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>> I haven't physically gotten hold of the issue yet so don't ask me loaded questions such as "How do you feel about an issue of a magazine dedicated to China when every issue should feature Chinese women?" – the inevitable thingamajig of a question that comes up whenever any ethnicity that's not caucasian is given their shining time in fashion.  I can only judge by the quick 60 second video flick but 10 seem to have a genuinely insightful mix of content that highlights China's stratospheric and curious rise in the world, not just in the diversity in a model line-up but behind the scenes in amongst editors and designers, buyers, artists and well erm… fashion bloggers.   

I've got a whooping ten page spread in a mag which you can roughly get the gist of on the 10 blog.  As part of the feature, I got quizzed about my upbringing as a British Born Chinese and my various culture clashes whilst growing up, that I could harp on about here for hours and hours.  I would except it would bore most of you who AREN'T British Born Chinese peeps to tears because the *slaps hands* issues are so terribly specific.  I am ever grateful to 10 though that I've now done an interview that didn't ask the omnipresent "Where do you think social media is going?" question.  

Best of all, I got to go through Catwalking, call in a bunch of things and play dress-up for a day and at the end get credited as *cringe* Fashion Editor.  Double cringe.  Messing around with clothes in the way that I do ain't fashion editing to the degree that the styling greats do it but as it's a one-off opportunity, I'll take it and run.  

Thanks Skye Sherwin for the words, Frederike Helwig for taking me out of my comfort zone and the resulting images and Sophia Neophitou for the opportunity to touch/wear current season Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten all on one day.

10 is available to buy in single issues on Magma, none of that committing to subscription stuff.    




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  1. You look incredible Susie.
    I have a copy of V magazine ‘The Asian Issue’ (no71), Lady Gaga was the only caucasian artiste featured in it, the rest were all Asians. I guess it’s a good thing as Asians are more exposed to the West, not just the fashion scene but film, food, culture, art and even music. It’s a nice fitting tribute to us pale yellow ones.

  2. My grandfather was Chinese, but I never met him. I think Filipino Chinese is a nice mix. Magazines give a nice idea on what to decorate my work station with. Your photo looks pretty neat.

  3. Wooo, beautiful spread!! How inspiring. It’s so great to see such a prominent person (you) in the fashion/blogging world appear in the issue! I never knew ’10’ before this blog post and I love how it incorporates the many talented Asian fashion artists in the industry. What fun it must’ve been. You look stunning as always!

  4. Wow, that is incredible… The past and the future in harmony, strong and sharp, full of visual impact. Besides, i think black straight hair is such a gift for our Chinese, don’t you think?

  5. I misread it as “the girl in the Bible” at first, and didn’t recognise that was in fact you until I read other comments – “how come this model looks so much like you” I wondered. Hmmm the brain has gone to sleep and so should I!

  6. I’ve been reading your posts for a while but this is my first note. Congrats on a magazine feature! You really deserve it! And you look absolutely fierce in that photo! You go, girl!!!
    Good luck!

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