Floral Intentions

>> This is one to offload to girls who endlessly Tumblr pictures of blooming roses or watch Lana del Rey videos wondering where she got her cut and paste footage from.  That's not to deride those girls.  I myself, may well fall into that category at times.  My point is, it's difficult to look at this debut collection by Lesya Paramonova, an illustrator and designer based in Moscow and not think about how they will end up on endless moodboards and Tumblrs and how Instagram-able it all is (by the by, thanks to Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, I'm now hooked up on it with the new Android app on @susiebubble).  I feel like Lesya and I come from a generation of women, who want to look upon a flower and find meaning beyond its surface prettiness.  This is probably why I'm eternally attracted to Linder Sterling collages or why I STILL cannot stop watching Solve Sundsbo's The Ever Changing Face of Beauty film for W Magazine.  Blooms that grow over body parts clearly get me going.  The video above by Karina Eibatova is a video flower anthem soundtracked by Washed Out and it's the perfect summation of why Paramonova's work is emotive for us annoying dreamers who litter the world with images of people's faces being obscured by giant lillies.  

Paramonova, like Zimmermann has also been rejecting the onslaught of digital florals and instead goes for printed botanical drawings, that are uplifted by cutting out sections into fabric decoupage or adding layers of sheer silk tulle to dull the patterns.  The presentation of the collection at the latest edition of Cycles and Seasons in Moscow back in March had the models wearing their hair as a mask, an extreme version of girls who hide behind their long hair and daisy chains.  Her lookbook images, inspirations, presentation and behind the scenes images are all, like I said, terribly easy to fall in love with.  Without seeing the clothes up close, it's difficult to say where Paramonova's technical strength lies but I'd buy into this floral haven in a heartbeat.  And then Instagram/Tumblr it all up of course.









Lesya7a Lesya7b





Lesya8 Lesya9









34 Replies to “Floral Intentions”

  1. This shoot is so intriguing. Especially the shots with the hair over the face which actually makes me a little uncomfortable but I think that is the point. Very different and I love the pastel colors.
    ~ Jillian

  2. Just today I was browsing through the web looking for something worth spending my paycheck on, and I must confess I felt quite disappointed. This has just gave me back my hope in ready to wear, yay! It’s just everything I want my closet/life to look like.

  3. It all suggests to me a modern reinterpretation of Botticelli’s Primavera… What do you think? Do you see this too?

  4. Gorgeous pics! The video was a little strange though..
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  5. Interesting point… I actually think the hair covering the face enhances the beauty of the clothes and gives it a strange undertone as opposed to just simply being pretty. I guess that’s a matter of opinion though!

  6. I adore everything about this collection… every single aspect has so much to tell, not simply the clothes, but the way they -I mean the garments- have demanded the setting…Love it!

  7. Even the title is made for the name of a Tumblr. And I can’t get enough of pastels! Why not mix patterns on a pocket or collar. Excitement with a garment doesn’t always come from a crazy cut or fit. I commend her work for taking a laid back but poignant approach to clothing.

  8. Once again Susie, another (seemingly!) effortlessly skilled post – I literally want the whole collection. The ‘covering-up’ hair is similar to catwalk models not smiling down the runway, it is supposedly done to keep the main focal point on the clothes. So in love with Lesya Paramonova now, thanks!
    I’m a newbie blogger so thanks for the inspiration, care to return the follow please? 🙂


  9. been following your blog for a while now Susie and I am again and again impressed not only by the things you find for us but I really enjoy reading your posts. A lot of blogs I come across are boring and so typical of our instant image culture. I love the Eibatova video I was mesmerised by it.

  10. Absolutely amazing! All of the floral inspirations (plus listening to The Living Sculptures of Pemberly) have really inspired my morning and it is yet to be 7!

  11. you truly are a great blogger Susie. I love how you have immaculate style yet you do not post about it every time. I love this mix of design and appreciation of detail posts you make. Your observations are great.

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