Two years ago, I was most definitely utterly clueless about the Hong Kong fashion scene and struggled to name my favourite Hong Kong designers when pressed.  Two years on and I'm still none the wiser.  Except that I've got Hilary Tsui (Hong Kong celebrity, local style icon and generally a lovely person) to thank for keeping me somewhat clued in with her Tumblr blog of her outfits and Hong Kong fashion events.  Her outfit credits are actually worth researching because they consist of local HK and international indie labels that are aren't necessarily widely stocked. 

That's how Hilary's store (co-owned with her equally stylish friend Dorothy Hui) Liger came into the picture.  I was duly impressed when I first encountered the store two years ago, as it was a breath of fresh air in the sea of Hong Kong's monotonous fashion retail scene.  Liger is on the precipice of expansion as the Causeway Bay has been joined by an additional Tsim Tsa Tsui location (it's currently in Silvercord now but will be moving to Woodhouse mall in June) and has also just done a pop-up project with Lane Crawford.  Even as I compare a store like Liger to London's own dwindling independent retail scene, I feel a hint of sadness as recent closure casualties include Beyond the Valley, My Sugarland, Machine-A and going further back, Pineal Eye.  Instead, the more conventional contemporary store selections that consist of the likes of Carven, Alexander Wang, Equipment etc. seem to be flourishing because market dictates them as bestsellers.  Not that there's anything wrong with those brands nor am I'm immune to their charms, but I'd still like to see a little bit more diversity in London bricks and mortar stores.  Just a five minute whizz through Liger's store yielded a few outfits consisting of labels that I didn't even know existed, let alone find in London.  Seeing as I'd already talked up the store before, I thoughd I'd share a few current S/S 12 finds that Liger is offering up…

Alibellus white ruffled zip-up dress, Jennifer Behr neon veiled headband – Alibellus is a new fashion label designed by stylist Titi Kwan, who works with Hong Kong superstar singer Faye Wong.  S/S 12 was his debut season and he has gone for a cleancut minimal style with the exception of this ruffled zip-up dress that made me feel like a bunny in the best possible way.  Hilary has a knack for going for the least "ladylike" pieces from a collection and that's certainly the case with this Jennifer Behr headband, a world apart from Behr's usual Gossip Girl-style offerings.





RDM by Rue du Mail lattice sleeved top, P.A.M. wrapover skirt – I didn't even know Rue du Mail had a diffusion line and yes, this did make me feel like a doofus.  I get the feeling it's only properly distributed in Asia, as with some of the lines by big fashion houses (Lanvin Bleu, anyone?).  I love the neoprene lattice work on this top which also features as a peplum in the rest of the collection.  I can't sing my praises about P.A.M. – I don't encounter it enough in real life but I always manage to find something that tickles my fancy.  There's something about the "streetwear" influence or the non-preciousness about the label that is extremely appealing.   




Makchunting dress – I don't know too much about this label other than it's a Hong Kong designer who I believe is still studying in Paris so this is essentially a fledgling brand, solely stocked by Liger. 




Swash silk printed vest, Vladamir Karaleev silver foil skirt – It's always a joy to see Swash pieces.  I'll try and accost Toshio Yamanaka (one half of Swash who does all the illustrations for the label) and get him to show me his sketchbooks because I just think his watercolour skills are stupendous.  Vladamiir Karaleev was another newbie name for me.  Born in Bulgaria but based in Berlin, he designs women and menswear based on innovative and geometric cutting.  I was half tempted by his bacofoil skirt but scroll down and you'll see the other strange skirt that caught my attention…




Reality Studio blue draped top, Two Weeks by Bitching & Junkfood clear PVC skater skirt, Bitching & Junkfood sequinned pencil skirt – My most layered outfit of the day included not one but two skirts by Bitching & Junkfood, albeit from two separate lines, both based on their upcycling philosophy.  No prizes for guessing which skirt is coming back to London with me.  I look forward to making squeaky noises with my PVC peplum/skater skirt, thank you very much. 




