>> The newly changed British summer time brings out the cliches in me.  "The best things come in small packages", "Enjoy the little things in life", ""Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."  The best things in life aren't necessarily all small but a collation of these dinky sized objects does make for a lazy Sunday post.  I'm more diligent normally on the weekends but like I said, it's the sunshine that is causing all kinds of nauseatingly cliched behaviour.  I'm too busy walking with a 'spring in my step; and blowing dandelions in the fields.

Ring-A-Ding Ding (From left to right: Jogema hand ring, Whistles 'Tiffany' bow ring, Elke Kramer treasure chest ring) – I have a tendency to take off rings mid-meal and leave them on the table which makes wearing jewellery a bit of a liability.  These ones are somewhat conspicuous and definitely make their presence felt, when they're on the hand, especially the Elke Kramer one.  It's also a handy place for a paracetamol stash.




Smythson Valentine's Trinket Box – The word 'trinket' makes me think of playtime jewellery – plastic gem stones and rubber necklaces for your doll.  This box should really be holding proper grown-up 'jewellery' but instead, it's become the perfect home for dead/dying SD cards.



Whistles A/W 12-3 Press Day Tamagotchi – Whistles have always put in a lot of effort into their press day invitations and this season it's no exception with this branded tamgotchi.  I'm not sure whether that's an indication that the clothes are going to be like they were back in 1996-7 but who cares when you have 99 pets to choose from and have a plethora of activities to help it survive.  I doubt I'll be able to keep mine alive beyond A/W 12-3 though‚Ķ



Bulgari Snake Leather Bracelet – This leather  thing-a-ma-jig was a freebie at their event in Milan, which I happen to really love (not often the case with event goodie bags).  You have to slap yourself back down to reality, when you're going to parties where they give away $300+ worth of gifts.


Maria Francesca Pepe Collar Clip – The emphasis on the buttoned up shirt collar seems fervent when there are now so many stand alone shirt collars available.  Now we get to adorn the tips of the collars too with jewellery and this MFP chain is a good example with its more abstract take on the snake head. 



Monki Playbutton – Dinky sized fashion-related electronics seem to be a theme here.  This pin badge slash MP3 player has 10 tracks on it and is activated when you plug in your headphones.  It helps that the tracks they included on it include ones by Slow Club and Summer Camp.



Cornelia Webb Chain Clip – i've taken to wearing my hair loose but swept to the side a lot, usually secured with about fifty kirby grips at the back to stop my wiggy hair from breaking free from its wiggy place.  This Cornelia Webb clip with its dangling chains should also hold back the tide of hair as well as being decorative in its own right.




Proef Tights – Product designer Manami Saito and Katsuhiro Igarashi came together to form a design label that for now has been successful in its establishment of geometric printed tights.  It's a simple idea well executed as graphic squares and triangles grace Japanese-made nude tights (the only acceptable pair of flesh coloured tights I own‚Ķ) and add a different spin to the saturated category of novelty tights.




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  1. Pang Jia Wei says:

    Thats all really nice!Can use the hair clip to clip at the shirt too!><

  2. Everything is so beautiful. I love accessories and various unusual stuff.

  3. Thea vintage says:

    The Tiffany and the treasure chest ring is fantastic!

  4. I love that bow ring! I tend to take off all my rings while I wash my hands, and since I am horribly forgettful and tend to wash my hands any chance I get, I have left a surprising amount of jewelry in public wash rooms. Oh well. I lova the collar chain!
    Material Fixations

  5. The bow ring is adorable!

  6. The collar clip is ace! Loving the trend for collars

  7. Kate says:

    Love this post, especially the rings…how sweet!

  8. Top Moumoute says:

    Such a lovely collection of small things! The bracelet seems a particularly wonderful gift!

  9. mrdavidPOP says:

    love the Tamagotchi! All of the ones i had did’nt last very long at all 🙁 The tights a very cool they kind of remind me of a building.

  10. I like all your proposals, especially the Bulgari Snake Bracelet.
    Kisses from Barcelona!

  11. fame&wealth says:

    love your blogg! check out my newest post on the grey ant foundry shadess!

  12. fame&wealth says:

    love your blogg! check out my newest post on the grey ant foundry shadess!

  13. Jane says:

    Love the tights and the whistles ring that looks like a present bow. So cool.

  14. Suzi says:

    Sweet bow ring & cute tights Susie!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  15. Love the tights and the whistles ring that looks like a present bow. So cool.

  16. Serdane says:

    I love the Pepe collar clip ! I’m always fascinated by collar clip !

  17. SUE says:

    omg love all of ’em! xo cute!!
    i can’t believe they still make those Tamagotchis. 😀

  18. All the stuff is soooooo beautiful and stunning. Smythson Valentine’s Trinket Box and Whistles I like most and I want to buy it so kindly guide me from where to purchase and for how much

  19. Love it all. You have such an eye for details!

  20. Olive says:

    Huuuuuuaaa! I love those rings and the collar tips! Everythings look good on you 🙂

  21. Jane Alisa says:

    In love with your fabulous rings! Xoxo

  22. Daivd says:

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  23. Lorraine says:

    Elke Kramer is brilliant. Have been missing her stuff since I left Oz…

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