There are two things that I'm getting smack bang into and I'm determined to combine the two despite the fact that they might be at odds with each other.  One is my trainers.  The other is my renewed desire to find top notch vintage pieces – as in ones that make you go "Wow!  That's vintage?  You're such a liar…".  This dress from Merchant Archive with its acid pink and lime green stripes is one such specimen.  The colours are so neon-brite that you'd think that they might not have existed decades ago because our view of anything pre 1970 is sepia-tinged, black and white or rose-tinted.  I still regard Sophie's selection at Merchant Archive as one of the best in the city and a trip up to Kensal Rise a month ago for a shoot earnt me some stripes.  Mega stripes in fact.  Oh, and another 1930s tea dress that reminded a friend of House of Elliot (yay for repeats on ITV2) which makes me love it more.    



(From top to bottom: Tommy Ton for, Motilo, Nam for

The footwear was a solution to a Milano problem of running about for taxis and taking the metro but conveniently slots into what I think will be a trainer redux for S/S 12.  Nike will be laughing their heads off.  Or they already are because they don't need fashionistas' pocket change.  Oh well, either way, they win and I'm making more regular trips into Niketown to ask misguided questions revealing my total lack of knowledge of trainer model/styles – "Where do I go for low tops that are like, neon green and err… aren't too chunky?" 



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  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    Soooooooooooo lovely. Cute as a button

  2. allegra says:

    amaaazing! frankly, I would never ever wear that! but it works out super duper great for you, so yay for having that guts to dress like that!!

  3. MstrdavidPOP says:

    LOL i love the incorporation of the Nike’s into the outfit! the vibrant colours really speak in this photograph – so cool

  4. Neda says:

    I adore your trainers! And even more, the way you interpreted the fastly emerging trend of-er- sneakers?! However, as much as i do frankly hate niketown and all other trainer/tracksuit overloaded store, I’ve always held a somewhat soft spot for these type; simple, bright and “not to chunky”- perfect…for trainers.

  5. ediot says:

    such a nice and fun outfit. i love bright colors

  6. Terri says:

    Oh I love the cut of the dress. And, good for you for sportin’ the trainers.

  7. your dress is amazing, very much modern and relevant… Oh, and your trainers are perfect, nike should have named it the fashionista series.

  8. KIRA LILLY says:

    such a perfect outfit!
    the dress paired with the trainers is such a lovely surprise

  9. Joy says:

    I never knew I would love pink and green so much!

  10. Anieblu says:

    Love that tablet cap as abag, i use to do that too, and I just Do It, love nikes with everithing are confortables and stilysh, whta more can we ask??!!! :-))

  11. awww I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours! You really stand out 😀

  12. Melissa says:

    I love that there is so much fun in your outfits, I don’t think I would be brave enought to put together outfits like you do

  13. andi says:

    Almost every person in that last photo has their eyes on you! That dress is amazing!

  14. Sophia says:

    I love this ensemble sooo much! I did think you might be lying regarding that dress being vintage ;p. Such an awesome outfit!!! <3

  15. This is the Chinese dress? Never have I seen such a beautiful but very fashionable Chinese dress, the very attractive.

  16. Camille says:

    Funny ! i like, you are amazing miss Susie !!!

  17. Ooh I love House of Elliot too! Keep meaning to buy the boxset for it.
    xox Mrs. Ch√¢telaine in Paris

  18. Mercedes says:

    I noticed that too! 🙂 Great style!

  19. Teresa says:

    I’m becoming more and more skeptical about you actually…I used to enjoy your blog, but it has increasingly become a platform for you to show us what you have in your wardrobe and what you’ve just bought. thank you for reminding us we have shit jobs or that we have lost the good job we had.

  20. Heather says:

    Great look – digging the trainers and bold colour combos!

  21. Cassandra says:

    You’re the bravest! Amazing!

  22. This look is gorgeous! I’ve noticed a lot of this season is very athletic and sporty. 🙂

  23. sofia says:

    LOVELY!! I’m so inspired by and you rocked Monki television, haha.

  24. Everytime I’m in London I want to buy Nike’s and then I forget when I get home. The craving is back…

  25. helena says:

    I loved your look!!! This mix of colors is very cool!;-)

  26. NEON SPARKS BABE!! Love it, and the Nikes are soooo good
    XO Charlotte

  27. imiloa says:

    really like the shoes! i think they make your outfit even more special. xx

  28. says:

    susie………i really can’t resist my self to post a comment on each page of ur wrk

  29. Will says:

    Love your outfit!
    I’d love to wear those colors in that eclectic way! ;D

  30. sonny says:

    i saw u wearing this on ftv.. long ago 🙂

  31. Jillian says:

    Love the whole neon look! Pink and green is my fav! Love it!
    ~ Jillian

  32. says:

    Where to buy these Nike in neon yellow?

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