>> If I had on a Bernstock Speirs bunny hat on, customised with my own personal options no less, then perhaps my frantic mad hopping around would be cute and endearing, rather than neurotic and irritating.  I've found myself in Milan for a day on a secret mission, and am currently on my way back to London after seven dazzling hours.   

Having begged the lady in the Alitalia lounge to charge up with her socket (that's no euphemism…), I therefore bring you this nugget of cuteness.  As I said, Bernstock Speirs has given their somewhat iconic bunny hat a new lick of paint – 96 different licks to be exact – as they have teamed up with young talent haven Lookk.com to offer the hat with some awesome customisable options.  Even with a strict palette of blue, red, white and black and a mere three patterns (stripes, afro, gingham) to fill in the ears with, you can still get a plethora of variations. 




East London cheeky hat duo Thelma Speirs and Paul Bernstock worked with Peter Jensen, another fellow bunny fanatic to bring the bunny cap to life.  That was eighteen months ago and the bunny just keeps on hopping as it has recently made its way into an rainbow installation at Dover Street Market.

‚ÄúWe always like doing things that tie in with sportswear and mix it up with something else. Everyone knows baseball caps, and then we just put ears on them.  We didn‚Äôt know whether people would get it. Or if they would see one of those funny joke-shop hats and not understand the difference,‚Äù mused Paul Bernstock.  The joke is most definitely on those that can't endear themselves to what is essentially a highly wearable baseball cap (arguably the most wearable of its ilk) with more than a touch of wit and femininity to it. 



For Bernstock Speirs, this is the first time, they've dabbled in any sort of made-to-order entity and the price to get your own bunny cap made up especially for you is a not-so-princely sum of UK59.  Hurrah.  Their own online store on their website also has a few other inexpensive cap options should bunny ears not take your fancy. 

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  1. 街拍秀jiepaishow

  2. anna says:

    hahah this is crazy! I love it.
    x Anna

  3. Monique W says:

    I’m ‘jumping for joy’ at this post. 🙂 IAmGuyanese

  4. Anastasios says:

    Hahahahaha, those bunnies are so perfect 🙂
    I’m getting one!
    52 Fashion Weeks

  5. Thrifted says:

    Oh no, this is too cute we love!

  6. Joana Gomes says:

    I’m really digging these, to be honest. I think I could actually buy the bunny ears and wear them with no shame! I’m quite shy so this is a big step (for me).
    Enter my 100 followers giveaway!

  7. Nathan Niche says:

    adorable hats, hope u wear them susie, how cute wud it be if we all got these bunny hats for easter and hopped around like lunatics in search for colored eggs…. ahh to be young again…. actually i was referring to the blissful ignorance toddlers possess….sighh lol
    xx nathan.niche

  8. june says:

    so lovely hat,like the rabbit.

  9. Suzi says:

    Would love to see how you would style some of their hats Susie!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  10. Mary says:

    wow so fun and cute!

  11. Willa says:

    They’re all just so cute that I wouldn’t even care if people stare at me if I wear these! I know they’re just jealous…

  12. federica says:

    altra pila di disonesta merda

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