>>I'm fully aware that the H&M x Versace video below where Donatella Versace mentions myself and Bryanboy is fully scripted and that she was probably wondering "Who is this Susie Bubble person that I have to namedrop?"  Still, to hear Donatella even utter the words "Susie Bubble" is worthy of the replay button.  I may even take that one bit on repeat and turn it into a novelty single.  Free MP3 download here fo' sho….

The latest H&M collaboration with Versace  is gaining momentum now with the full lookbook released, ogled, dissected and we're now playing the waiting game.  I'm finding myself drawn to the highest number of pieces thus far in ANY H&M collaboration – who'd have thunk it?  It could well be the few pieces of vintage Versace and Versus in my closet that have spurred on this strange desire…afterall, even the campaign emphasises it's The Very Best of Versace which will save me from hunting down House of Liza, Strut and other vintage haunts for real deal vintage Versace. 

Regardless of whether you dig heart prints and fringing, tropicana bombers or studded leather, everyone can get in on the promotional game as today and tomorrow (25th and 26th October), Donatella Versace will be answering questions via Twitter using the hashtag #askdonatella

I'm pre-posting this in advance of my flight back from Tokyo to London but when I return, the following need answers…

– What heel height is acceptable when working out in the gym – 3 or 5 inches?  Make-up or no make-up?

– Does your loungewear at home involve pastel pink and blue marabou?  I hope so…

– How high should the perfect thigh-high split go?

– Will you ever resurrect your wispy fringe a la 1993?

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  1. BLACKDETAIL says:

    Envy you Susi!!!!! Are a star!
    Please, visit my new blog. I’m a SHOE DESIGNER from Menorca, I was working 2 years in ZARA.
    Give me your opinion!

  2. Andy says:

    he is the oldest woman who married at this time

  3. Chantal says:

    ahaha looks like she said: fluffy bubble!
    you blog is so inspiring, it´s different from all the others, and that´s why I like it^^
    nah, here¬¥s my crappy blog if you want to visit…. http://liveinabstraction.blogspot.com/
    see yaaa!

  4. Christal says:

    I agree with you: The H&M x Versace collection looks great!
    I love that it has such different pieces and styles in it.
    And how great that you were mentioned! You’ve built up a real career here 🙂

  5. Kate says:

    Oh Susie! How exciting! 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    I love your questions for Donatella. She’s looking a bit on the spooky side in that clip.

  7. Joy says:

    Haha LOL great post. She really doesn’t need to dress up for Halloween!

  8. Kit says:

    Haha very scripted, but still you’re so cool!

  9. I love the Versace for H&M line, all glitz and gold!

  10. Caroline says:

    Very interesting hearing Donatella’s voice, she sounds like the Italian fashion layd she is. And those questions indeed needs to be answered.

  11. Heart prints? Fringing? I’m there, dude.

  12. I personally do not think that Donatella is saying something that has been scripted. I believe that she does react to what Bloggers say. The blogging world is so important to designers.

  13. I want to meet you someday Susie… I created my vision blog because of you and bryanboy… <3

  14. Mobus says:

    eeeeeehh 🙂 !!
    Maybe yes, maybe no but now she knows you too !!!! Great !!!!
    I’ll go to shops to check the new collaboration !!!!

  15. Tauromaja says:

    I love that Donatella said that! How fabulous is that?
    What heel height should you wear…to the gym?! I’m a traditionalist on that one. I couldn’t imagine doing leg presses with a pair of Paciottis on.
    Make up or no? Light make up that won’t run, I say. No powder. And actually, I would use MAC’s Chromographic Pencil. That color stays on (get Process Magenta…fab!) and true and I’ve done a couple of sweaty runs and swims with that on….

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