The interpreation of the painting by Paolo Roversi featuring Miharayasuhiro S/S 12

Ophelia The original Ophelia painting by Sir John Evertt Millais

Sir John Everett Millais's Ophelia is one of those paintings that pretty much every girl I knew at school cited as one of their favourite ones.  This was probably the result of a tight knit bunch of 93 in each year group in an all-girls school in Hampstead Garden Suburb, where wandering around woods, heaths and parks, getting pensive, introspective or drunk (or all three) was par for course.  I along with many daisy-chain making, vintage tea dress buying, Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version obvs…)-watching girls, had a postcard of the painting blue tacked to my teen bedroom wall of crap.

Therefore seeing an installation where Paolo Roversi recreated the famous painting, featuring an Ophelia floating in the river bank, wearing an embroidered kimono piece from Japanese label Miharayasuhiro's S/S 12 collection, was the icing on what was tip top evening of shows last night.  In conjunction with the agency WOW, the image has been animated and set up as an projection installation at the Carrousel du Louvre (it's being dismantled today alas…) whereby in one part of the film as you wave your arms in front of the 'painting', petals start to cascade all over Ophelia as though her spirit was fading away and going upwards towards the skies.  The Ophelia of the painting, for Yasuhiro apparently is an inspiring muse but this rather stunning installation has sad undertones.  Unsurprisingly a few of the Japanese designers in Paris seem to be contemplative of what happened in Japan earlier and incorporating that somehow in their work.  Yasuhiro is not exempt from that as he talked about the surprises of life and presented this collaboration as an optimistic piece to give food for thought in times of renewal in Japan.  I can't speak for the Japanese people present at the installation but I for one felt uplifted by it all despite the dreamgirl instrospections that the painting elicits.  



IMG_5866 copy


Here's a little trailer for the film that was on Dazed Digital

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  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    Absolutely breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing magic, Susie.

  2. margief says:

    this painting was one of my favouritrs too lol along with the pride and prejudice…and getting drunk! i think the modern version is every bit as beautiful

  3. amzing..! and really nice pic..

  4. Kate says:

    Totally gorgeous. Love it.

  5. Tiffany says:

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  6. WOWOWOWO!!! I’ve ALWAYS loved that picture of Ophelia and all of the poems around it! And that new painting of it is STUNNING…and you can’t stop staring at it like the original has…AND that video is SOOOO GOOD!!!! a bit scary and eerie and captivating!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. Izzi89 says:

    You should make more posts about art!! This is beautiful
    Follow my blog:

  8. Anieblu says:

    reminds me to a video from nick cave and kilie minoge…

  9. Jairo says:

    I loved this interpretation. The model is phantastic, her face is art. ^^
    Big hug

  10. rental mobil says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  11. Shan says:

    A beautiful work of art!
    Shan @ Orchira

  12. Shan says:

    A beautiful work of art!
    Shan @ Orchira

  13. Olive says:

    amazing pictures!artsy!

  14. Excellent lively art by Sir John Evertt Millais…loved it 🙂

  15. It’s beautiful.Thanks for posting.

  16. Pearl says:

    It’s surreal and slightly disconcerting.

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