Lady Lady!

My recent bout of holiday posts is basically a straight forward reflection of my  film/TV/repeat intake over this period where the ratio between leaving the house and staying at home stuck on my sofa has been about ooh err‚Ķ 1:100.  This intake includes‚Ķ.educational Disney (Fantasia), period dramas (Great Expectations – both film and the new BBC drama, Downton Abbey – duh and copious amounts of Austen on Yesterday channel), Bubble's rejuvenated and excellent styling in the new Ab Fab, Real People Disney (Mary Poppins and the like‚Ķ), Harry Potter films for that vaguely Christmassy vibe (wizards should only wave their wands in snowy weather), Gratuitously Good Disney (Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty‚Ķ) AND finally, a marathon of rewatching the Japanese manga series Lady!! and its sequel Hello! Lady Lynn dubbed with Cantonese.  

Apologies if the final reference for this post is itchingly obscure.  I gather that on the continent in countries like Belgium or Spain, this Japanese manga did get dubbed accordingly.  UK peeps got a ton of US imports instead so we may have missed out.  I, however got sent VHS tapes from Hong Kong in an illegitimate trail of bootleg recordings.  Therefore I got to be delighted by all of Lady Lynn's adventures with dukes, viscounts, horses and an insane amount of anime rendered pastel outfits styled around Princess Diana circa 1983.  I only wish I could find a link to the English dubbed version for everyone to enjoy all the animated melodrama.  This all brings me to my own interpretation of Lady Lady! ness in these outfits helped by a trip to London vintage fave, Merchant Archive and its new dwellings in Notting Hill.  I'll be revisiting the subject soon as the new location has meant the store has been ransacked by a) Florence Welch (a Merchant Archive devotee) and b) the Notting Hill set that are prepared to drop serious ¬£¬£¬£ on their vintage.  

Alongside those Merchant Archive finds are some old bits that I've resurrected after carefully clearing out the closet (five Ikea bags stuffed full of unwanted clothes remain for the taking… ), a few sample sale buys and some Christmas/birthday gifts.  Oh erm… and an accidental buy.  I went into Liberty looking for Christmas cards and came out with a new season Dries van Noten skirt.  I can only blame this Ab Fabby anecdote on the maddening period of merriment in exchange for swiping your plastic.  Lady Lynn would not approve. 




IMG_0146(Vintage sheer bed jacket, vintage straw hat, vintage panther print top and skirt set from Merchant Archive, Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood shoes)






(Vintage kimono from Merchant Archive, Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry jacket, Dries van Noten skirt from Liberty, Dries van Noten wedges from Yoox)




(Christopher Kane embroidered dress, John Rocha frilled culottes, Miu Miu x Pop glitter heels)





(Calla hand painted floppy hat, ASOS Premium sash top, American Apparel vest, vintage pink wool skirt, Christopher Kane satin crystal heels)

29 Replies to “Lady Lady!”

  1. Jesus.
    Ok, first of all, that first outfit is probably my favorite I’ve ever seen you wear. Every layer and level of it is perfection. The other two are also amazing. I have had this awkward kimono in my closet for months that I just can not seem to make work— you just inspired me to cut the sleeves off! Duh. And the ASOS sash top is just so cool.
    I totally watch Harry Potter around Christmas. Probably the most Christmasy movies ever that have nothing to do with Christmas.

  2. I like the simplicity of the prints and separately each piece is really great, but paired together they give off really lovely feelings. Also that you drew inspiration from the anime makes each piece a bit more fun too; my Cantonese is really sub-par, but I might just check it out to see if I can understand anything. Happy new year and have a great rest of the week!

  3. The first outfit of yours is just so gooood, seriously that panther set is just amazing amazing amazing. I really like the other outfits here too, and I really like how your outfits are quite different from what the other “big” bloggers wear. I’m inspired!

  4. flawless!! love the asos top in the final outfit. It’s amazing how far they have progressed from As Seen On Screen to a much more fashion forward online destination. Affordable fashion gems + free shipping = happy days!

  5. It doesn’t matter how sad I am, reading your blog NEVER fails to cheer me up. You are so creative and so… sunny! And absolutely beautiful. Thanks a bunch 🙂 x

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