In ye olde days of blogging, I used to go through a lazy stage of wishlisting things and expressing said wishlist on the blog.  I don't even want to think about the number of pointless posts devoted to items that I was never going to be able to afford/buy/have access to.  Mental wishlisting isn't a bad thing in itself but broadcasting my whimsical empty desires in a wasted post is.  I've tried to break this habit to some degree of success.  Which is probably why you get less small and skittish posts here going "I WANT THESE SHOES!".  

I do sometimes sneak the odd wish in a post, once in a while though.  When I spoke of Suno's rise a few weeks ago, I did also clamour for their A/W 11 printed waxed cotton moto jacket.  Lo and behold, the very next day, an email landed from LN-CC with a code to take off a juicy extra 20% on all sale items.  I punched the air at 9 o'clock in the morning and ordered it right away.   The sun began to spread its rays into my flat and animated bluebirds started to flutter about.  Alright, I'm making the last bit up but it sure felt like those birds were there.

Joyful Sunofication can well and truly occur now with a pair of trousers from a previous Suno collection as well as the appropriately clashing Versace reissue shirt.  What surprised me about the jacket was the waxed cotton texture which means I can legitimately call it a waterproof jacket.  Yes, it's not just another crazy printed jacket to add to the other crazy printed jackets that loll about in my closet.  It will protect me from rain too.  Because err… that is of course the primary reason why I'd wear such a jacket… 





(Worn with Suno trousers, Versace re-issued archive shirt, Topshop glitter brogues)

Another pleasant surprise from ordering from LN-CC was the box the jacket came in.  I'm a fan of big boxes that arrive along with angry UPS men who huff and puff after climbing my fire exit staircases.  Yoox and The Corner are the usual suspects.  Net-a-Porter boxes are also lovely and shiny and sometimes come in those NAP vans so you can chase it down if you've nipped out for a pint of milk.  This was my first order from LN-CC and a useful grey slidey box that looks like a box file with a friendship bracelet handle was most pleasing indeed.  It's the little things that make all the difference and yes, it is just a plain old box but that flash of friendship bracelet thread is enough to endear me to it.  I'm now promptly going to use it to store receipts for tax returns.  The jacket is the reward for that pragmatic bit of organisation.  



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  1. Kiara King says:

    The Suno jacket was well-worth ‘wishlisting’ for then! Incredible piece.

  2. Kazuko says:

    yep, absolutely fabulous, your jacket. and maybe it’s also because of the boxes that i love to shop online – it’s always a bit like christmas when they arrive (especially when they’re so beautiful as the one from LN-CC)

  3. Nathan says:

    yep i love LN-CC, and ur jacket is fantastic! it looks great from afar and upclose, both a different vibe but still has lots of components for a statement jacket. I love how u chose those oxford shoes and in that particular hue which corresponds to the hint of wine red/coral color in between the prints on ur suno jacket. what a great buy!

  4. Joy. says:

    Love the pattern on the jacket! And indeed, shopping online makes it a bit like xmas when the mailman arrives at your home!

  5. Serdane says:

    nice outfits !! and yeah avoiding wishlisting can be so good for the comments !!

  6. Aitana says:

    i love your bracelet 😉

  7. Hannah says:

    What a stunning print on that jacket. Thanks for the brand tip off!

  8. yoox is my fav so far. net-a-porter and recently farfetch. love your prints combination!

  9. Wow, great outfit.. bit crazy and a lot of patterns but somehow it all fits together!

  10. Haidee says:

    love the print so beautiful 🙂

  11. Luna says:

    Beautiful! Both pants and jacket

  12. The Minx says:

    ahh that jacket is unbelievably gorgeous, great buy. And the prints you’ve paired it with clash perfectly.

  13. I think the box makes the jacket all that much of a usefull purchase!
    Love the glossy look of the jacket, it looks so fun and stiff all at once.

  14. Sophie says:

    The outfit truly is a feast for the eyes – so many colours and patterns, it’s such an inspiring look for Spring 2012.

  15. Deadly Bite says:

    This jacket has a very lovely print, and I love how it matches the Versace shirt 😀

  16. mai says:

    those shoes are so cute!doesn anyone know what label they are?

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