Turf in Tokyo


"I like what you're wearing because it reminds me of a footie pitch." is exactly the sort of reaction this Lucas Nascimento outfit garners.  "Can I touch you?" is a less bloke-orientated reaction.  I'm very glad that when I wore this outfit for my final Portable talk in Melbourne, people were very forthcoming with their requests to want to touch this knit-a-rama of an outfit, consisting of a boatneck sweater that has the right amount of weight and oversizedness to hang in the right places featuring Lucas Nascimento's A/W 12-3 graffiti motif and a pair of tinsel-yarn astroturf green trackie bottoms, both void of itchiness and soft as hell to bounce around in.  How have I gotten my mitts on these forthcoming season knits?  I hope Londoners did make it over to the Lucas Nascimento sample sale a couple of weeks ago as he was selling actual samples from both the current spring summer collection and the not-yet-in-stores A/W 12-3 collection, exactly what a proper sample sale should be.  Score!  Or should I say GOAL!    

Apologies for the short-changed outfit posts.  From dusk till dawn, Steve, Tommy Ton and Phil Oh (my travel cohorts for the trip) seem to be running me ragged in the eating and shopping stakes.  By my reckoning, I've consumed at least five gallons of pork/wagyu beef fat and bought over ten items and the dudes are well ahead of me on both those counts.  I plan on waddling back to hotel with a full tum-tum and bags a-plenty and then atone for my gluttony, with a longer blog post soon enough.      







(Worn with Beau Coops flats, Benah clutch)