Periods, Stickers and Boys

The title is a reference to how Steve terms "Girl Talk" (which was incidentally a really naff pre-teen magazine that did also involve periods, stickers and boys).  The phrase might be mildly mysogynistic sounding if read in the wrong context but trust that he means it in pure jest.  Plus there was indeed a time when periods, stickers and boys occupied my thoughts in varying measure.  I'm sad to say that the trio has now been replaced by Ottolenghi recipes, cleaning and invoices – not even a TENTH as fun as sorting out my felties, gellies and shinies into their proper order in my sticker album (as the gals at Rookie can also attest ).

However with the arrival of what are my D-REAM shoes courtesy of Six by 6 Bloggers shoe project, which are now available to buy on Far Fetch, I felt a sticker attack needed to be purged here.  I have to say, I am well and truly sorry they have turned out to be the most expensive pair out of the lot.  The nature of the peculiar heel and platform, that I very selfishly wanted, meant a custom heel mould needed to be created, and admittedly, there is a whole lotta shoe going on here.  Still, like I said, if my one pair of feet alone will be decked out in lilac ponyskin (NOT made out of purple ponies by the by – it's shaved calf hair), neon yellow patent and tan leather platform, it might not be such a bad thing.

What with my limbs sore from all the Tweed Running and stuffing ourselves silly at Ducksoup and Spuntino, I didn't get too much time to play around with the shoes but with a night flash and seven packs of stickers from Paperchase (they have a lot of gellies but no felties…), I harked back to those "Periods, stickers and boys" days.  The shoes along with sticker albums, replays of T'Pau and Those2Girls and sandwiches with nutella, jam and peanut butter are all guilty pleasures to be indulged in every now and again.  That said, the shoes are fitting in with more things in my wardrobe than I previously expected so they could be stomping their way around the world more often than the wider public needs to see them.  


Tsumori Chisato cardigan, Tim Ryan knit dress, Christopher Kane x J Brand cycling shorts

Christopher Kane x J Brand denim jacket, vintage jumpsuit from Thrifted and Modern

Rochas shirt, Kaelen 'Winona' dress

KTZ scribble sweater, Versace for H&M heart fringe skirt

Ellery jacket, Giles dress, Issey Miyake pleats please skirt

33 Replies to “Periods, Stickers and Boys”

  1. nutella, jam and peanut butter all combined in ONE sandwich! how have i never heard of this delightful treat before?! think that this bad boy needs to be sampled!

  2. Hi Susie! Long time no read. Life has gotten in the way and I have been slacking on the blog front recently but I am back with a vengeance (I think).
    Girl Talk was my favourite magazine back in the day – I used to get relatives to bring piles of them back to HK with them when I was still living here so I could get my fix. Don’t diss! :)Oh em gee. I definitely used to spend hours sorting out my sticker books – felties from my shinies, gellies, holographies, glitteries…
    Those shoes say Susie all over – They are mega awesome. I love the colour combo!

  3. I still cannot get over those heels! Seeing you in the different outfits definitely makes them feel more versatile then when you first mentioned them on the blog, haha. They look great (:

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