Top Knot Beta Version 3.0

>> It's no secret that I like sponging  beauty tips off make-up artists and hair stylists, during any shoots that I do.  Whether I make use of those tips or not after I'm out of the safety net of having a skilled expert around you is besides the point.  If I can retain that nary bit of information about say, how to apply lipstick properly without looking like the local bag lady who hangs around with pigeons and eats only from Greggs, then it will all be worthwhile.

The day after Paris Fashion Week ended, I stayed behind for a shoot where I got ma hair did.  And I mean seriously diiiiid.  The hair stylists took one look at my own shonky DIY top knot and declared they loved it and so then proceeded to upgrade it up to top knot beta version 3.0 with the power of Elnett hairspray, about a gazillion bobby pins and the surprising introduction of a hair net.  Now, i know some readers every so often request a video tutorial of how I do my own version of the top knot.  It's just not going to happen because it's so ludicrously simple that there it's not even worth the video upload space.  I basically bend down and flip my hair down, until I start to feel head rush and grab all my hair together, brushing furiously, stick it into a high ponytail and then twist it until it twists back on itself and bung a few pins in to secure.   It's admittedly a bit bumpy with a ton of fly aways but it gets the hair out of the way, which is the primary goal. 

The dream team duo of hair stylists at the shoot basically did the same thing but with ten times more precision, up to the point of the high ponytail.  They then proceeded to wrap it up in a hair net and then twist it into what looks like a pain au raisin shape and then stuck a load of pins in.  Or to use a less pedestrian reference, it could also be an Anish Kapoor sculpture.  Whatever.  I'm easy.  Pastry or sculpture, I was chuffed with the result, which lasted for two days until I had to break free of it.  I doubt it can ever be replicated at home but my friend who was with me, is confident that armed with a can of Elnett and a hair net, she could possibly make more Danish pastry magic happen.





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  1. Amazing….I love this hairstylismus =)…In the last trip to Barcelona in Lufthansa Magazine i look hair animals in Models…absolutly Fashion and cOOL…i f you want i can check if i keep this magazine =)
    La Vie Quotidienne
    XOXO from Munich
    La Vie Quotidienne

  2. Now that I don’t have long hair anymore thanks to the weird cold and humidity in HK.
    If you want bigger volume for top knot….here’s a tip, back comb vigourously, spray some Elnette, and loosely wrap hair into a bun 😛

  3. Wow! That bun is just spectacular! *O*
    We used to wear those hair nets back in my ballet days… I haven’t been able to do anything with my hair ever since. It was so painful! LOL
    Love! xx

  4. ha! i did something like that the other day, by accident. of course, I was going for a bun. and it lasted about 2 minutes. and it didn’t really look as cool as this one. more like a croissant instead of a sculpture! still, i was this >< close to greatness. oh well 😀

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