Don’t Rain on my Parade

Early Style Bubble readers will know that I loves me a sports themed Teen Vogue editorial, so implausibly staged and styled that no outfit is actually suitable for the outdoor activity it is depicting (be it skiing, hiking, surfing, skating….).  In the name of fashion though, who cares if a cut-up neoprene body suit paired with neon wedges and latex crop top aren't in fact going to cut in the waves.  It all looks so enticingly bonkers that to this day, my devotion to that A5 sized guilty pleasure, still gets me some funny looks on the tube.  Especially when I switch between the New Yorker and Teen Vogue in quick succession.

It is with this approach that I took to messing around with these Sorel boots.  Disclaimer: Yes, this is in fact a paid for thing-a-ma-jig and no, I don't have to write that in small type.  Call it the Christmas shopping bill if you will.  I wouldn't have taken this on though if I didn't get to attempt several Teen Vogue-style jumps in the process and ultimately relish a good old fashioned styling challenge of making the most unlikely footwear work with my mish mash of clothing.  It's a good thing that I've recently been getting into the the complex layerings of Japanese menswear labels – Facetasm, Discovered, Phenomenon – basically all the brands I saw at the Versus event, which concluded Tokyo Fashion Week.  The unexpected layers, oversized proportions and inexplicable influences from sportswear, were on my mind when I put together these outfits, along with the idea of wrapping up warm without bunging on a mahussive coat.  Weirdly the chunkiness and the strange clang of colours going on in the boots seem to be appropriate accompaniments to this current Tokyo menswear fixation.  I'm sure there's a small card going out to me from Conde Nast right now though saying "Must try harder on the jump."   


(Vintage plaid wool jacket, vintage patchwork floral gilet, David David patterened jumper, J.W. Anderson cut-away school skirt, Theyskens Theory bag, Sorel Tivoli Rain boot)



(Lavenham x Cassette Playa jacket, Discovered 'Christmas' jumper, Chanel quilted scarf, ASOS leather culottes, H&M red leather zippered trousers, Sorel Tivoli Low II shoes)

(Mother of Pearl floral printed leather cap, Mother of Pearl navy leather hooded parka, Perks and Mini print sweater, Joe Fresh orange neoprene skirt, Attachment green and yellow leather jacket around the waist, Sorel 1964 Premium Canvas boot)

P.S. If you're in the US, you can get free shipping with the code SLBUBBLE on the US site.

22 Replies to “Don’t Rain on my Parade”

  1. I do love those boots! The yellow ones remind me of Tidus’ in Final Fantasy! Also love the second pair of shoes! So pretty! I like the lace work and the clashing colours! God I love clashing colours =D
    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  2. Oh Susie,
    I always admire your originality and your quirkiness and your eternal honesty about everything. I love your style and your blog posts always make me smile. You are such an inspiration for everyone esp new bloggers like me. I think every bloggers need to remember to blog for the right reasons! Happy holiday!
    Nora Finds

  3. I love how honest you are about your “sponsors” if that’s an ok thing to say. It bothers me so much when I’m going through some bigger blog with obvious adverts planted here and there and they won’t even mention it.
    Pictures look happy and fun, I think the orange skirt with the green boots is my favourite, but I can hardly decide. 😛
    Last thing, just watched the avant garde diaries video on Saga Sig’s website. Loved it. It’s funny to have read your blog with a certain made up voice in my head and then to hear how you really talk. You have a very beautiful accent.
    we are purple

  4. Im puzzled with your choice of not wearing tights or something in what is clearly coat weather.Arent you cold Susie?

  5. Hahaha yes! The Teen Vogue sports theme editorial! They’re all like, “ok let’s do two pairs of neon colored bikini bottoms on top of each other, with a ski jacket and a terrycloth headband. And some thigh high rain boots. All right now jump in the air!” Oh, but do I love them. I really dig the last pair of boots… hunter green and violet, what a combination.

  6. Oy, I have been working very hard at restraining myself from buying ALL OF THE SORELS this year (when did they get so fabulous? When I was a kid, it was a strictly practical thing here–I’m a New Englander), and you are NOT HELPING. Siiiigggghhh.

  7. Oh I am OBSESSED with waterproof shoes and this year in New York discovered everyone wearing the original navy ones. Oh I love them and know they’re in all this colourways! Oh be still my beating heart! Also, totally on the look out for a navy hooded waterproof {not water resistant!} and that mother of pearl one look ace. Great styling Missy…xxx

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