We're thinking there's some sort of special effects team working up in the skies of Beijing because I've thus far been here for two days with day one beginning like this.. intensely BLUE to the point where you can just about see Forbidden City from my hotel room…


Then I woke up on day two to find this… smog-infested beyond belief.    


I guess I won't be putting these new sunnies to good use then until I get back to London.  Finding out about sunglasses brands weren't really on my agenda or radar for this Asia trip but I found not one but two brands that are finding their own eyewear niche either within their own domestic market or on an international level.  ChairEYES is a Shanghai-based brand, designed by Yuan Chow, an ex-stylist who has been collecting vintage eyewear for years.  In search of the highest quality materials and eyewear craftsmenship, he began to create ChairEYES in Japan but has recently shifted production to Shanghai where he has found the right factories to show that Made in China (well, specifically Shanghai) can be as prestigious as Made in Italy/France/Japan).  The merit of a good pair of sunnies for me is normally in the weight, the feel of the acetate and the screw fixtures – all of which come up top notch in this pair of glasses called "Lance".  The finishing touches such as the embossed logo on the lens and the lovely curvaceous box seal the deal for me.  At just under RMB1000 (about ¬£100), ChairEYES doesn't break the bank but of course in his own home turf, he comes up against stiff competition with all the glossiness of the big brands.  However Yuan feels that the younger generation of customers are starting to get a feel for locally-made, homegrown brands, hence why ChairEYES is in a good number of stores in Shanghai and Beijing.  ChairEYES is most definitely eyeing up ambitiously on being the first Chinese-grown designer sunglasses brand to break through internationally and it will be interesting to see how quickly that happens.  








Moo Piyasombatkul is a mouthful but her glasses are certainly memorable, having already caused waves by having Lady Gaga as a patron.  Having graduated in jewellery from Central Saint Martins, Bangkok-born Moo embarked on her signature style of casting ceramic mouldings and applying them to vintage or deadstock styles of eyeglasses, making many of her sunglasses styles limited in quantity and physicaly precious because of the fragile nature of the mouldings.  I met up with her in Bangkok for a lovely afternoon tea, which is incidentally what partially inspired those delicate mouldings adorning her eyewear.  Opening Ceremony and Browns are already fans of Moo's work and she's also getting personal orders through her Facebook page.  A pair of Moo piyasombatkul glasses is quite an investment but then again, her eyewear isn't the throwaway, shove-it-in-a-soft-case type.  Even the velveted and cushioned case indicates that her eyewear is more like an ornate piece of jewellery.  I'll be wearing them with care…   







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  1. Stephanie says:

    HOLYMOLEY! Those sunnies are AMAZING! x
    Stephanie in Style

  2. Tian says:

    Love the sunglasses, both pairs look amazing! I find it interesting that locally-made stuff is getting bigger in China.

  3. Li says:

    omg love it!

  4. Taylyn says:

    You have awesome taste in sunshades! I love white shades for the summer. Take care!

  5. I loved Moo!! Nice sunglasses!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  6. High Fashion says:

    The sunglasses are very chic and nice.
    Both are beautiful and amazing but I love white one most.

  7. Serdane says:

    I love the second eyewear ! Very iconic !

  8. Sheena says:

    OMG Those glasse are to die for… Lucky u… 🙁

  9. Théa says:

    The second glasses are so great and funny!
    Théa Unknown

  10. Love the second pair of sunglasses, very unique.

  11. Yes, not the greatest day to wear those sunnies. But i am amazed how stunning those are!! Definitely need a pair, or two..
    Your Coffee Break xoxo

  12. Camille says:

    These glasses are amazing !!!! 🙂

  13. welovefur says:

    Quelli che preferisco sono i CHAIREYES
    Un bacio

  14. Daniella says:

    I’ve never seen such a unique pair of sunglasses! Amazing. X

  15. u can pull of anything! love the Moo shades girl.

  16. Amaz weather changes you have caught there!!
    Sunnies wise both are super amaz but am loving the first pair immensely indeed 🙂

  17. Jessie says:

    Love the shades,and they contrast really well with your hair!

  18. Amy Rose says:

    Great post, I especially love the second pair of sunnies because they remind me slightly of last season’s Prada. A very minimalist and paired down take on it 🙂
    Have a peak at my latest posts at
    -Amy Rose

  19. vogueworld says:

    You’re beautiful! Wonderful outfit. I love your sunglasses!)

  20. You’re beautiful!

  21. hihi absolutely love those sunglasses! They look super cute specialy on you!!
    Hope to visit Beijing soon!

  22. Duck says:

    Woah Beijing is HUGE!

  23. sanju says:

    woow those glasses are too cute love the detailss i really look up to your blog you are my inspiration please check out my blog it would make my day 🙂 eco-alice.blogspot.com

  24. OLEYA says:

    The second glasses are soo cute. ADORABLE!!!

  25. Products like those uber chic sunglasses are going to make the word “Made in China” dignified and trustworthy again. Those pictures are amazing, you literally have a bird’s eye view of Beijing. And oh, chairEYES is a rather curious name for sunglasses.

  26. Deadly Bite says:

    Amazing views of the city! Well… at least it was amazing on day 1 (LOL). How could the sky change so much from one day to another? O__O

  27. Really love the blog. It’s adorable!

  28. hvogue says:

    It looks so cool.

  29. hvogue says:

    It looks so cool.

  30. Lisa Price says:

    Fab sunnies!

  31. Xinsiqi1 says:

    You’re beautiful! Wonderful outfit. I love your sunglasses!

  32. Eyespectacle says:

    Hi Susie! I love it when you talk about Sunglasses as this is my passion! Designing and talking about them is what I do for a living and I am always after some interesting and obscure brands (in a good way, as in blanking out the sun!)… your are the go-to gal for this 😉

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