Myopic Tale Concluded

>> Remember when I regaled you with a slightly longwinded and boring tale about my shortsighted woes?  You thought you had heard the end of my MINUS 10 myopic eyesight (I like to just throw the number out there because only then, do people realise how severe my shortsightedness actually is).  The story has a rather stupid and boneheaded conclusion.  You should all simultaneously do a big forehead slap when you hear this.

When I tried to go all fashion-y and attempt to buy some lovely Prism glasses, my opticians duly told me that they were far too big for my prescription and would cause a sort of goldfish bowl effect should I attempt to get lenses for them.  Turns out, my opticians just didn't offer the thinnest sort of lenses.  A visit to the very brilliant 20/20 (where Steve also got his specs) and they told me there were super thin lens for my super high prescription, all the way from Japan.  Tell me anything is from Japan and I'll immediately nod my head in excitement.  The downside is of course the cost.  I don't want to even say how much I spent but let's just say they need their own insurance policy.  To would-be muggers, take my bag, my laptop, my shoes, but stay the fuck away from my glasses.    

The EPOS frames I chose however were a real bargain in 20/20's sale and they're a good start to my wearing glasses more often and perhaps getting more options (Arckiv's bespoke glasses service is looking really tasty).  This is therefore a piccy post to say "Hey, I have four eyes, but you know what?  I always had four eyes.  Except those invisible little contact lenses were caning my real eyes to death.  Annoyingly pushing my glasses up my non-existent nose or weeping eyes that go all red and crusty every so often?  I choose the first."




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  1. Lol! this is hilarious, glad you found the the perfect lens etc. Glasses can be super problematic. People don’t realize how lucky they are. Something as simple as seeing clearly is taken for granite.

  2. ALARMINGLY cute. Seriously…alarming. I just started wearing contacts and I was all excited but now my eyes are all sad…Might have to work a hardcore nerdy spec frame back into the mix!

  3. Arghhhhh I have a non-existent nose too (well, the bridge), which makes glasses-buying very restrictive…hard to find frames with nose pads that aren’t super lame. But these are great — thanks for the idea!

  4. this is something I am currently struggle in: finding unusal frames. I just use it at work, in front of the pc and would love to have somethign fashionable but not common. your frames here are rather cute!!!!
    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on the second Professional of Fashion’s interview on my blog! I’d love your comment!

  5. I think you were born to wear glasses they are the pefect accent to your trademark top knot, I sympathise with the whole non nose thing my dad is from Nepal,so I have a miniscule bridge to my nose! ALL 4 of your eyes are beautiful and by the way loving the top of your top/pinafore it reminds of the plastic coloured beads you could create patterns with as a kid then melton by ironing!

  6. Congrats on embracing your four-eyed-ness. As a 20/20 vision type of person I can’t really feel your pain, but I just can’t imagine putting foreign objects into your eyes every day could feel very good…

  7. You can get the 1.74 thin & light lenses from Specsavers for ¬£90! They could be offering you even thinner of course, I don’t know, but the 1.74s come from Japan 🙂
    Christy X

  8. What was the company that mad eyour thin lenses? I have -8 stigma and have the same fishbowl problem! Would love to know so I can have more glasses choice.

  9. I have -8 so I feel your pain. I do use contact lenses like everybody these days but I am on the look-out for new glasses. It’s an expensive process like you say and you can’t just buy any glasses when you have to have a thick lens in them! Thank god for big hipster glasses.
    Weird thought: When I meet new people these days, it’s very common that I find out later they use contact lenses… do people generally have worse eyesight then 10 years ago?
    Anyway, nice new glasses! They suit your face very well.

  10. Hi Susie, just found out that you’re nearsighted. I have high myopia also though not as high as yours. Recently I become a bit more aware and careful with my eyes since I realized that nearsightedness can cause several eye health problems in the future. I’d like to ask whether or not you experience any floaters?

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