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>> The joke is getting out of hand.  There are ten iPad cases in this house and counting and NO effing iPad.  I'm not sure if it's a peverse stubborness NOT to get one for the sake of seeing how many iPad cases I can accumulate before I succumb.  That doesn't explain why I insist on going into every Apple store I pass just to stroke and feel up an iPad and then declare airily "Oh, I'll get one soon enough!"  Countless visits to an Apple store later and I've still not bothered to fork over the money.  All the while, iPad cases come flocking to me like weird vultures circling this tablet-a-phobe and silently intoning "You must, you must, fill us up!"

Well, I've done an ok job filling them up.  Not with iPads but with other stuff to benefit from their clutch friendly size.  Small books/zines, wallets, perfumes and a cornucopia of cosmetics can fit right in along with the essential debit card, keys and phone trio.  Despite their intended function as an iPad case, none of them actually allow you to flip open to SEE the iPad which defies logic.  I imagine fashion brands scurrying on to the iPad case bandwagon probably got a little overexcited over the gadget and slightly forgot about the task at hand.  Therefore, even if I do eventually succumb, I should think that I'd probably carry on using these cases as clutches.  I've included a good lot of stuff to read/smell/use in these pictures as described in the teensy tiny small print caption below each pic just in case you're stuck for indulgent self-gifts.  After Christmas gifting comes a small period of self-gifting before the thudding reality hits you mid-January.  Or at least, that's how it goes in my head…  

3.1 Phillip Lim mock croc iPad case: Lucy Jay x Amnesty International printed scarf – I like that this is a 130cmx45cm size which means it can be tied around the head without a needless excess of fabric flapping about. // Doan's Ointment – My mother likes to slip this in to my Christmas care package every year.  It works wonders on random spots // Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum - Leather and Venetian countryside is exactly what this smells of.  The leather note is particularly strong and heady, which I love. // Fire & Knives – Do you love eating?  Do you love talking about eating?  Subscribe. Now. // Louis Vuitton wallet with a Thornback & Heel rabbit hanky inside – The wallet is supposed to be a passport holder but seeing as I'm into mis-using leather goods, this remains a good size for all the random membership cards I have. // Carmex // Random leather notepad // Random vintage photograph

Benah Alex canvas iPad case: It's Nice That issue 7 – I love the redesign of their issue along with the features on Martin Parr and Terry Jones // Globe bauble – A birthday gift from a friend who said "What do you get the girl who has everything?"  An exaggeration I assure you but I do like having the whole world in my hand… // Smythson Present Tense notebook – Smythson have a good lot of 'Fun Titled' notebooks.  I like that they have one that says 'Blah Blah Blah'. // A postcard from my old Latin teacher who asked me how I was getting on at uni. I never replied *hangs head in shame* // Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick – I rarely wear black lipstick as I find when it does smear off, it's more noticeable than lighter shades. This one seems to not be so smeary though. I don't swear by all things Tom Ford but this lippie does good. // Ernest Hemingway "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" from Tank Books cigarette case set – The whole set is such a novel idea from Tank magazine's publisher. Each book is completely unabridged too in a surprisingly readable font. // Acne special edition Stockholm scarf – A scarf oldie and fave.

Dolce & Gabbana faux snakeskin iPad case – Vintage pleated scarf // Sonya's Shopping Manual – This set of books (this is one of three) is a Japanese hit. The author Sonya Park is the owner of the Tokyo stores Arts & Science. For me, she's a likeable arbiter of good taste. Plus I just love that there's such thing as a shopping manual. // Whistles ribbon ring – It's like gift wrapping your own finger. // The Gentlewoman issue no. 4 – There' a feature about Poilโˆšยขne bread's lovely boss Apollonia. Nuff' said. // Nigel Slater "The Kitchen Diaries" – All things Nigel Salter are good but this one which I got from my sister for Christmas is especially an absorbing read.  His bolognese recipe is bubbling nicely on the hob as we speak. // Nars polish in 'Galion' and Chanel polish in 'Dragon' – For the times when I'm indecisive about colour and just go for boring old black or red. // 'A New Perfume' by Comme des Garcons – The oddest and most evocative scent to come out in 2011 I think.  Scotch tape, hawthorns and industrial glue might sound strange but the combination is well and truly spell-binding.  Don't spray too liberally though.    

Sibling x Fashionary knitted leopard iPad caseBenah triangle print silk scarf – Benah not only do nifty leather bags and accessories but their scarf patterns are consistently good too. // The Travel Almanac issue no.2 – Steve likes picking up vaguely obscure reads for his Weekend Reading blog posts. Great content aside, The Travel Almanac is a paper/font/design joy to flick through. // Stella Gibbons "Cold Comfort Farm" – Whenever there's something not quite right I like to say in the manner of old Mrs Starkadder, "There's something nasty in the woodshed…" // Fred Butler and Rubbish magazine badges // 032c A/W11-12 issue – ALWAYS and consistently a good read.  That art/fashion crossover rarely feels genuine in magazines but it does in 032c. // Hope & Greenwood marzipan fruits – This was a jokey present from Steve's sister to him because he used to scoff marzipan excessively as a child. I, on the other hand hate the stuff. Surely it's like eating Play Dough, no? I'd rather keep this box of pretty fruits intact.

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  1. I love the idea as an iPad case as a clutch! I’ve never made the move but have always wanted to try- I think you have given me that little push I needed to just go for it. Thanks!!!

  2. The iPad cases definitely make really good clutches! And nice that you’re getting usage out of them even though you’ve been resisting the iPad fads. Have a great Friday!

  3. It’s funny how I never thought of using an iPad case as a clutch! It’s actually a really good idea because, as you’ve demonstrated above, there are some absolutely gorgeous iPad cases out there! I don’t own an iPad so I don’t have a case… my boyfriend has one but his dark brown case wouldn’t really cut it as a stylish clutch for me! Might have to buy him a fashion-forward one just so I can nick it!

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