>> I'm not sure how many of you tuned in to the live stream of the Prada Tokyo show that just took place.  I have no idea how it looked or whether it accidentally streamed my voice going "Zoom in on that guy…. now swing back to Hanne Gaby… HANNE GABY…. the blonde one!" or something to that effect.  I believe an edited version is going up along with a another video souvenir.  In the meantime, whilst I prep a bigger post, here's a true instance of One Night Only where A/W 11-12 Prada pieces show up in my hotel room with the looming grey cloud over it that seems to whisper "You don't get to keep this…"  Quite rightly so.  I'm not sure my natural inclination is to wear ¬£5,000+ in retail value in one singular piece.  So back into the pristine white bags they go tomorrow and here's the permanent bit of photographic evidence.




(Prada A/W 11-12 sequin and furry coat, snakeskin and suede boots, vintage cardigan and Opening Ceremony x Where the Wild Things Are coat)

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  1. KIRA LILLY says:

    i love all the texture in this look!
    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  2. Roxanna says:

    what an ensemble! i LOVE it! especially the coat!
    it’s totally 60’s meets modern wilderness 🙂

  3. Kazuko says:

    that coat should be yours, what an amazing piece!

  4. ellena says:

    If I have to pick a favorite piece, it would be the skirt or maybe the coat 🙂
    but I like how the whole outfit is put together something what only Susie know how to pull

  5. Totally love your look, and you shoes… beautiful!
    XO Charlotte

  6. J.Choudhury says:

    WOW, I love these photos you look so glamorous. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  7. That coat is superb! I adore the texture on it, it must have been hard to give it back. I’m very interested to see the rest of the collection. Jojo http://www.Huxtonclothing.blogspot.com xxx

  8. Anastasios says:

    You look so cute! And I love your skirt!

  9. Serdane says:

    I definitely love your look… you are so EDGY !!

  10. Megseront@yahoo.fr says:

    Are you referring to Hanne Gaby the belgian model?

  11. Krystal says:

    You look absolutely amazing! Just perfect! xx

  12. Naja says:

    Amazing styles all 3 pieces but the green cardigan does it all !

  13. *NOVA* says:

    They HAVE to give you at least the shoes for a job well done!

  14. Just discovered your blog- love it!
    Now following you on bloglovin- looking forward to having a new daily blog read!

  15. Line Borges says:

    uauuu…. suuuper diferente hein!!! mais muito lindoo o look…
    bjo bjo
    by Bistrô!!!

  16. Naina says:

    That vest is absolutely amazeballs. Susie, you never fail to thrill.

  17. Pixie Ayu says:

    Hi Susie, are you going to hold the sample sale on 17th in London?
    I just confirmed my train ticket to there!! can’t wait to be there 🙂
    Pixie Ayu xx

  18. daniel Rapa says:

    Looks like a great outfit for a Three Jewels Christmas love

  19. I love that skirt! ok, I’m going to get some faux fur from Chinatown and make a faux fur skirt just so I can like, have some approximation of that skirt, and pet it, and stuff.

  20. rachel says:

    who doesn’t love fur on fur??

  21. Suzi says:

    I love this coat and the boots! Shame you can’t keep them as you look amazing in this outfit!
    Suzi x
    come and visit me some day.
    I’m a new Aussie blogger xx

  22. DressedWell says:

    We love the whole look! So great!

  23. Sabine says:

    But just to wear them for one evening is so COOL! And they suit you so well, you MUST keep them, Susie.

  24. busqueeloise says:

    Wow amazing styles.U looks so beautiful.I like

  25. Love your look! especially the coat and skirt… I had never seen a fur skirt!!! Awesome!!!
    You can see more “inspirations” here:

  26. Samantha says:

    Love your outfit. Pretty impressive coat and I totally dig that skirt. You look lovely as usual!

  27. Aja says:

    I daydream about one day wearing current season anything. Nevermind future season Prada! Even though you had to send it back, it must have been fun to wear for a minute, right?

  28. Nice faux fur collections! Amazing how you look so glamorous! And how did you find your shoes? was it came from real skin of snake? 🙁

  29. moldiva says:

    i totally love PRADA. Follow me and look at my style on http://www.moldiva.com
    Thank you

  30. Virginie says:

    So nice! loved this post,

  31. Natalia says:

    Hi Sue, could you tell me where I can see the show ?? thanx Nat

  32. susie_bubble says:

    Good question…. I actually don’t own ANY real python items myself mainly because of the prohibitive cost…
    To be honest the event was such a whirlwind that I didn’t have the time to consider the ethics behind the snakeskin boot. All I can say is that on a practical level, they were quite uncomfortable so I wouldn’t buy them myself any way….

  33. Sóley says:

    “that seems to whisper “You don’t get to keep this…” ” Well that’s just heartbreaking….
    By the way, love seeing someone other than a model wearing this furry jacket. Nice contrast to the slightly too perfect porcelainy campaign shots. It’s a lot more golden than I thought! And somehow with such signature pieces like the jacket and the boots you still look like you and I love that about you.


  34. Hai Suzi.. I love your Style..
    I love your blog..
    Celana Wanita, Baju Wanita, Pakaian

  35. Angelwynxx says:

    Can’t resist the beauty of your shoes! Thumbs up for the perfect creation!

  36. Caroline says:

    Great look. The snakeskin and suede boots looks great on you.

  37. Roseanne says:

    love your style!ahhhh!

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