I've dug out a few paragraphs I wrote for Elle UK's recent April issue aka the "Girly" issue and I've dressed them up with a folder that I've been building up on my desktop, in anticipation of an image upchuck moment like this one here.  It's a pertinent reminder for me that that we've still yet to enjoy the best of what spring summer 2012 collections have to offer and that despite the anticipation towards autumn winter and beyond, those S/S 12 hyper-fem-fem vibes can still blossom and shine.  I'm lucky enough to be jollying around the world with a suitcase that is stuffed full of these candy-coated treats because the climate demands it but wherever you are, we've only a few months before summer fizzles out like popping candy on the tongue.  Get on that sugar girly high before it's too late… 

I remember boys in the playground would taunt the girls on mufty day for wearing anything remotely girly.  Anything with a bow caused a lot of fuss.  ‚ÄúUrrrrggghh! You‚Äôre such a girl!‚Äù they would say.  There‚Äôd be a moment of shame in us conforming to the notion that girls are all things nice with sugar n‚Äôspice and the next time, we‚Äôd stick to jeans and sweaters.  It did not occur to us aged seven to retort back ‚ÄúYes, I AM a girl!"

Fast forward through to grown up times and in amongst my friends there is still that element of shame that is associated with dressing up in a girly manner.  Lace, ruffles and pastel babydoll dresses suggest dumb-mannered submission, say my leftie, quasi-feminist friends.   Dress like a doll and bewarned, you‚Äôll be treated like one.

What to make of Meadham Kirchhoff‚Äôs S/S 12 riot of Courtney Loves, doll‚Äôs clothes made into adult sizes and fairy tale endings that showed us the pure empowering joy of dressing like a girl.  Or Prada‚Äôs irony-laced take on sweetness.  We instantly knew that Miuccia‚Äôs girls in brocade bathing suits, resin rose jewellery and pleated dresses weren‚Äôt actually the sort that would hang around waiting hand on foot on guys with fast cars and greasy hands.  These collections celebrate ultra femininity and the freedom to go to that extreme level of pastel hued frou frou frivolity without inviting outside judgement.  Denying the urge to dress myself in all this glorious sugar-coated girliness would be the real crime of submission here. 

Photograph of blossoms outside our flat by Steve.



Above three images from Patternity.


Ostwald Helgason S/S 12 dried hydrangea sweater from Browns.



Chanel S/S 12.



Christopher Kane S/S 12 brocade top from Matches

Christopher Kane S/S 12 brocade sandals from Far-Fetch on top of Dazed & Confused May 2012 issue.



Louis Vuitton S/S 12

Sally Singer's nail art design for NOWNESS.




Above four images from Present & Correct blog

Close-up of Cacharel skirt.

Sorcha O'Raghallaigh collars on top of Dazed & Confused May 2012 issue.



Photography by Bella Howard for Vogue Girl Japan.






Prada S/S 12 show and showroom.



Close-up of Antipodium S/S 12 "Domesticity" skirt.

Miu Miu floral knitted t-shirt.

Miu Miu quilted sheer t-shirt.

Miu Miu brocade collar and Beau Coops shoes on top of Dazed & Confused April 2012 issue.

Miu Miu "Noir" pink glitter sunglasses on top of Louise Gray shirt.

Uncredited images from Divine Living Tumblr and Strathcona Tumblr.

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  1. Grace says:

    I loved what you wrote for ELLE! I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with saccharine dressing; I’m all for floating around in candy coloured chiffon. Gorgeous pictures, too. Really inspiring!

  2. Mary Jane K. says:

    Thank you for all these beautiful pictures!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Some really beautiful images there, love the Louis Vuitton they had a beautiful set up.

  4. mary says:

    Love the prada earrings that you are wearing! beautiful

  5. Adeola Naomi says:

    Great pictures!!!!!

  6. Ally O says:

    Go Susie!
    Love the pictures, of course!
    I really like the picture of you in the Prada showroom with those earrings!
    still loving your blog…
    Ally O

  7. Aurélie says:

    lovely post! great inspiring images!
    we want more! way to gooo susie.
    Aurélie from Brussels

  8. such a fabulous set of photos – very exciting and inspiring

  9. maya.autumn says:

    really pretty pics; i especially love that knitted miu miu shirt:)

  10. This is a mouthwatering post !!!! I scrolled up and down a few times admiring your photographs and now i am hungry!!!

  11. Serdane says:

    Girls clothing has changed ! I’m amazed by that.

  12. It is definitly true that dressing like a girly girl is an incredable challenge. Somehow I feel much more comfortable in something boderline slutty and unlike me rather than an ultra feminine pastel look. Odd.
    Material Fixations

  13. Peter says:

    I love the floral mummy and the pastel airplane caught in the tree!
    x Peter @ http://low–couture.blogspot.com

  14. Winnie says:

    I definitely have a fashion sweet tooth when it comes to dressing, and I second every emotion of all the comments so far…brilliant post:-)

  15. The Minx says:

    spectacular post!! the images are absolutely dreamy, and I love reading about your take on girly dressing. not to mention, you look amazing in Prada pink!

  16. phaydra says:

    I love it when things are frou frou, even food! Beautiful pics Susie! I really like Chanel and LV’s clothes. Those bright pink collars are fantastic. I need to DIY a collar soon…thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Nastya K says:

    Thank you for inspiration!

  18. Katrin says:

    Really lovely pics. Thanks for that.

  19. Suzi says:

    Oh how I love the pastelcolours here! My favourite!
    Suzi x

  20. Miami says:

    These colors remind me of the dozens of Yogurtland spoons that were lingering in my cutlery drawer. I was going to do art with with them. Then I decided to release them.
    I would love to get bold with pastels this season, however, my closet is dominated by darker jewel tones, black and prints. Transitioning to delicate pastels may take me another season. 🙁

  21. jeanne berre says:

    Very beautiful inspirations

  22. Nathan Niche says:

    very lovely pastel pics here dear, it sure is the trend of the season even though it’s everywhere and sometimes feels a bit too much. i particularly love the cupcake icing machine, is that for real? lol
    and ur prada earrings look lovely on u! and those detail shots on the prada pleats look cool!!! way better than the one on style .com lol!!! love the layout of ur post too, i can tell it’s well thought out, well… at least it looks that way haha
    xx nathan.niche

  23. SJP says:

    Is that a spirographics cake!? Love it! x

  24. gray hair says:

    When it realizes that it will be moisturized daily, your hair will stop producing as much oil as it used to.

  25. i just bookmarked this post there’s so much to read into the images here

  26. ARI says:

    Great pictures!!!‚ô°

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