Knitted Roly Poly

>> The weekend was thwarted with a series of ridiculous obstacles that made me conclude that I should have done nothing but roll around in a Club Monaco cashmere onesie at home whilst anticipating the return of Sarah Lund on The Killing and her knitwear antics.  Despite the Guardian's New Boring protestations about novelty knitwear and their tedious fashion boreward direction, that hasn't stopped the same publication from lauding jumpers and asking people to eschew coats.  I generally have been on the same 'boring' track especially when this self-imposed hibernation seems all the more appealing when accompanied by the outfit equivalent of a big cuddle.  

Fortunately I've amassed enough knitwear to kit out the body from head to toe, which means I can leave the house and still feel like I'm wearing the clothes of a jumper-watching hibernator.  Sub-zero temperatures have also yet to hit London and so with a foundation of one or two Uniqlo heat tech t-shirts, layering up on jumpers, sweaters, skirts, cardis and any other knitted item I can get my hands on without wearing a coat is still fairly plausible.  There's a dose of blatant vanity too.  Obviously it's never all that fun to hide away an outfit underneath a big hulking coat and even if this means I'm shedding away two or three layers once I get inside, say a hot and sweaty burger bar (MEATLIQUOR!!!) and leaving it in a messy heap next to me, at least I get to errr… show off some pretty jumpers that are absolutely NOT boring.  Cue headshakes of disagreement… 

Seeing as these are clothes that give hugs and cuddles, I suppose I should take the time to commend a few of them….

Chinti and Parker's star jumper had been seen on Alexa Chung YOU KNOW????  Don't care?  No, me neither.  However, what IS great about this jumper is that it comes with its own lovely dust bag bearing all the 'conscious cloth' branding of Chinti and Parker.  They currently use lovely lush Loro Piana yarn but await the arrival of organic cashmere to adhere to their stringtent ethical standards.  


I roamed around the newly expanded Opening Ceremony store in Soho New York for what felt like three hours and still ended up back on the ground floor at the Cacharel rail stroking what is the last collection from ex-Cacharel-creative-director Cedric Charlier.  Had to buy a piece of it to vent rage at what I think was a terrible decision from the powers that be.   


Whizz kid designer Mundi took me on a mind bending tour through his drawings in Reykjavik back in May and his red and blue oversized cardi has been through a simiarly bendy journey as I've been tying it up as skirts, around the waist, looping it through other sweaters and basically making it do whatever I want it to do.  Subservience.  That's what I want in my clothes.  


During Milan fashion week back in September, given that I only go to a few shows, it's the one fashion week where I can saunter through streets and shop at a leisurely pace.  I stumbled into Sportmax for the sheer reason that I'd never walk into Sportmax in any other city.  I was with Alex Fury of SHOWstudio and together we found a few things that were floating our boat but weren't hideously expensive either.  I came away with a snug polo neck jumper that zips up neatly at the back.  This is the ornate upgrade of Sarah Lund's beloved knitted Fair Isle creature no?


It's handy having fashion designers as cousins.  As Steve and I cheesily posed as a nauseating giggly couple for Elizabeth Lau's lookbook, we're now kitted out in Havin' A Bubble and Guvnor' jumpers, which we plan on wearing on our other hibernation nights where Masterchef Professional is keeping is company.  New Boring, we salute you!  


Chinti and Parker star jumper, Cacharel cut-out jumper, vintage crochet skirt and shorts underneath, Colenimo cardi around the waist, J.W. Anderson shoes


Cooperative Designs sweater, COS spotty knit dress underneath, Mundi blue and red cardigan worn to one side, Cooperative Designs white knit skirt underneath, Tommy Hilfiger x G.H. Bass loafers


Sportmax zip-up sweater, Susana Bettencourt skirt, Topshop lurex flares, Alexander Wang wedges


Issey Miyake raffia knit cardigan, Elizabeth Lau 'Havin a Bubble' jumper, Tim Ryan lurex knit underneath, vintage pink skirt, Anastasia Radevich shoes


COS cropped jumper, Topshop lurex cardigan, Something Else by Natalie Wood 'Eye' sweater, Miu Miu knitted flares, Jenne. O. silver shoes

31 Replies to “Knitted Roly Poly”

  1. Hello! I love your style! You are so amazing
    do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte?
    I’m sure you’ll love it..
    It’s in your style!

  2. Susie Bubble can do no wrong :). Honestly dear, the way you layer patterns is pure genius. Even though I detest the bottom of those black pants I applaud your definitive sense of style (while heartily eschewing that pant!).

  3. I don’t love this knit fashion, but I have to give it to you, you have quite a beautiful collection! I do find to whole oversized style so amazingly comfortable, and in all ways better than a big coat.

  4. Fantastic color palette! If only every single one of your outfits didn’t cost more than my monthly rent…*sigh*

  5. ooooohhhh… love the cropped jumper from cos… exactly what i am looking for… do they have them in the store now?

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