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>> It wasn't supposed to go viral but Topshop could hardly have expected to contain THIS stunner of a collaboration with Mary Katrantzou at their press day and sure enough it was all over Twitter today.  Everyone's seen the one pic floating about so I thought I'd add my own slightly clearer images here just to congratulate Topshop and Mary Katrantzou for going the whole nine yards and putting out a collaboration that is about as close to her mainline as one could possibly get.  In short, this is really the peak of high-low collaborations when both parties can push it as far as they possibly can.  This dress will cost ¬£350 and considering Katrantzou's demi-couture five figure prices for her more embellished pieces, I consider that sum paltry indeed.  For those that need a bit more umming and aaahing time, the collection, which will consist of fourteen pieces, won't be dropping until February next year so the saving can hopefully start now…




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  1. I love the designs of Mary Katrantzou, so this collaboration is great for anyone who’s obsessed with her designs. Also, the digital prints are her signature style, while the fabric, which I assume is cotton, makes it much more easy to wear. The collection is probably going to be pricey, like you said, but much better than the usual prices… Need to start saving up now…

  2. It’s absolutely incredible! So happy to see the clearer pictures. I was definitely drooling over the shots I saw on Twitter yesterday. A little gutted I couldn’t have been there yesterday to see it in person! Can’t wait to see more of the collection and definitely agree about the price… I’d LOVE to own a bit of Mary Katrantzou and a Topshop version is way more in my price range. xx

  3. With regards to pricing everyone, I forgot to emphasise that the quality is unreal, the fabrication, the saturation of the print, the construction…. ¬£350 is a steal as Mary K could also hike up the price to make a larger profit and pass it off as mainline if she so wished…it’s actually incredibly generous of her to give up such an iconic design to the collaboration with Topshop. Therefore, be open-minded with the pricing. It ain’t cheap but why should it be?

  4. I’m loving mary’s prints, their so fresh and eclectic. I am a big fan of prints right now and Hale Bob have some great prints in their collection for Paulie.

  5. I love soo much Mary Katrantzou ‘s collection !!! I am totally fan of you and your blog, for me you are the best one!!! So pro!!!! I started to follow you on 2008!!! Thanks ! I learn so much!

  6. Oh wow. I cannot wait for this. Mary Katrantzou is one of my favourite designer so this is amazing. That dress looks amazing!! Yep, its time to save now.

  7. I’m OBSESSED. Thanks for putting these clearer photos up. I’ve already started putting $$ in a separate bank account so by the time it hits the states, I can have one. I’ve been DYING to own one of her pieces, but on my budget I could never afford them… thank goodness for this collab!

  8. I find this dress absolutely wonderful , the interbreeding of the materials is done with a concern of a purity and the modernity of the silhouette. The proportions of this dress are also really georgous!

  9. I would love to wear one of Mary’s designs and I’m very happy that her Topshop collaboration pieces aren’t cheaply made or a far stretch from her actual line. It’s definitely quite pricey, but looks like I need to start saving up! Thanks for posting about this, Susie 🙂

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