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>> It's all about bloody me, me, me these days.  What I'm wearing, what I'm stuffing down my gob, what shoes I've been touting.  You'll be glad to know that the shows are over so I can no get back to reality and get to the work of analysing all of these collections of post feminst embraces of sweetness and overt femininity that I've seen in the past month or so.  It'll be a hard slog because of a season that's been so rich with statement of intent.  I relish the hours of going through pics and slamming out text though. 

In the meantime, you'll just have to be left with me, bloody me.  Bluefly came into my hotel room in New York and probed into the way I packed and I'm actually quite happy with the edit.  Cute, friendly and unaggressive – exactly the opposite of how I'm feeling right now as I haul my broken body back to London.  

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  1. why on earth would you be visiting a fashion blog, or is it only to attack the bloggers themselves? i’m assuming that you don’t know susie (i could be wrong) but if so you have no idea about her interests outside fashion. we all own clothes, we all spend money and all you’re doing is trying to make someone feel guilty for that.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re really really good on camera. I know you’re somewhat shy, but still. You’re fun to watch and engaging! Good job.

  3. You truly are inspirational. I love this video (and I don’t often watch videos at work, but eh, no one’s here so . . . ). I love your style and I feel the same way about shoes–if they are cute enough, I will Cinderella stepsister my feet right in those bad boys! Hope you get time to relax soon!

  4. Ahh this is so lovely. You are gorgeous and I get what you mean about your blog. I continuously feed my blog like a baby but sometimes you need a break and for someone to babysit which is why its nice to collaborate with other bloggers πŸ™‚

  5. I think I just fell in love with you… you’re like the most genuinely adorable (sorry if u don’t like being called that) creature (sorry again!) EVER! When you were explaining the stuff you’re showing, i felt like i was watching a fairytale cartoon! πŸ™‚ What an amazing bubble you live in Susie!
    One question though… how do you fit yourself in anything above sz 39 shoes…. if 37 seems to be your real shoe size?! πŸ˜› That just got me inspired now.. sales will never be the same again! xxx

  6. i love your voice, i know it sounds creepy, but i think your image is a contrast to it. what with all your fun and colourful outfits, you don’t seem like a person with a voice in the lower register.
    anyhoo, thanks for the fun video!

  7. This might come across as creepy but I absolutely love the sound of your voice! I love how neat and glossy it is. May the blog continue to grow and prosper. Proud to have seen it from it’s birth circa 2006.

  8. Oh I loved watching the video… you are so lovely…
    So true ..your blog is your baby and you have to feed it every day…I dont do that every day …especially now with my new job in the crazy world of fashion…but I think it can work as long as it knows when and how much it will eat..
    Kisses from Greece

  9. Teresa, get a reality check, darling: you posting ridiculous posts, full of envy, probably because you had a day where youve realized you cant buy the clothes you want, wont help the world getting out of the financial crisis.

  10. This video just made my day. I’m in love with your love for print and color. Every post from you inspires me, possibly too much sometimes. Being able to see you in this bluefly closet confession will probably leave me with at LEAST a few days of envy and inspiration.

  11. oh i love this … Your accent/voice is so different to what I had in my head reading your blog posts for all those years – in a good way though πŸ˜‰ You seem like a really lovely, genuine person.
    Over the years, your blog has inspired me to add so much colour, pattern and texture into my otherwise black wardrobe. A big high-five for you Susie!

  12. I am so happy after watching this light and bubbly video. I love your style and what I have seen of your shoe collection. I have not been following your blog for long but know I will never stop xx

  13. Don’t be stupid, practically everyone knows about the world’s financial status, and as Susie said in her latest post, she does as well. It’s a ‘fashion blog’, where she writes about *fashion*.
    Darling, you should get a reality check as well. <3

  14. Oh my goodness I loved this video. I’ve said some snarkier and less-thought-through things before, but I have always loved your blog and seeing what you’re wearing. This video makes you seem far more familiar to me though. Your outfits are quite unusual and I rarely see such daring people in my day-to-day life, but listening to you talk about what you packed makes me feel like I’m chatting with a friend. Thank you for putting your blog and yourself out there for all of us to share in!

  15. So nice to get a glimpse into your fashion-week luggage and all those lovely pieces (I die for the ‘Love’ necklace).
    You’re an inspiration, Susie – thanks for reminding us all to be a little brave, to not conform to what others think we should wear, and to be comfortable in our own skin.
    Been reading for years and I always come back for inspiration.

  16. to be honest this is the first time I hear your voice and seeing the video of you instead of just picts, and you are cute and humble at the same time πŸ™‚ admire your confident and eclectic style although I wouldn’t dare to shake it like you do. you seem nice and surely inspirational. Cheers!

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