I had to also snap Hilary, who as always does her utmost to represent what the Liger mix is all about, wearing a Vladamir Karaleev jacket and skirt, a Forget me Not printed top, Maryam Keyhani necklace and Acne shoes.  It's interesting to hear that HK people are also hugely receptive to Hilary's buying selection with many pieces getting snapped up immediately as soon as they hit the shop floor which only makes me wonder why the same buying risks can't be taken in London, a city that's supposedly more progressive fashion-wise. 




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  1. Kit says:

    Lovely coverage Susie! I was gonna visit their secondary store and meet the two lovely ladies but the stupid festive/public holidays got in the way.
    The are soooo many interesting local designers to check out i.e Tangram, names are difficult to remember as there’s so many hehehe but I mostly find them popped up on Weibo (YOU NEED WEIBO, YOU HAVE A HEAVY FAN BASE IN ASIA).

  2. thanks for sharing , will have to go to their store next time i’m in Hong Kong .

  3. The Alibellus is stunning!! Congratulations on all the coverage. Flawless, as usual!! 🙂
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  4. impeccable taste!!! youre the queen

  5. iphone bingo says:

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, you‚Äôre provided blog is very super perfect i really like it. Keep it up and Thanks you for sharing……!

  6. You are one of the few bloggers who write something of value! All the others are all marketing and no discerning taste. Everyone else just snaps pics of what they are wearing every day whereas you enlighten. I try to so the same about jewelry.

  7. Serdane says:

    This is absolutely magic ! Love this details !!

  8. love the locations where you take the images…

  9. jesus that first dress is amazing

  10. lizachloe says:

    I love the yellow head piece! It reminds me of Jil Sander’s beanie..

  11. Mary says:

    You are so diferent!

  12. Lovely post!

  13. lovely blog! please check out my model blog in new York City / London xoxo

  14. Joana Gomes says:

    These are really great pieces, I’m glad you were able to find such good quality of HK designs.
    x Joana

  15. Love the post! I am totally in love with Hong Kong and the cute boutiques that are hidden everywhere. I get what you meen that a lot seems the same and monotone. Love the unique garments you show in the pictures, will sure visit the store when I will visit hong kong again.

  16. ALIBELULUS is super CUTE…amazing neon touch in first one.
    Great JOB
    XOXO from MUNICH
    La Vie Quotidienne

  17. Carol says:

    Your pictures are amazing!!!!
    I have a blog also I live in Los Angeles and I post news from here…. take a look !

  18. Is that a Forever 21 collar that Hilary is wearing (with an added on embellishment)? I only recognize it because I have one like that! If it is, totally love the eclectic mix of how she puts everything together. If it isn’t, then maybe I have a pretty good knock off? But I still love her total look. 🙂
    Parts of Asia can really be incredibly refreshing in terms of the experimentation and expressionism with fashion. Amazing since they are still socially very conservative in many other ways.
    Thanks for you all you do!

  19. you a very unusuall taste. but it is very interesting to look at you. you are a very brave girl ^__^

  20. Anna says:

    Wow the pics are amazing and so futuristic !! Really inspiring !

  21. fame&wealth says:

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  22. fame&wealth says:

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  23. Deadly Bite says:

    Wow! I’m a fan of your green and blue mermaid outfit 😀
    You always go for the most interesting pieces!
    Love! xx

  24. Thomas says:

    I love your blog. You have trully exquisite tase.

  25. susie_bubble says:

    Hey Goodwill Finds: The necklace is by Maryam Keyhani, a wonderful jewellery designer. Perhaps Forever 21 has taken some *ahem* inspiration….

  26. Nathan Niche says:

    im so gald u gave hilary some coverage, it’s so good to find a store thats so different and unique, really makes me happy when these indie stuff are being appreciated!
    once again, the way u put things together is phenomenal!!

  27. Right, you even mentioned it in the text of your entry. Either I was reading too fast or have terrible short term memory. Thanks so much! 🙂

  28. Lydia Chan says:

    you forgot the “h” in the “http:/” on the link that leads to the other liger post, so it doesn’t work.

  29. Great post, bubble. Hong Kong is indeed a great fashion mecca!

  30. guila says:

    it is a really nice blog,
    inspiring mostly!
    buena suerte!

  31. Emily Skin says:

    the model is super cute 🙂

  32. anita says:

    where can I get the clear pvc skirt?

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