>> I have two things to be thankful to Federico Marchetti, founder and CEO of Yoox Group, for.  Firstly, for coming up with the idea of Yoox.com in the first place back in 2000 and subsequently sapping up the best of my productive hours away as I sit there scrolling and browsing, wondering whether S/S 10 postcard print Prada will pop up and how cheap it will be.  Secondly, for telling me at a TheCorner.com event in Milan back in February that Manuela Pavesi (stylist, photographer and Miuccia Prada's bezzie mate) thought I had cute style.  I then proceeded to trip up over some cobble stones outside the event ten minutes later but that's not the point – I had excited sweaty palms for precisely ten minutes!  

I can now thank him for something else.  Marchetti has been busy-bee-ing and has recently launched a new site entirely dedicated to shoes called ShoeScribe.com.  This is hardly surprising given the bestselling nature of shoes.  The site comes with a few supposedly nifty features such as a Newsreel shoe inspiration blog, tips on how to take care of your shoes and a certain Ms. Suzie Scribe, who is apparently the site's resident shoe guru and takes on the guise of an agony aunt.  I should warm to fellow Susies/Suzies of the world but frankly, I don't really fall for faux fairy godmother characters, so I'm just going to cut right to the chase.  


Ellen Verbeek shoes with Ayame socks and Comme des Garcons skirt

Having browsed through the whole site, I was mostly impressed with ShoeScribe's selection of more affordable, mid-level brands that are equally down to earth with their shoe designs as evidenced here by the looooooooong piccy list of brogues, flats and feet-friendly shoes, mostly from not-so-obvious designer sources.  The selection and buy of the site pick up on less-stocked designers such as Kron by KronKron and Simona Vanth and also spotlight a category of footwear that sits somewhere between the high street and designer – up and coming brands like Miista, Kat Maconie and Nunc sit alongside higher end household shoebies like Sergio Rossi and Marni.    It's less about fantasy heel shopping and more about finding an interesting and quirky shoe to wear day in, day out and keeping the feet firmly secure and planted on ground.      

(From top to bottom, left to right: Y-3 Shizuka II sandals ¬£235, Minimarket cut-away brogues ¬£180, Kron by KronKron multi-coloured pumps ¬£330, Miista cut-away brogues ¬£111, Fratelli Rossetti tasselled slippers ¬£261, Anniel neon yellow brogues ¬£79, Giacomorelli patent bow brogues ¬£295, Paul Smith medallion print brogues ¬£260, Maloles printed mary-janes ¬£159, LD Tuttle monochrome ankle boots ¬£330, French Sole FS/NY rainbow stripe ballerinas ¬£49, Collection Privee cracked leather espadrilles ¬£175, Charles Philip paisley print slippers ¬£109, Deux Souliers grey patent loafers ¬£180, Nunc tasselled mules ¬£175, Osborn tropical print loafers ¬£98, Osborn purple and orange printed brogues ¬£109, Kat Maconie sling back shoes ¬£190, Volta trainers ¬£135, Dieppa Restrep neon yellow and grey brogues ¬£225, Underground ponyskin creepers ¬£113, bStore x Liberty ankle boots ¬£265, Kurt Geiger buckled tri-coloured flats ¬£160, Forfex suede trainers ¬£98, F-Troupe leopard print brogues ¬£118, Sonia Rykiel cut-out, lace-up ballerinas ¬£315, Simona Vanth sandals ¬£395, Surface to Air rainbow sole creepers ¬£175)

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  1. Elisa Eymery says:

    Great selection of wearable shoes with quirky design twists. Love the ones you’ve picked. Still a tiiiny bit expensive for me, but not unbearably so.
    Wandering Minds

  2. Mary says:

    Love your selection, you always choose things taht others can’t see!

  3. Joana Gomes says:

    Unbelievably crazy-cool shoes. I love the little patches one – It reminds me of the rags a scarecrow wears 🙂
    xo Joana

  4. Roser Lou says:

    Cool SHOES!!!! 🙂 All the pics are so good!!

  5. Serdane says:

    OMG ! all these originals shoes ! Love this site too

  6. Coline says:

    Eekkk! They’re so cool!

  7. Anastasios says:

    Well, not the cutest, sexiest or most feminine but definitely worth of checking shoes 🙂

  8. fashionsky says:

    beautiful shoes ! good style!

  9. Shoe Habit says:

    Too bad Shoescribe has unprofessional consultants and and questionable ordering process.

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