>> Designers with a mono-garment one-track minds aren't just confined to Europe.  I've finally got my third designer to add to the likes of Palmer // Harding (white shirts) and Lahssan (cool trench coats) and they hail all the way from Taipei, Taiwan.  Fabitoria are a young duo of girls, Fabiana and Victoria (see what they did there?) who have decided to start their label by specialising in digitally printed skirts.  Alright, it might be difficult to muster up enthusiasm about the rampant beast that is the digital print.  However Fabitoria have come up with the unexpected in their print compositions.  Strangely they coincide with an interesting chat I had with Jay of Haute Pop about the establishment of the New Aesthetic, a so-called machinic way of seeing things, using imagery produced by technology (from 3D-scanners to Google Streetview) for aesthetic reasons.  Fabitoria's skirts don't quite fit the mould but their prints definitely are born from our Google Image/Tumblr culture and they've taken it to a surreal extreme.  Rose petals float on top of a busy highway road.  Giraffes pop up in the waves of a beach.  Elizabeth I is seen wearing hot pink sunglasses.  These are just some of the weird scenarios that Fabitoria have imagined for their skirts.  More conventional print runs include enlarged botanical drawings (a la Stella McCartney) and undersea scenes (a la Peter Pilotto).  I'll let the designer nods slide though when you look at the collection of prints as a whole.  I especially like that consideration has been given to both back and front with print placement carefully worked out on the two patchpockets, which means that the skirt can be worn either way round.  The hard thing will be to pick a favourite as according to their Facebook page, they're all priced at around GBP100 each.  Ah the joys of converting strange currencies and finding out it costs a lot less than the starting figure.  













In case you're wondering what is that strange but enticing top that's featured in the lookbook imagery above, I believe it's from Victoria's student work she did at Shih Chein university in Taipei.  The skirt in particular with its stitched lines of columns leading into the interior of a room on pristine white neoprene is particularly interesting.  Digitally printed skirts may not be the only thing on Fabitoria's agenda if they get a little ambitious… 



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  1. Suzi says:

    This is like WOW!! I thought I had seen fab digital prints, but this knocked my socks off. Oh I really love these skirts & really want to own one!!!!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  2. Love stormtrooper style skirt 🙂
    follow my Huliganjetta

  3. Aisya says:

    WOW, i really want to pick one of those skirts and wear it RIGHT NOW

  4. Sóley says:

    Love the juicy skirts and the photos and model are amazing too.
    Jumpy picture is beyond cute.
    Btw. don’t know if your website just hates my computer/browser or if there’s something wrong, but when I hit ‘preview’ my comment appears on the screen for a second and then disappears… Usually works the second time.
    we are purple

  5. Duck says:

    Bloody Hell those skirts are OUTOFCONTROL

  6. Coline says:

    Eeekkkkk! So so cooooolll!

  7. Anastasios says:

    I loooooove the first and the last one, especially the last one!!!!!!! and the combo with the crazily nice white Vivienne Westwood sandals!!!!!
    Great post dear,

  8. lola says:

    those digital prints are great xx

  9. i love ALL of these skirts and dresses!

  10. Raquel says:

    some of the most gorgeous skirt I have never seen!!!! I adore all!!

  11. Marie says:

    Cute…what fun skirts! and i love how she looks like a paper doll cutout. 🙂

  12. You know in the movie Crocodile Dundee when he says, “now that’s a knife”…well…All I’m saying is, “now that’s a SKIRT”!!! U aren’t messing around here…these skirts are sOOOO MAJOR And the hotness level is off the charts! like a 30!!! LOVE them all and I NEED THEM ALL!! Especially that white Star Wars one in the last pic!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  13. Shai says:

    The skirts are great. I think that the digital prints work perfectly on them. Sometimes digital printing can look tacky and be overwhelming but here it really works. The plastic top is pretty out there…

  14. january says:

    love the blue jay and the stained glass ones! beautiful.
    january, x jessicajanuary.com

  15. Nathan Niche says:

    um.. these are freakin awesome so i’ll take them all!
    love the last skirt, kinda collage/katranzo/calvin klein lol
    yes, it’s official, statement/print skirts are the new hot thing!!!!
    love skirts as the new focal point, and also how in one of them the shirt was tucked in the front but longer in the back while still being longer than the skirt’s hem, fab proportion don’t u agree susie?
    xx nathan.niche

  16. Peter says:

    WOW! The human body is truly a blank canvas.
    x Peter @ http://low–couture.blogspot.com

  17. The Minx says:

    the queen elizabeth skirt!!! omg I diee

  18. Serdane says:

    Very and absolutely original ! it could BE Nice on you don’t you think ?

  19. I don’t know if i like, but i prefer the skirts…is a very good product.
    You can check my CAPE SANDRO Outfit in:
    XOXO from MUNICH
    La Vie Quotidienne

  20. jutta says:

    So beautiful girl. And the clothes are very amazing and magic.

  21. WoW! these skirts look so incredibly crazy, but they reflect the individual style of the wearer.

  22. Love these skirts, it’s about time fashion came up with something striking & new.
    They would also go well with the hand beaded leather sandals I sell….check out

  23. Adeola Naomi says:

    I love the asymmetrical blue skirt a lot!!

  24. I some kind of re blogged this on my blog, on my way …hope that’s ok for you…
    the question about picking one I would answer with THE STAINED GLASS skirt…

  25. Gure says:

    I love this world (^_-)-‚òÜ
    Thank you.

  26. evaedwords says:

    very nice and different script of having digital outfit. I appreciate this post. Model pics are really good.

  27. Deadly Bite says:

    This last skirt is just… OMFG! I don’t know how practical it could be in real life, but the effect is just awesome! 😛
    Love! xx

  28. Shujing says:

    Love all the skirt. Love the itching like white one at the end! There is no limit for creativity and imagination.

  29. vogueworld says:

    Great style, I love those shoes and that dress… perfect “pop!” elements

  30. Ragini says:

    Nice dressing, looking so smart, I love it, Thank you so much for posting it!

  31. pandora says:

    I love the asymmetrical blue skirt a lot!!
    so cool so cool

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