I'm not the first to coin the title of this post and I won't be the last as this delicious bit of illiteration is frankly too irresistable not to use when it comes to Peter Pilotto coming to Pitti W and taking over a Palazzo.  See?  It's a word match made in heaven.  As per the tradition of Pitti, the invited guest designer for both menswear and womenswear get to have carte blanche over what they do as an event as part of this fabled tradeshow.  In the last few years, we've seen Florence's palazzos and gardens decked out in the language of each designer and this season, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos turned Palazzo Borghese, a lavish abode dating back to 1400, into Palazzo Pilotto. 

With the help of their website designer, Jonny Lu, they created projections, wall claddings and carpets to juxtapose against the classical statues, the decadent chandeliers and all the gilt and glitz of a Florentine palazzo.  It's a timely transformation as it showcased an array of prints that sees Pilotto and De Vos taking yet another swever in their print language.  It may just be a resort collection but it perhaps marks a turning point in how Pilotto translate literal element into evocative digital prints.  From nebula to rocks to oceans to Tokyo lights – their source material is vast and far-reaching.  For resort however, they played with something more abstract, employing a print generator, programmed by Lu, that randomly creates kaleidoscopic effects.  Therefore there's no real tangible source material this time and it's as though the prints that graced the carpets, the walls, the digital screens and of course the collection, came out of thin air, which makes it all the more exciting.  It's their own unique take on geometric patterns that have gone before them.  There were prints that almost looked like stained glass windows but Pilotto and De Vos of coursehad warped and manipulated them to the point of being unregconisable as such. 

Palazzo Pilotto had well and truly brought this Peter Pilotto kaleidoscope to life for me and I found myself wanting not just to reside in this surreally printed mecca but to don as many of these print mish-mashes as possible – stripes, polka dots, glitched lines, flying diamonds, squares – all gradiated in a vast array of vibrant colours.  The presentation also taught me that resort clothes also need in-person viewing as I wasn't able to glean any of the details such as the quilt-esque looking silk cloque dress, the nodules of silk thread bead-like embroidery or the circular sequins paired with crystals.  These details gave the prints even more movement and verve, as though the squares and dots would come flying out at you motion.  If I had stayed there longer and drank a bit more, there would have been some wildly geometric dreams for sure, the sort that stay with you throughout the day in a feel-good patterned haze. 





























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  1. Al Moda says:

    Wow. It must be really amazing to look at this specific collection up close. It’s beautiful.

  2. Amanda says:

    Amazing patterns and then taken together with the screens and the floors, mind blowing

  3. Miss Coco says:

    WAo It’s Amazing!!!
    Miss Coco

    Amazing prints and shapes…

  5. Elisa Eymery says:

    Susie you’ve got to be the best fashion reporter out there! It feels like a beautiful, surreal documentary.
    Wandering Minds fashion

  6. Kashif Ch says:

    The collection is so nice and fabulous.

  7. Lovely and fantastic post.i like this so much.

  8. Adeola Naomi says:

    Love all the prints!

  9. That’s a surreal combination of elements topped by Pilotto’s extraterrestrial talent and your own mind-blowing description which really takes it to another level. The whole collection is the epitomy of digital printing, texture and the interplay of impressions. Somehow tradition and futurism blend in what we happen to experience in our days. I feel that there is a scientific approach to fashion in this case, with theorems and theories about style, new rules and new facts to be proven valid only on the basis of a new way of thinking! I m so excited with this post! Fashion goes on!

  10. Wow, the bead work is exquisite!

  11. welovefur says:

    Inquietante, ma di grande effetto
    Le stampe dei modelli presentati sono molto originali

  12. WOW. These garments are not only amazing but breathe taking as well!
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  13. ttea says:

    Very interesting and different. It’s sort of a reference back to pop art done in a more modern way. I love how colourful the clothes are too.

  14. Duck says:

    Gah when are they going to make me menswear?? I need a printed suit with matching shirt SO BLEEDING MUCH

  15. Nathan Niche says:

    stunning prints, and love the embroidery work as well!
    check out my new photoshoot fashion film project, i made 6 garments and i posted up a sneak preview, pls tell me what u think 😉
    xx nathan.niche

  16. Ginger says:

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  17. Joy Davis says:

    Bead work and digital print. Eye orgasm! Also, I have figured it out that Pitti Uomo promotes healthy eating by all the food pics that show up at these collections.

  18. I’m so in love with this collection! Saw this on vogue.com!! I want to get one now!

  19. Asics says:

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  20. Edith says:

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