That I'm sending mini-guides to the other "international" bloggers (Rumi, Bryan, Tommy, Phil, Nam, Candice, Natalie, Elin…first names only, duh) of Aussie designer recommendations is slightly laughable.  It is true that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia makes it my third time out here so I feel like I have a handle on the lay of the land.  Still, things can still be shaken up and changes are seemingly ahoy at the newly sponsored, newly branded MBFWA.  The main gist of it?  The schedule is somewhat leaner, what with names like Josh Goot and Dion Lee pulling out at the last minute, both astute decisions in my eyes.  This therefore places a bigger onus on "big" names to perform and to show with a bang.

That's a tall order for Romance was Born, who actually showed off-schedule last year, but was given the honour of opening MBFWA this week.  There was certainly bang when the centrepiece set unfolded into a pop-up book scene of comic book graphic iconography by Benja HarneyMarvel was the surprising helping hand here as the duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales were able to bring their fascination with the print process of comic book as well as their own superhero loves (Anna loves Thor and Luke's into The Hulk) to life with licensed and proper usage of Marvel imagery.  Plenty of designers have been inspired by this American institution and of course the idea of superheroism in fashion is nothing new but to my mind, I can't remember a time when it was actually officially sanctioned by Marvel.

That said, it wasn't a case of straightforward replicating and rehashing old comic book strips on to fabric,  as RWB magnified and zoomed into the dots that make up the CMYK print make-up of a comic book strip and paired them up with Marvel characters where they saw fit.  The show played out into mini colour stories beginning with monochrome, developing intovivid red and yellow and rainbow stripes and ending with metallic razzle dazzle.  RWB's pre-occupation with print really comes into its own in the simpler looks when say an outline of torso is printed onto a crisp white shirt dress or sunray stripes are cut into bi-directional  sections on a body conscious dress.  On top of print, they uplifted their striking graphics with embellishment such as black and white pearlised pailettes, tinsel-like beading and rectangular gemstones.   

I sense there's a precarious balance that RWB have to strike everytime they do a show – something between showing a full-on, extravagant and dramatic collection and then doing something that can actually translate into commercial saleability.  This show wasn't by any means the biggest spectacle that RWB have done in their long history of showstopping performances, but for me seems on track and in line with what the label has become.  Take away the badass arm gauntlets and the Annie Lennox-inspired red hair and these ensembles can easily go from page to pavement. 

























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  1. Elisa Eymery says:

    I’m liking the high-waisted sequined skirt, I can quite see myself wearing a non-sequined version of it. Nice print inspiration.
    Wandering Minds

  2. This collection is really fun!! I love the black and white graphic print set and the sequined pieces.

  3. S says:

    kewlll loving some of that McDonalds color palette on a quite a few of those outfits!

  4. Handamari says:

    Oh, WOW!!!!! <3

  5. Marcia says:

    I was thinking a little more Black Widow-inspired for the hair, but that works as well.

  6. Serdane says:

    Amazing collection. It’s very changing from what we’re used to see in Europe.

  7. Joy D. says:

    I am thrilled to see Romance Was Born headlining MBFWA! “Small Time” designers need all the help they can get and I think this pushed the brand to go bolder as this is the boldest collection I have seen from RWB.

  8. jean cave says:

    Loved the red hair

  9. Amazing post ..Love the black and white prints!!

  10. Ohhhh!!! wow!!!! Both the collection and the show with the comic book and the “words” on the models are amazing!!!
    So inspirational for my next collection!!!!
    Check out my fashion brand´s Launch Party in London here:
    Hope you like my designs!!

  11. Mary says:

    Having fun with fashion, love it!

  12. jean cave says:

    Will you be going to Jenny Kee?
    No fear of pattern and colour.

  13. jader d' avila says:

    I loved everything about it.
    the bottom and the upper of the same fabric.
    the wig along with the makeup.
    fun, happy, marvellous.
    I will keep an eye on that brand from now on.
    thanks susie, you’re lovely.

  14. jader d' avila says:

    I loved everything about it.
    the bottom and the upper of the same fabric.
    the wig along with the makeup.
    fun, happy, marvellous.
    I will keep an eye on that brand from now on.
    thanks susie, you’re lovely.

  15. Nathan Niche says:

    woah, like the aussie version of meadham kirchoff!! cute and fun! some interesting shapes but still got room to develop further i think, but overall pretty innovative 🙂
    xx nathan.niche

  16. Anna says:


  17. Louise says:

    Wow – love the collection, loving your blog.

  18. Paula says:

    Hello Sussie
    I remember when I first saw Romance was Born in a store in Melbourne back in 2005 whilst I was studying Textile Design, and they blew me away. Now that I live in London I am always waiting for you to write about them. They are so great every season!
    I follow your blog religiously. I have learnt a lot about fashion through you. The way you express yourself and the things that you look for and are important to you. It is like having a super talented friend everyday in your living room. Since I am spanish, your vocabulary is also a real lesson for me on how to express the superlative work of all those amazing artists out there.
    Just thought to let you know today.
    Thank you Sussie

  19. Thrifted says:

    This collection is SO fun and SO you! What great pictures!
    Caitie @

  20. This collection are so unique. The photo looks so fun. I am thinking of what are the perfect occasion to wear this dress.

  21. Thanks for share….amazing collection….super Style Bubble style =)
    XOXO from MUNICH
    La Vie Quotidienne
    YOU can check WALT DISNEY CASTLE in :

  22. mel says:

    I adore their designs! SO colourful and inspiring. It’s like Fashion Wonderland.

  23. I Love All The Detail. Super Fun *pun intended*

  24. I absolutely love this comic themed look. I really think the setting is so perfect for the looks. The great thing about this show is its something you would really want to see for the art aspect also.

  25. luxfashion says:

    The last look is my absolute favourite one!

  26. What a feast for the eyes and what an imagination. The time and effort that the collection and the set must have taken!
    Peter @ Valley Optics

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