I blame the stonkingly good meals that we get after our late-night finishes (whilst punctual, the shows start late in the day at here MBTF and the last one is normally at around 21.30) that have been putting me straight to sleep at night which has caused a bit of a lag-attack on posting.  I may possibly have had the third best meal of my life last night but I'm still gouging sleep out of my eyes so it's possible I may have to rethink that.

First though, Ne-Net-Maaaaaaadness!  Well, I say madness.  It seems to be normal procedure at Ne-Net to invite faithful customers to the show as standing guests and here they were all shuffled off into one room where I shamelessly snapped away just to illustrate the sort of brand loyalty that thus warrants each person their spot at the show.  I love the comraderie of being invited as style tribe to a show and that's another tick for MBTF show practise.  Note their embarrassed chuckles and their looks as though I was an alien, as I was introduced by my translator as a blogger from London.  It was a strange sight to see just because this level of faithfulness to one brand isn't exactly common in Europe where in general we're brand-sluts, picking and choosing from a plethora of high street brands and masking their provenance most of the time.  Here people wear Ne-Net so that you distinctly know what the brand is and given that Ne-Net has such a distinctive aesthetic that can only be described as Cutesey Japanified Prep-Prairie, it made for a host of visual deets to snap.  You'd sometimes spot the same item five times over which proves Ne-Net's popularity that resonates with a certain Japanese style aesthetic for both guys and gals.  I'll probably never personally outgrow a sweatshirt with an animal face or a cute motif or two though I can't say I'll ever be as committed as this bunch here…


IMG_8549 IMG_8552






IMG_8559 IMG_8560




Everyone gets a cookie upon entrance too… sustenance of any sort goes a long way in my book….  David Roberts here with Danny of Igor and Andre models it well…


The S/S 12 show itself was exactly the summation of the mish mashed phrase of prep-prairie style.  Perhaps in this instance, it was more prep than prairie.  Outdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing with vaguely posh and British roots seemed to be the points of reference.  Anything animalistic was immediately softened up with plush softtoy dogs being dragged along the runway, fake falcons on the arms and appliqued sweatshirts with puppy eyes staring back at you.  There will always be a part inside me that can't quite let go of the type of clothes that I hankered after as a starry eyed teen in Hong Kong when exposed to clothes of the Ne-Net/Mercibeaucoup/Tsumori Chisato sort (incidentally, they're all part of the same A-Net group).  Knitted varsity jackets and cotton school boy blazers with matching waistcoats on Harry Potter types ups the prep in a way that is slightly cartoonish.  Breton stripes, oversized dungarees and paisley bandanas knotted into scarfs complete a host of old-world British-inspired clothes that will keep the peeps in the pics above a happy crowd indeed.  It's interesting that in the hands of the Japanese, references as archaic as hunting, fishing and school uniforms become such fun fodder and I put that down to an imagination that Ne-Net has for creating what essentially is a collection of engaging characters that customers presumably buy into.  I did briefly think about whether if Ne-Net expanded to Europe, would they have the same sort of traction with people.  I'm not entirely sure, but the mere thought of it is pretty amusing…

















10 Replies to “Ne-Net-ed”

  1. Hey Susie!
    We know that you have millions of followers and you probably get comments like this all the time but… we just wanted to tell you that we read your blog almost everyday and we think you are great! keep up the awesome inspiration and have a lovely weekend!
    Love Amber and Hilary xx

  2. This is EXACTLY why I always have a fond spot for Japanese designs and designers. They completely exchew from the mainstream and are unabashingly themselves! ^_^ I adore the mish mash of prints and textures here, the faux-pup is almost too cute for words. Gimicky but a gimick that works deliciously well =)

  3. Ahhh pretty stuffs! this makes me eager to see Japan very soon.
    They know how to dress up. Layering is their specialty even language will be a big problem for comunication. Oh adore Japanese’s stye!!!

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