I'm paying the price for seemingly hiding under a rock and not having my eye on the blogging ball.  This week, I've now had to post about not one but two sitters – as in easy, no-brainer blog post subjects that have been blogged to death elsewhere and I've just let it slip by me.

Strathcona Stockings was the first.  Their Melbourne stockist Dagmar Rousset then led me to ALL Knitwear.  Link to the link to link – a tried and tested method of getting leads for the blog.  Clearly I missed one an all-important link some time back in 2010-11 as Annie Larson's knitwear is for me a recent discovery despite a mound pile of press, a good list of stockists including the Madewell store in New York and a ton of bloglovin' from the community what with Larson's own prolifically updated blog.  Double doh indeed!

ALL Knitwear is basically all about fun and joy compressed into a cardigan, a jumper  a pair of knitted shorts or a bobble hat.  Larson was born in Seoul and then raised in Wisconsin.  After designing for Target, she started ALL Knitwear label and that's when she began knitting up a storm with her Brother KH-965l machine and conjuring up the most delicious of patterns and designs.  I  Larson's Americana-rooted references like griddle squares, cheeto patterns, New Mexican cactus, jack-o-lantern drawings and Coney Island-derived candy stripes are made all the more charming with her colour combos.  Larson has a clever control over her colour and pattern combinations so that her exuberance is still somewhat contained.  There's something nostalgic about looking at her look book images.  I can't pin point a decade and thankfully the sweaters manage to avoid predictable levels of kitsch and retro.  It is infectious though, scrolling through her work.   Who doesn't want to be bounding about with pals in matching Converse trainers, Happy Socks and matching knitted ensembles that aren't entirely uniform?  There's a potential imaginary girl band image floating around in these pics and I expect it to pop up in a surreal scene in a Wes Anderson film sometime soon.   


All2 All3

All4 All5



All7 All8

All9 All10



I also ploughed through ALL Knitwear's blog, which indicates that a new collection is on its way although it doesn't seem ALL really needs to operate in seasons when designs from two years ago are still just as alluring.  In fact, much of her back catalogue is available through her online store, knitted up to order in a day or so for a price that isn't astronomical considering it's all made-to-order.  Her blog is a pretty ace template for a designer's blog – documentation of studio moves, news of new product/collaborations, inspiration imagery and random bits and bobs that endar you to Larson as a person.  Is it weird to like an item more just by getting to know the person a little better?  It's not a template that every designer should adopt but it swings in Larson's favour and now I'll be hawk-eyeing ALL for upcoming collections.

Allstudio1 Allstudio2




Alltumblr1 Alltumblr2

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  1. Mary says:

    This are the most fun Kints ever 🙂

  2. Jean Cave says:

    Almost Grannie Halibut (my mum) but not quite. I might just get my knitting machine out again. It has been a while.

  3. Loz says:

    I love the usual knitted jumpers but the matchy matchy converse is making me cringe

  4. Amy says:

    Such a gorgeous array of colourful knits! I love it all.

  5. maya.autumn says:

    this is the greatest collection

  6. erica says:

    Reminds me a bit of rudi gernreich

  7. Wow, I love this, so fascinating! Really nice photos and great read too! Makes me wanna go grab my knitted sweaters in the attic in my house in Norway! Thanks a lot for sharing 😀

  8. Coline says:

    So fun! Love it!

  9. This cactus only grows in Arizona and small parts of California and Mexico! Not New Mexico! 🙂

  10. Joy Davis says:

    Tumblr bursted with images of their designs in the fall and I am gald they are getting some attention on this blog.

  11. RIYKA says:

    I love it, I love it , I love it !!!!

  12. susie_bubble says:

    Duly corrected. Fake sets of Roswell (remember that?) confused me!

  13. Hilla says:

    they put smile on my face:)
    take a look at inveiglefair.blogspot.com
    thanks 🙂

  14. Funny pics and video…Nice Collection…Thanks for sharing my dear..
    I thing is a great idea talk about knits for home =) not for street.
    XOXO from MUNICH
    La Vie Quotidienne
    You can check my STRAWBERRY OUTFIT in: http://www.laviequo.com
    I open my shop in: http://laviequo.blogspot.com/2012/04/laviequocom-shop.html

  15. Beautiful knitwear!! Loved this collection!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  16. Nathan Niche says:

    these knits are too adorable!! i’d take them all!! lol
    xx nathan.niche

  17. Nicelyinroll says:

    I love that full coloured sweaters…

  18. Miss Coco says:

    No es mi estilo la verdad…
    Miss Coco

  19. ray ban says:

    Wow!! Colorful!!! I’m dazzled by the colors and styles!!!

  20. Mira says:

    so cute bright and colorful 🙂 love

  21. michel says:

    ugly !

  22. I really love colorful things! It reminds me of rainbow. I love their shoes, it is very colorful that it blends with their shirts. It’s so amazing!

  23. Susan says:

    I know Annie, and she’s ALL right. The feeling you get from her blog and website are 100% true Annie.

  24. Riley Ellise says:

    These photos are adorable!

  25. phaydra says:

    I like the look and styling of the first photo. The models pose and the colors all look so good together. I am loving the Halloween sweater in the last pics.

  26. Shani says:

    These rainbow yarns just remind me of being a kid again! SO great! Love the colour combinations going on.

  27. What a great collection 🙂 I Love it!

  28. MarieOlsen01 says:

    Love the color combination: so fun and funky.I’d love to own one of these cardigans.So cool.

  29. I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here. Thanks for sharing information that is actually helpful. Good day!

  30. fashionhour says:

    I love the photography, the clarity, the colours, the focusing. It’s beautiful. Looks like a really fun day out.

  31. I’d say this are very edgy colors.And it looks very interesting too.Im still kinda deciding if I like them or not though.

  32. Nicoleta says:

    ha ha, this is knitwear for adult kids :). Love them and mostly the colors.

  33. So adorable and lovely knitting dresses!

  34. Angela says:

    They are very colorful, so adorable.

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