>> I'm going to get a lot of stick for even attempting to complain about the fact that some fashion week invites are cumbersome and annoying because they're A4 sized and don't fit into yer' standard bag.  Yes, I can hear you crowing "Just shut up and take the damn invite, you dumb blogger."  I fully concede that A4 sized invites are well and truly a minuscule problem in the scheme of things but I can shed some positive light on the matter!  For the past two seasons (S/S 12 and A/W 12-3), Givenchy's ready to wear invites have been beautiful A4 cardboard folders revealing a glossy print of M/M Paris' artwork, designed in thematic co-ordination with the show.  Last season, it was the siren and this season, it was the centaur. This is one A4 invite that you definitely want to be toting around as well as taking care not to leave it behind at the venue where so many show invitations end up.  

On AnotherMag.com, one half M/M Paris' Mathias Augustyniak explained a little bit about the thought process behind this invite design. "We like the idea of giving people a special souvenir each season. For the ready-to-wear design, we reversed the idea of the traditional invite format: the folder or envelope is the important information bit that one takes to the show and the inner (the artwork) is the part you keep at home, the object."  M/M Paris and Riccardo Tisci have stumbled upon a brilliant formula that means I'm now hell bent on collecting these precious prints, lining them up to see the array of creatures that Tisci has explored with his collections.  Who or what is up next, I wonder… 

S/S 12 – 'Sir√®ne/Givenchy' 


A/W 12-3 – 'Centaure/Givenchy'


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  1. Marina :) says:

    I like first picture.

    You can check my LOUIS VUITTON OUTFIT for today in:
    XOXO from MUNICH
    LA Vie Quotidienne

  3. Top Moumoute says:

    Yet another reason to love Givenchy (and yet another reason to keep dreaming about attending one of Tisci’s shows!)

  4. Jaz says:

    Wow. Those pictures are lovely. I wish I could have one! – Jasmine

  5. Sarah Colee says:

    Such amazing pictures! xxx

  6. Alex says:

    Took me a while to figure out why these looked familiar… M/M did the cover illustrations for Bj√∂rk’s Vespertine!
    Inez/Vinoodh, M/M, and Pejoski. That cover was IT.

  7. hanic says:

    beautiful inspiration for the show indeed. ah, tsici….

  8. New Horizons says:

    HEEEEY EVERYONE!!! THIS BLOG IS AMAZING!! i just started mine and it would be so helpfull to hear some recomandations from you people!! thanks!! and again, its a wonderfull blog!

  9. pheobe says:

    so amazing!I wish I could have one! – Jasmine

  10. Jane Alisa says:

    Wow these invites are sublime, such works of art.

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