Paint Swamped

>> Urban Outfitters may be down and out when it comes to profits but I continue to commend their dedication to their beautifully bound lookbooks that always showcases young photography and art direction talent as well as unexpected pairings with established names too such as their summer cookbook with Martin Parr.  S/S 12 sees Urban Outfitters collaborating with multi-disciplinary artist Sam Falls, who pastelled over Bjork beautifully earlier this year and that similar use of colour and texture is evident here in these pages with product and clothing just about visible underneath the colour swashing. 

It's a weekend to contemplate the art of the printed book – both visual and text-based – and this article on the Guardian is a good starting point to celebrating all things to do with paper weight, binding, slip cases and embossing.  I'm saying that having depressingly bypassed WHSmiths Books, the sole dross book outlet at Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport and am now sitting in a lounge full of kindles and iPads.

P.S. I'm heading out to Shanghai for a few days then Tokyo for two so posting might become scatty/erratic.  I doubt there's enough time but ANY essential Shanghai food/shopping recommendations are more than welcome!

















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  1. Definitely try DingTaiFung or Nanxiang for traditional steamed bun!!!! Nanxiang’s more traditional Shanghainese and Dingtaifung’s more refined. But both are very good!!!! They also do other dim sums alike small dishes, but the flavours are subtly different from Cantonese cuisine!!!!
    For street food, try Yang’s fried dumplings. Be aware that the queue may be very very very long.
    Shopping wise, check out XinTianDi and ShiKuMen area for more interesting stuff and contemporary Chinese designs.

  2. Susie, love the pics and seeing the arty side of style too. Art and style work hand in hand, Without one, there wouldn’t be the other.
    Suzi x

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