>> I'm sure that if there was somebody with a modicum of science knowledge looking at the reactions I got whilst wearing these Joanne Stoker LED boots, they'd be laughing like hyenas.  There is in fact nothing out of the scientific norm or particularly progressive about embedding lights into clothing or apparel but somehow even though we're in 2012, a lit-up heel can still get a noisy clamour of reactions that range from "That's soooooo cool!" to "Oh my god, it's like magic!"  Cue scoffing laughs from characters from The Big Bang Theory, who then proceed to tell us that actually, it's not magic, it's just a simple electronic chip.  

Joanne Stoker provides some very sound instructions that go with these LED shoes to ensure that they're not light up novelty shoes that die after a few wears or require unobtainable batteries.  If you're like me and can't be bothered to replace light bulbs that are slightly more specialist than the normal ones, then Stoker's solution for lit-up shoes is pretty fool-proof.  The lights are turned on and off with a little magnetic swipe (that handily sticks to Stoker's magnetic business card) and the shoes can be recharged via USB, lasting up to five hours per charge.  The plexiglass heel clearly nod to the art deco skyline of New York, which influenced Stoker's A/W 2011 collection and actually the shoes are perfectly beautiful on their own, without the aid of USB lights.  The lights are therefore a bonus element and come alive at around dusk when you can still see the shape of the boot and the plexiglass casing.  Seeing as these are my first LED shoes, I'm not fully adept at photographing them as well as Luxirare is, but then again, she is a light-up shoe pro, as owner of the Chanel lightbulb heels and a pair of Anastasia Radevich fibre optic boots.  I'll have to hit Luxirare up for any care instructions or tips that this very specific genre of footwear might require.      









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  1. A-freaking-mazing! Scientifically advanced or not… these shoes are SO COOL. I’d definitely love to wear them and think the idea of plugging them into my MacBook Air is absolutely charming.
    Going to go stalk Luxirare’s light up shoes now… as if I needed more reason to obsess over her. xx

  2. I like to think of myself as an amateur scientist and can safely say that these shoes would prompt the same responses from me! They remind me of the trainers I wanted as a kid, La lights or whatever they were called, too expensive for my parents to splash out on but they were well cool!

  3. haha WOW. bet I’ll be one of those you will be laughing at. Afterwards,I’ll volunteer to follow you around so I can watch/ video all the reactions. lol Or maybe this is the future of all shoes.

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