Decked Out

>> In addition to consuming copious amounts of meat (I'm waiting to cross off pheasant off the list and that will be the full meat fest chez Lau complete…) and watching old VCDs (super duper Hong Kong style) on a a mahussive TV with all the bells and whistles, there's not really much to do at home except retrogade.  I sleep staring at various official school photos of my sisters with photo albums piled up by my bedside.  Combined with the fact that I've momentarily regressed into a state of constant munching and napping, my outfit here is a 'hanging-at-home' reflection of remembering the burgandy and navy 'deckchair' striped blazers that my sisters wore as school uniform.  I went to a different school with a decidedly casual approach to uniform.  I'd come home and smell a faint odour of fish from my sister's blazers that had gotten wet.  At present, I've taken up with that school-tinged colour combination with the help of some not so fishy, not so boxy items.

Despite the fact that I obsessively monitored London's samples action this December, I personally didn't get that much action at all.  If I wasn't being choosy, I was in bed falling ill.  My one big coup came at Mother of Pearl where this navy leather hooded parka from the S/S 11 collection was up for grabs.  I've had every relative at the Christmas gathering pawing at it, remarking on the quality of leather.  My aunts and uncles may not know their Proenzas from their Chris Kanes but they do know how to touch up a nice bit of cashmere or leather.  The mild weather here (12 degrees on Christmas day???) has meant a light-ish jacket like this one has come in handy. 



I've spent at least half an hour investigating all the various toggles and snappers that the jacket has… hood can come off, toggles can be nipped in at the waist and sleeves can be loosened or tightened… I'm waiting to discover that the jacket has a secret wifi chip embedded in somewhere…





The other bit of navy comes courtesy of Bally, another family crowd pleaser.  My mother especially has a weird devotion to Bally shoes.  She's no logo worshipper but a glimpse of the Bally cross does make her nod with approval. 


These shoes are slightly more controversial.  I say slightly, because despite the initial cries "Oh they're so wretchedly ugly….but I'm confused…. I THINK I might like them…" that rung around when J.W. Anderson debuted these Aldo-collaborated 'loakers' at his S/S 12 show, I've found that they actually have a strangely universal appeal.  The combination of an air soled trainer, a leather laofer and erm an orthapaedic shoe seems to serve a few purposes.  An elderly gentleman who had a walking stick asked me where I got my shoes commenting on how comfortable and easy-to-clean they looked.  Easy-to-clean has never been a real factor to consider when buying shoes but I suppose the man was right.  These are very wipe-friendly.  A young ish City worker also asked where my shoes were from, saying that they looked perfect for walking to the office (inevitably they'd be replaced by some spindly black things as I imagine that's what all power-pumped female City peeps to wear….).  Then there are those in the know who are diehard J.W. Anderson fans and wanted to know whether Aldo had indeed put them into production.  The answer is an unfortunate NO.  Something technical went awry I hear.  Aldo will be producing the stiletto styles but these loakers won't be unleased on to the world.  Yet.  I'm relying on my feet to spread the word about this strangely versatile hybrid shoe.



Mother of Pearl navy leather parka, Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry jumper, Gold Sign coated jeans, Bally bag, Aldo x J.W. Anderson shoes

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  1. Happy Christmas, dear Bubble. I’m in the decidedly LOVE IT camp when it comes to those loafer-trainer hybrids. It’s a travesty they were never put into production! xx

  2. I love those loafers, loafing around in running shoes, what a disappointment they won’t be made. More positive comments here on your site and they might change their mind? Also that buttery leather jacket is so nice, I love the way the hood ruffles around your face. Nice shade of blue.

  3. OhmyGod! Those, erm, loakers are so… Well, exactly what you describe!
    I can definitely relate to your meat munchies. So far I’ve had pork, turkey, and ham. Tonight we are being served venison stew. I think I’ll go vegitarian for a week after this.
    Sanne –

  4. Your outfit is amazing! The buttery jucket is definitely on my ‘need’ list. I’m not sure about the loakers though, I think I would probably wear a pair of Converse with it instead.

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