Pedestrian TV's little Mean Girls guide to MBFWA actually neatly summed up the gist of the week without getting into the specifics of course of who came out with A+ to err… C- grades.  They predicted that the still-relatively-new designer Magdalena Velevska would come out on top as Prom Queen – someone that is current hot property and is making waves.  Neon piped embroidery and coral drawings caught my eye last year and in between, she's delved into dramatic fringing and richly hued paisley.  For her latest spring summer 2012-3 (southern hemisphere summer…), she's lightened the load considerably, taking a cue from a technique she used when she was at school by embroidering zig zag beads inbetween leather pieces to mimic fagotting in knitwear.  She's refined that further in this collection by adding silk embroidered borders to the sides of the zig-zagging beads and in some cases, using phosphorous thread so that it glows in the dark if you charge it up with enough light.  I can testify that this indeed does happen as I crouched underneath Magdalena's desk to see a bit of glow coming off of one of the dresses.  The cellular-looking print also comes alive in the dark as glow-in-the-dark has been applied in waved flecks.

I know there's been a lot of hot tropic, climate-driven and sun-induced influences going on in a lot of Australian designers' work but here pool and beachside antics are only vaguely referenced in the collection.  Velevska primarily looked at the mercurial surface of stingray, which inspired a lot of the textures as well as looking at underwater sealife in general.  Above the waterline, she also revelled in the summer season by lightening up the clothes.  If you dived right into a pool in these assymetric hemlines and buttoned up shirting, you'd emerge looking like you purposely soaked yourself, as these straight-up mostly silk pieces were a sleek foundation for Magdalena to then work on top of with her eye for detailing.  Therefore those beaded zig zag lines get to curve around in jellyfish or coral-esque formations.  Magdalena's point de mousse embroidery returns with as a newly flattened and circular motif.  Her love of neon also comes through loud and clear in the use of the brightest of highlighter yellow, anchored by white and cream lace.  The level has certainly been polished up but here's hoping Velevska maintains that streak of spontanaity that means a) highlighter yellow remains high on the agenda and b) she continues to nurture her penchant for minute construction details.


























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  1. Elisa Eymery says:

    The (half) long white dress is absolutely beautiful, sexy in an understated way. I love that it has short sleeves and just skimming the body. These australian designers rocks.
    Elisa Eymery
    Wandering Minds

  2. Sheena says:

    Really edgy, love the silhouettes, the white and the neon pieces…
    By far the best use of glass sequins…
    Thanks for sharing the pictures…

  3. What a lovely collection. The dresses are cut beautifully! Great pictures as well.

  4. Love the details!! Minimal with a twist!!

  5. Serdane says:

    Great collection despite some clumsiness with the cut !

  6. to me it looks like she was inspired by a tennis ball. 🙂 she make me proud that I’m Macedonian

  7. Isabella says:

    I agree I love the constrast of colors

  8. Madame M says:

    The cut and the fabric seem so unreal. Really a beautiful collection, I would wish to be in this studio to touch the pieces.

  9. Gaby says:

    Those details are STUNNING. And so perfectly executed. In awe.
    Thank you for sharing and covering some Australian fashion better than anyone here seems to!

  10. Nathan Niche says:

    this a quite a cute collection,a d i love the moodboards they did. nice modern color palette with cute shapes and cutes and texture. nice one to feature babes! 😉
    xx nathan.niche

  11. sharart says:

    Very neat work. love the mood of it. some more summer styles

  12. Sharart says:

    Very neat work. love the mood of it. some more summer styles to share with you.
    Recet post on orient beauty.

  13. Those details are STUNNING. And so perfectly executed. In awe.

  14. I don’t like the mascara….terrible for me eyes…cool designs.
    You can check my DIY: Header BLOG in
    XOXO from MUNICH
    La Vie Quotidienne

  15. Mascara? Lipstick more likely, the yellow is awful, it kills the effect of the whole collection for me…

  16. lucy says:

    The contrast of delicate beads against a medium weight fabric is very interesting, also like the ornaments on the face, it really made a loud statement.

  17. Oh my gosh!! I love this collection, it is amazing! I so wish I could shoot with it in London!

  18. Elsa says:

    Love it! details are so important! Amazing post

  19. says:

    The silhouettes are clean and uncluttered. I love the fierce/dramatic head pieces and focus on the bottom hems!
    Point of difference – embroidery detailing, job well done….for sure! x

  20. I really love all these outfits, the colors and the creativity that they represent is just absolutely amazing! I wish I had the creativity to make something that is so expressive and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is truly amazing!

  21. I don’t like the mascara….terrible for me eyes…cool designs!!!!

  22. Very unique! I like it!

  23. CamMi Pham says:

    Unique design, love the color but I don’t think I would wear it

  24. brigitte says:

    simple silhouettes with spectacular detailing. I love Velevska and this new collection is superb. Plus, I love anything neon.

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