Under the Colouful Sea

>> LOOOOOOONNNNDDDOOOOON…. I'm crying out for you.  A week in New York and two days in Paris have collectively felt like a lifetime and London Fashion Week now comes a-calling tomorrow and I am genuinely brimming with excitement.  People ask me who's a must-see and I, with great bias say "Err… EVERYONE?!".  I love that Suzy Menkes said "It's not fair on London…" with regards to Marc Jacobs' show being tonight.  I also love that having spoken to people out in New York, there's a few LFW newbies coming over from American mags.  Yes, the more the better please…

I'm also somewhat getting involved myself by semi-hosting Fred Butler's S/S 12 presentation this Sunday, where Patrick Wolf will be creating an original four-part sound installation to go hand in hand with the riot of colour and texture that will undoubtedly play out.  I got a sneak peek of it all a few weeks ago and a mix of Fred's own archive pieces, luminous sea slugs and a random spiralled scrunchy thing have inspired her collection that will comprise both spectacular showpieces as well as a truly sellable line.  Vivacious colour is a given as it is splattered onto swirls that have been painstakingly constructed out of fabric, something that is new for Fred.  Another new material includes a soaked bamboo cane that will be used to make visors when combined with loops of colourful thread.  Then there are the shoes, made in collaboration with Rosy Nicholas...

On their own here, it might be a little difficult to see how it all makes sense.  Perhaps it's ok for it not to though.  In any case, the vision will be thoroughly completed on Saturday I'll be back laden with another colourful batch of photos that don't need any zinging-up in Photoshop. 
















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  1. It’s been a long time now that I’ve been following your blog, but havent post any comments which is probably stupid of me. I really am fascinated by your sens of Fashion. And a “simple post” like this one can outline many aspect that you don’t see at first sight. And it’s amazing how the “rule”: don’t mix more than 3 colors for your outfit, doesnt apply to you. Anyways, I’m not sure you will read this comment but hope you do. You have an wonderful style and it’s also crazy how you mix the different cut of the clothing.
    You have been for me a great source of inspiration as a blogger because you are one of them who stands out the most in her style/perception. As I’m blogging but in a totally different way, it’s interesting to see this aspect.
    Wish you all the best for your future career,

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