on my East End market stall voice and saying "You can have that for a fiver, darlin!"  One girl, who I think was Spanish, didn't quite understand me when I told her a top was a "fiver" which was a definitive palmface on my own marketstall enthustiasm.  

Wearing Monki shirt, Peter Pilotto dress and Christopher Kane sandals







There were a few pieces that, in hindsight, I probably didn't really want to sell like this Christopher Kane S/S 10 dress.  Yes, it's beautiful.  Yes, it's Christopher Kane.  But I've hardly worn it and I felt like it could go to a better home.  Sadly the ¬£150 price was a little too steep for some and so I'm somewhat relieved that it's back home with me.  



Kristabel also doing her best sales patter here.  Actually, I loved everyone's different takes on explaining their wares.  My own particular strategy revolved around telling people that everything was a one-off sample that never made it into production – which was actually true for a lot of the things I was selling because I am such a sample sale hoarder.   


Most organised blogger yard saler goes to Shini of Park & Cube who had little sheared-edged price tags made up informing people of sizing and pricing.  Shambolic me just yells out prices to people on a whim.  I'm just going to put it out there.  If I liked the look of you, I probably gave you a better price.  And that seemed to apply to just about everyone who came… 


Zara from Geisha Rock was also on the right track by bribing sale goers with 20p brownies.  The ones with the peppermint cream were delish… 


Here's Isabelle, her flatmate Sam and Jen of Style East surveying their profits.  Note: I'm glad that my Peter Pilotto dress that I was wearing had roomy pockets.  


Isabelle and Sam had a box of weirdness that I thought was pretty awesome and particularly this slightly deranged painting of some horses, whose legs aren't even properly proportioned or positioned.  It had to come home with me.  


My sister Louisa and her boyfriend Joe, who designed this blog, were absolute troopers, coming in early to help set up and do some crowd control… 



It's only natural that once things got a bit quieter, that I'd go off galivanting around the stalls to check out what the other bloggers were selling.  I picked up a Jaeger hat from Charlie and an ASOS Black dress from Shini, which I thought was pretty reserved considering there were some stellar items that were up for grabs.  Someone got a bargain with some ¬£50 Prada baroque sunnies on Charlie's table.  Hedwig had lovely pieces of Acne and Isabel Marant.  Zara had some beautiful creepers and Shini had the best bits of ASOS.  Louisa had a few bits of Ann Demeulemeester for sale too.   



Kit clearly has a Hello Kitty fetish.  I think the plushie went to a good home… 



Charlie also had other headgear like this Acne number that was sadly too small for my bulbous head.  


In Isabelle's box of weirdness was this fetching wig.  I just needed the fake tan and excessive make-up to complete my Japanese gyaru / The Only Way is Essex look.  


Our entertainment choices were limited as we had no access to power in the yard but the very talented and lovely Milly Blue more than made up for it by doing a little accoustic ukulele set, which was a refreshing break from all the sales antics.  I think Milly singing Dream A Little Dream of Me was one of the nicest moments during the course of the sale… 



These kids Ruby and Pierre who were running around the sale for a while with their mum browsing the rails were certainly delighted by Milly's playing.  Then they promptly plonked themselves on the floor with their techy bits and bobs.  Kids these days, eh?


I could have spent the entire day taking pics of yard saler goers but it was definitely a daring display of street style.  Basically, I wanted to dress like a lot of the people that came.  Or it was some sort of weird vindication that the people that read my blog are my style kindred spirits.  It makes it all the better to see your clothes going to people who you know will do good things with your cast-offs – like this girl and her tropical/botanical/leopard combination with my Tsumori Chisato dress… 


… or this sweet fifteen year old with my Kron by Kron Kron shoes.  She said she had been reading my blog since she was eleven!  I think I sighed with ageing weariness… "Oh Youth!"


Wiggy here was at my last sale and this time she came even more prepared by lugging around an army duffle bag.  She came away with some of my favourite things – a pair of Dries Van Noten shoes, a damaged Comme des Garcons cardigan to name but a few… 


If I had got my organising act together, I should have really asked a streetstyle photographer to come down to document proceedings.  Photographer Jay McLaughlin came down and took a few atmospheric snaps though and managed to get a shot of the chicken satay, which Steve and I slaved over the previous night.  




I met young Ophelia Horton again at the sale, who's fast on track to becoming a British Tavi.  She was saying how busy she was with magaging her blog and doing interviews for press.  I sigh again.  "Oh, youth!"  


If I was going to a sale of this ilk, I'd be adopting the headphones strategy too like these two girls.  Ignore the noise and just get on with the rummaging… 



Nathan, a regular commenter on this blog and writer of The Provoker came to the sale with the look of the day.  Steve was so enamoured with it, he did a full post on his outfit yesterday.  I'm loathe to say that I actually like his Jeffrey Campbell shoes but it was his forest green P.S. 11 that really had me foaming at the mouth.  



Some people sadly turned up a little too late in the day and found the sale a little on the thin side as we had done most of our trade in the morning.  This Japanese girl was quite enchanting but you could tell she was a little crestfallen because most things were gone by the time she came… 


This group of Hong Kong kids came by with their statement coloured hair and not-bovvered Docs and creepers but arrived just as we were packing up everything.    


The full gang isn't quite here in this shot of me with Jen from Style Crusader, Kit, Shini, Charlie, Louisa and Joe using some Peach Blossom photo props but obviously thanks to ALL bloggers involved and most of all, thanks to the people who bothered to show up!  I'll vouch for making this an annual tradition here and now!