Maarten and Me

>> I lost count how many times I had to spell or write down the name Maarten Van Der Horst yesterday but suffice to say, everyone copped a feel of this Maarten Van Der Horst shirt covered with black nylone petticoat frills on the back.  Bill Cunningham thought it might be Comme but didn't recognise the print (yes, he does in fact remember every collection…).   

Why have I had the pleasure of wearing this magnificent piece from Van Der Horst's much-editorialised MA collection?  There's been smatterings of info on Twitter but as part of Peroni Collaborazioni project, I will be working with Maarten on a piece that embodies Italian style.  Neither of us are of course Italian but we're seeking out values and nuances of that loaded term to hopefully come up with a piece that Van Der Horst will create, with myself documenting the process along the way.  Disneyrollergirl and Fashion Foie Gras will also be working with their respective designers (Shaun Samson and Jessica de Lotz) as part of the project. 

Be still my Hawaiian print-covered heart because wearing one of Van Der Horst's pieces only affirms my choice of designer to collaborate with on this project.  The comments from people who yelped "What is THAT on your back?" don't lie.  I felt a bit like a Fashion East mouthpiece because I bigged up his pending show at Fashion East next week at LFW at every opportunity I could.  Still, I don't need to make too much of a verbal shout.  The clothes do that all by themselves…

P.S. I have to thank the lovely Jenny Kang of Stylist (another redesign hit no?) for taking these pics.  We attempted a Teen Vogue-type jump but early dusk made for blurry mess.  You get the idea of the level of joy wearing this gave me though…



(Worn with vintage dress, Nicholas Kirkwood heels)

**EDIT** Tumblr seems to be a good source for pics of me that I didn't know existed… here's another bit of Maarten lovin', taken by Melodie Jeng of NYC Streets.


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  1. Oh Hawaiian prints so brilliantly tropical ( I wanted to say bad but then why would everyone,including myself, like it so much )
    When will is collab be released?
    Oh and your Nicholas Kirkwood shoes seem to be breaking =( I hope they are repairable

  2. hi guys,,,
    i don’t know why people wear garments which do not even match as in i don’t think the top and the skirt beneath match at all…..though the model looks cute….just need better combination…

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