LOVE LFW: Raging at Raeburn

I hearted New York but I'm afraid to say that I heart London more.  How else can I explain that after 48 hours of hopping from New York to Paris and then on the Eurostar back to London with a total of four hours sleep and questionable meals, I ended Friday night, the first day of LFW 1 with a broad smile on my face without a flicker of fatigue?  I had Christopher Raeburn's S/S 12 presentation at the Museum of London to thank for the most part.  



My afternoon spent immersing into Raeburn's world a few weeks ago, meant that coming to his presentations, you have a different perspective on his outerwear and now range of tees.  It's not JUST a kagoul or a windcheater.  It's not JUST a jersey t-shirt.  Whilst, I'm not often one to be slayed by conceptual thought process for the sake of gravitas, everything Raeburn does just makes good old-fashioned sense.  No jingle jangle faff.  Just good design imbued with functionality and consideration for the sourcing of materials as well an interesting tale to tell that goes beyond the line of 'Let's get this garment to be produced for as cheap as possible'.  Wowzer, fancy that!  Therefore it made complete sense therefore that at his presentation, which started off with a confrontation with some mighty neon blow-up squirrels (none for us to take home this time but I gave one a hug anyhow), then descended into a whole floor of the Museum of London, where it opened with a short film that zoomed into his nylon jackets.  We then walked into another area where rainbow stripes of his fabric cover the walls and floors where his models then trooped out to reveal the jackets and coats which we'll be wearing not for flighty trend-latching fancy but to actually keep the natural elements out.  Although, in colour blocked formation, Raeburn does indulge in some aesthetic fancy.







Then we come through to the next bit of cavernous space and there's interactive carnage.  Well, carnage because I basically attacked Raeburn's jackets with a voraciousness that made other people back off from the tent rails set up with Raeburn's S/S 12 set up and hooked up with lights, sounds and ultimately, an interaction that connects wearer and garment in a childhood museum experience.  Give me a sensor that emits light and sound at the same time and I get jolly happy.  Blame the Dance Dance Revolution addiction that I had in my misguided youth.  If all the jackets were being pounced on at once, a richly discordant sound was the result.  No doubt this funny sort of harmony will leave an impression on peeps, when married up with Raeburn's clothes, his thought process – the whole package really.



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  1. Hi Jana,
    I created the installation and have been doing music for Chris’ shows and videos for the past year. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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