>> I'm still slightly stuck in my stay-at-home festive stupor.  I've worn the same t-shirt two days in a row and there's a faint whiff of turkey juice on my stretchy jeans.  This is a state that I'm snapping out of once New Year's Eve comes sniffing but for now, with deadlines aplenty, my attire is just to faciliate more stuffing of the face (FYI, stuffing your face with actual stuffing – there IS in fact a dead ned limit and I think last night's dinner proved to be it).

The sure-as-rain occurences of Christmas for me have never really changed and I don't expect it to.  I'll watch The Snowman for the sake of my being able to say in the future, "I watched it every year at Christmas."  I'll eat at least five different nuts throughout the day as stomach liners before whatever meat fest awaits me in the oven.  Then there's the Disney.  The copious amounts of Disney.  Followed by complaints from my dad that Disney is corporate America at its worst.  He duly gets booed by the rest of the Lau clan of course. 



This year's combo was a dollop of Disney served up by the telly in the form of Mary Poppins (as much as I love it, I do wish TV scheduling would stop overlooking the other equally brilliant Disney 'real life and animation' film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks) and Aladdin.  The common denominator?  Magical carpet-based things.  Mary Poppins had her cavernous and bottomless bag.  Aladdin had his mischevous dog substitute of a magic carpet. 

Watch the two in quick succession in a day and I'm reminded of these bagged-up, sequinned carpet pieces from Maison Martin Margiela S/S 12 show.  I've not been scrambling with excitement at Margiela shows even when I'm there in person but these dresses perked me up immediately.  Not because the girls look like they're about to be gruesomely suffocated.  That would be a bit disturbing.  I just loved that a reference to dodgy fake Persian carpet dealers on Holloway Road show up in sort on a catwalk and come off looking quite beautiful, enhanced rather than hampered by the plastic capes.  I hope nobody wears the sequinned carpet pieces without the plastic shroud.  It would feel like a strange cop-out. 




Margiela's carpet print is heavily emphasised with shimmer and shine but the 'tapis' print from Aussie multi-disciplinary label Perks and Mini's (P.A.M.) collaboration with Super sunglasses is slightly more subtle.  You really have to hold these Ciccio and Lucia styles up to the light to see the pattern glinting at you. 






The print embedded into the glasses is a deepened and darkened version of the 'tapi's print used in P.A.M.'s recent collection 'Carpets and Rugs in Sport' – a neat little nutshell that is summed up with this Stadium varsity-style jacket.  I know I know – the varsity jacket has been somewhat over laboured.  They come with a lot of bells and whistles these days.  P.A.M.'s version is winning it out for me though with its printed sleeves and turquoise-and-yellow combination.  I'm just attracted to ugly uniform combos these days.  It comes in both women's and men's sizes, although erring on the oversized side of things seems to me half the attraction with a varsity jacket. 



P.A.M.'s 'tapis' print also graces bags, caribiners and caps should a carpet sleeved jacket be a step too far in blending in with the furniture.  Both Goodhood in London and Somewhere in Melbourne's online stores have a good selection.


PAM_MASTERPIECE_AW11_003-2 Pam_mens_aw11_flats_060_update-2

I'm taking the magic carpet ride on a little detour, back in time to when I visited Perks and Mini's then-brand new store in Sydney.  I loved their Somewhere boutique in Curtin House in Melbourne but it's nice that the husband and wife duo Mischa Hollenbach and Shauna T have a store under their label's own name too.  Whilst I'm on a P.A.M. run, I should say that I've always loved the collaborative work and unexpected aesthetic mixes that the duo always come up with.  Art, music, publishing and fashion truly gel together convincingly at P.A.M. and cult status isn't bestowed upon the label lightly.  There's a real feeling you've found a bit of a score with a P.A.M. item because it ticks the boxes of interesting, wearable, not too pricy and slightly under-the-radar all in one. 

IMG_3617 IMG_3616



This sweater,which I picked up at the Sydney store may be a bizarro photo collage of 70s centre-parted hair, purple beams, desert and blue sky but it hasn't stopped me from my wearing it day in, day out and one point. 


I also love their rare books collection which at the time had this Vin Rude book joining the hilariously erotic David Thorpe series of photo books that include Rude Food and Rude Cocktails.


Now that I've gone from Disney to erotic photography all in one post, I think I rather feel like this drunk panda that is nestled under the tree on this P.A.M. scarf.  Whoever is a lucky owner of this scarf, they should definitely ensure that the panda is clearly visible all the time. 


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  1. Tessa says:

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks will be on BBC one (or two, I don’t recall) in the late afternoon today. I’m sure I’ll be watching it!
    Oh, and I love the glasses!

  2. gemma says:

    Love these different fashions – I also think christmas is the right time to stuff your face with chocolate, however the more pressure we put on ourselves to not in chocolate in the new year the harder it is to keep up!!

  3. Kate says:

    Please don’t overlook Bedknobs & Broomsticks…it’s a fav of mine 🙂

  4. susie_bubble says:

    So you’re right!! Thanks for the heads up – my head has moved on from TV to YouTube maze…. should have checked the listings!

  5. OHH MYY GOD!! tons of gorgous stuff, i love those varsity jackets, wish they were more affordable, so beautiful!!
    hope you had a great christmas!!

  6. HAIDEE says:

    I love the designs and cultural refernces very beautiful

  7. betty says:

    hope xmas was goood…. i need to go and get that varsity jacket i saw in the sale … u just made my mind up for me 🙂 x x

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    ps:- you’ve got a very lovely blog.

  9. i love that jumper 🙂 would look great 🙂 what is bedknobs and broomsicks
    would love it if you guy took a look at my blog http://alleywaysfashion.blogspot.com/

  10. Deadly Bite says:

    I can’t stand Disney’s version of Mary Poppins (I’m sorry LOL), but I had a crush on Aladdin when I was like 6 years old. My favourite Disney movie of all time! ^^
    The MMM collection looks pretty interesting, but I’m afraid it’s not very wearable >_< I might get a few ideas from there, though... Love! xx

  11. Madeline says:

    That kind of carpet print just LOOKS smelly. fantastic.

  12. Olive says:

    fantastic carpet skirt!

  13. Suzi says:

    The panda on the scarf is so damn cute!
    Suzi x
    please visit me some day soon Susie!

  14. Minty says:

    I love the jackets, its always nice to see a new spin on something super traditional

  15. DressedWell says:

    Great photos and a great read!!

  16. Dinx says:

    when was mary poppins on??? I can’t believe I missed it, and Aladdin too =( sad times. Hope you had a good christmas but by the sound of it, there’s nothing to worry about.
    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

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  18. nice photos…
    love glasses n jackets!

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