White Out

>> What sort of a fashion blogger would I be if on the 2-out-of-365 snow days, I didn't get my lazy self out there for a snap or two.  A whiter than ground of snow reflects a weird luminosity on to your clothes and your face, rendering everything brighter than what they usually are, even if it quickly turns to grey sludge in London.  My courtyard hasn't been wrecked by tyre marks just yet and so I took this idealistic no-spag-bol outfit out for a road test.  I say the words "no-spag-bol" and "road test" because this all white crispy (that's how it feels) wool/silk mix tunic that I picked up at the Mother of Pearl sample sale is not really built for the realities of my spilling various sauces all over myself.  A month has barely passed in 2012 and I've already got soya sauce, ketchup, mustard, bearnaise and wasabi mayo (thanks you hulking beautiful lobster roll at Burger & Lobster) stains on my clothes that have left semi-permanent damage.  

This outfit almost invites some disaster to happen were it not for the shield of plastic provided by the Michael Angel latex coat.  By the by, a reader astutely pointed out the possibilities of latex allergies but MA have since verified that the coat is 100% polyurethane and therefore safe to wear.  

Still, the rare occurence of this pristine ground of snow as well as my deliberate avoidance of food sauces for the day means that a sartorial whiteout is something to relish.  The final touch are these Simone Rocha S/S 12 wedges, which admittedly need a few knife criss-cross marks on the soles to ensure they're less slippy in this sludge, but are otherwise a wonder to look at, especially when part of the clear perspex wedge sinks into the snow.  Rocha, along with ex-CSM-classmates Thomas Tait and Palmer//Harding are all fans of the purity and stillness of the whiteout in their own ways.  Incidentally, their follow-up collections for the next A/W 12-3 season could not be more exciting for the future of London Fashion Week.  By that time, my own whiteout here will most probably be well past its sell by date, but then again this snow has very nearly disappeared, even as I type now.  Oh well.  It was fleeting.  Back to sauces and less-than-immaculate attire it is.  










(Michael Angel latex coat, Mother of Pearl hooded tunic, Yokoo neck cozy, Simone Rocha perspex wedges)

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  1. I need that whole outfit! Just love the shoes! Well, being in Sweden last year, they would have gritted the roads within two hours..but it was lovely today…watch out tomorrow, we’ll need spikes added to our heels to stay up right! keep warm!

  2. Ha! Your post made me chuckle – ketchup is my enemy, and on the two occasions I’ve successfully not covered myself in food while wearing white/cream (that would be two occasions in around 25 years) I’ve been so happy it’s caused spontaneous victory dancing at the dinning table… Love the coat btw. x

  3. Who knew that latex coat coudld also be used as an apron as well? Snow in a big city is pretty for about an hour before turning this unattrative grey-brown color. Love your shoes, the heels seem sort fo perfect for the weather.

  4. So many fantastic whites! But I am cracking up about the spag-bol. I have, inevitably, through the years, always managed to be wearing white whenever I’ve had encounters with deep red sauces, which have also inevitably ended up on my attire. And I managed to dip my white blazer sleeve into Thai soup during my very first date with my (now) husband. Anyhow, you look great and those shoes are something else.

  5. Hi Susie! How delightful it must be to have the snow underneath your feet. To see an all white landscape. I love your coat with its functional clear pocket detail. Your neck cosy reminds me of a snood, but cuddlier.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  6. Though I am not sure it is warm, that latex coat steals the show! The clean cutting is perfect, plus that wedges are simply adorable. A refreshing alternative to the whole colourful world of yours (in a good way 🙂 ).

  7. Hi Susie, did you buy them from the John Rocha store? Do they run true to size or large like last season? They’re so beautiful I wish I can see them in person.

  8. I got mine directly from Simone but I believe they are available at the John Rocha store as well as possibly Dover Street Market. For me they’re true to size. I’m a size 38 and these are a true size 38 I think. My shoes last season were also a size 38 and also ran true to size.

  9. Happy to know this is a piece of clothing to die for only in figurative sense. Your look is great from head to toe, as usual. You seem to have worked very hard the whole weekend, thanks! and also thanks for going out in this nasty weather, it was worth it!

  10. Wow, I love everything about these pictures, i wish it snowed in Preston! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and have just started my own, please take a look at it:)
    Paula x

  11. I love those shoes!!! Where did you get them because I really want a pair? Please let me know when you can, by the way love your work!

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