Whilst we're on the subject of hair rollered housewives (see previous post), I thought it completely apt to bring you the third Because x Kay Montano beauty video I did.  They have well and truly revived my Beauty School Dropout category and have prompted a vaguely more adventurous make-up strategy that goes beyond concealer and lip balm.  Montano's way with lotions and potions is infectious as are Because Magazine's video treatments.  This Pastel Pomp video is the zaniest one yet as we started off being inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 12 dolly-kei type make-up but wound up in Mars Attacks or Stepford Wives territory.  The hair in particular is how I'd imagine it would look once I've had one too many gin and tonics and god knows what else in a house where you hoover in heels and bake in pretty dresses. 

Of course the alarming amount of of blue eyeshadow, the zany up-do and pinky-gerlinky lips in my old Chinese self only reminds me of one thing and that's Tretchikoff's painting of Chinese Girl, otherwise known as the Green Lady.  Or else I look like one of those 1930s century Shanghainese ads where pin-up girls are trying to sell you beer or cigarettes.  And you wonder why I don't pile on more make-up, eh?   



Whilst the make-up we did was inspired my Meadham Kirchhoff, the resulting look and video reminded me more of Jonathan Saunders' Miami-inspired pill-poppin 50s trip for S/S 12.  I don't know whether it's Saunders presence in places such as ASOS or Urban Outfitters but in the last two seasons, I've really been seeing a lot more of his pieces in REAL action on the streets.  Applying his prints to accessible jersey and knitwear pieces has clearly worked for him and now the man will be straddling both proper menswear and womenswear collections.

His S/S 12 was an exploration of ultra femininity but he did get to dig beneath the surface of prim prettiness.  Miami's deco colours have of course been flooding in from all directions but it's Saunders synthesising them with the unhinged, unsettled housewife character (or Betty Draper if we're gonna go for the obvious reference though for me I'm thinking more of Julianne Moore in Far From Heaven) that makes this collection soar.  Not in the obvious way either.  He has taken care to relax those 50s cliched looks into something that will endear even the hardiest tomboys to some of the looks.  Little details such as the roomy pockets in skirts, the relaxed fit of a shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and the ever present chunky jumper or cardigan worn over a dress that successfully evokes all of those hysterical pill-popping female characters without recreating their attire like-for-like.  Comfortable, an ugly word to some designers perhaps is embraced by Saunders with gusto and he proves that it can be married up with beautiful at the same time here.  I've ordered up quite a few pieces already and I'm waiting for the moments when I can really 'hang' in these clothes with dandelion seeds to blow, an apple martini in one hand and the other shielding my face from the sun.  Perhaps with a touch of the candy pink lippie.  The blue eyeshadow might be a step too far as matching eye-make-up to skirt is not a style rule I want to ever try and attempt to adhere to. 





















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  1. angel says:

    I still like the Missoni look better, though its still nice…Electricfad.com has some that resembles this…

  2. Dorian Gray! says:

    so lovelyyyy *_*

  3. aaah i can’t wait till spring!

  4. Serdane says:

    I love this moment when flowers fall down on you royal face !!

  5. alicia says:

    OK, point taken, but this was clearly caricature make up. You looked so good in the last post where you wore make up, though!

  6. we’re waiting!!!!!!!!!:):)
    let’s go here: http://www.facebook.com/PretaCoture

  7. C A T H says:

    stunned by the make-up! love the bright colours
    in your fashion show photos.
    Style Hostess

  8. beautiful collection…
    the prints looks like Indonesian batik, but the color is so fresh and summery…

  9. niknok says:

    Can’t even pick a fave! Everything looks marvelous!
    ‚ô• The Niknok Style

  10. really a fantastic post

  11. DressedWell says:

    Everything looks great!!

  12. Amazing use of pastel colors! Menswear should have them too!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  13. Elisa says:

    Love Jonathan Saunders’ association of comfortable and beautiful in garments, as you very well put it. Inspiring textures, colour combinations and lengths.
    Elisa Eymery

  14. Deadly Bite says:

    I think you look very cute with that make-up *.*

  15. Kate says:

    Love your take on the ‘Stepford Wife gone wrong’ 🙂

  16. Wouaou! C’est magnifique! The colors are very beautiful!! Thank you for the pictures..and your make-up..wouaou you are so photogenic!

  17. Ella says:

    I love that Jonathan Saunders collection, the colours are amazing.

  18. Lou_and_chow says:

    So much colour and I LOVE!!!
    You look gorgeous in the top pics
    Kate Jean x Lou & Chow
    to get 20% Off EVERYTHING
    *until 01/05/12
    Tribal Inspired Neckpieces and Bold Bangles In Stock NOW!

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