I've had my names in a few windows this year and unfortunately it never fails to make me SQUEAL.  I will always be one of those saddacts that is eternally surprised that someone took the time to etch/print my name out for a window.  My mother feels the same way.  I show her a clipping every now and again and she'll ask "WHY is it that you're in this paper/magazine again?"  Then again, she is the sort that uses this blog to check whether I'm still alive.

This one's a bit of a corker though.  I have taken over Topshop's EDITED space at Oxford Circus (and Manchester's Arndale Centre) for a fortnight from today, taking over from Dazed's Katie Shillingford…

I didn't know that it involved this though… 


If you see me walking past this bit multiple times this weekend, it's because I want to little herky in front of it.  I'm not entirely sure what a herky is but it sounds suitably energetic… 


Longtime readers will know that Topshop and I go way back…  back to Brent Cross Shopping Centre in fact when I used to revel in 2 for ¬£10 rainbow strappy tops and count out my Chinese New Year money on the counters.  Since those young un' years, it's been nothing but an upward surge of Topshop presence in my wardrobe.  I don't even want to calculate the amount I've spanked there.  It's enough that when I raided the store to do my edit, instead of thinking of "Hmmm… how do I style these looks in a creative way?", I was REALLY thinking "Crap… what do I have to get rid of in my wardrobe to make way for this stuff?" 

Allowing guests to take over the Edited space is just another way that Topshop is affirming their bricks and mortar position.  Their Secret Store curated by Meadham Kirchhoff was one novel idea that I hope they expand on in the future and this Edited project is likely to carry on rolling forward with Lulu Kennedy up next after myself.

When I came in a few days ago to choose my 40-60 pieces, it made for a rather dispirate looking rail that to me felt scarily higglety pigglety.  You'll probably be scratching your heads if you're looking at the Edited section online and thinking "Why did she choose that?"  I can assure you though that once I started putting things into outfits though, it makes a lot more sense and for me, it was more important to convey the 'mix n' match' element of Topshop – the ornate, the plain, the printed, the basics, the functional, the not-so functional – all into the space, rather than construct a seasonal theme.  Topshop do such a good job of presenting cohesive visions of their trends that I personally wanted to mix it all up and pick out my personal key pieces along with the building blocks of an outfit, in a similar way to how I actually shop at Topshop.  Hopefully those of you looking at the Topshop website will look at this in tandem and not think that I've just bunged a load of randomness together into a pot… 



As you can see, the outfits on the mannequins are also pretty dissimilar but the good sign was that a few people commented that they were very 'Susie' in feel, whatever that means.  I could have gone absolutely bonkers with layering, accessories and crazy wigs but that doesn't really reflect how I look at Topshop.  It's a cornerstone in my wardrobe for reasons that they can run the gamut from basics to statement pieces and that the result should be that whoever is wearing the piece is putting their own spin on it rather than wearing a crazed, conceptual get-up… bar that Topshop x Matthew Harding top that I still think is the most daring thing Topshop has ever produced… 


IMG_7309 IMG_7310

The VM team did a superb job of grouping everything up from that initial rail of messiness…  






I had to do one slightly deranged nod with these pom pom headbands doubled up to make a nod to Topshop Unique's A/W 11-12 dalmation-filled collection // The knitted lurex cardigan and flared trouser suit was probably one of my favourite outfits just because it is ridiculous matchy matchy and because it has fuelled my love of all things lurex… 

IMG_7332 IMG_7331

Ditto for these metallic blue trousers (they're coming soon in pink!) that I was tempted to buy just to change into, to match my doubled up Peter Jensen lurex knits… 


This rail has been permeated by a lot of navy and burgandy, a combo that can't seem to leave my brain… 


I may take one sad step into SADDACT HELL and come into the Edited space, bring a flask of tea and a tupperware box of sarnies and sit here and read the books and magazines which I selected for the space… 



…as well as listening to the list of songs (full list of books and tracks here) which I gave to them to soundtrack the space.  Definitely a new level of sadness here… 

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  1. What a cool project! Looks really inspiring Susie!
    XO Charlotte

  2. Kit says:

    Excellent selection you have there, I’m lusting those mustard wool coat and electric blue jacquard trousers…SQUEAL!!!!!
    Lovely to see you this morning…it’s been ages!

  3. This is fantastic, and the selection is completely “you”!! I really want that mustard coat. This makes me so excited, you have no idea!

  4. joyce says:

    I’ve seen it today and absolute loved it! Well done!

  5. Nemo says:

    wow that is so cool! I remember reading your blog maybe a year, two years a go – I can’t remember how long a go it was! and I loved all your TopShop posts but this has got to top them all off! brilliant!

  6. Joy says:

    This is so fantastic. I’ll probably never get to see it but I’m so glad I saw it online via your awesome fashion blog.

  7. The Intern says:

    Amazing. I would LOVE to edit Topshop’s wardrobe, but alas, I know absolutely NOTHING about fashion haha. I was in Oxford Street a few hours ago, I should have stood outside Topshop just so i could say hello. And it really isn’t sad to get excited seeing your name printed, I would scream the whole of London down if i saw my name printed somewhere…preferably not on a wanted list of course, that would be bad.

  8. Susie, you are a star! But I cannot believe that I’m going to miss this opportunity…I was in London last w-e and of course I went to Topshop. Every time I go there is so difficult to understand what I want/like and I would had really appreciated your help…I’m heading right now to the Edited section online for inspiration…

  9. It’s so cool! The first Susie post I remember reading was the Christopher Kane for Topshop neon-trimmed collection back when you used to hold the camera in front of your face in the mirror. ahhhhh so lonnnggg ago! (RIP Borders, Boombox, Little Miss UPS)

  10. what a cool idea, lucky you 🙂

  11. Carol says:

    i’ll be heading down there on monday (when it’s empty) so i can see it alive and kicking. congrats to you – you have always inspired me and to see you become this amazingly successful person makes me really happy for you! i hope one day i get the nerves to actually speak to you (we’ve bumped a couple of times in trade shows), but until then, here is my wishing of more and more to come. 🙂

  12. susie_bubble says:

    Wow… a Style Bubble memory lane there….
    Things have changed but the key thing is NEVER FORGET….!

  13. susie_bubble says:

    Do say hi next time!!! i dont’ bite… !

  14. I read about this in Time Out! Congratulations Susie, it all looks amazing x

  15. Oh, I love it. The Edited collection is such a brilliant idea… it’s such fun to see what other people would pick out. Really love those blue metallic trousers and the matchy-matchy lurex (that’s something I never expected to say). What an honor to get to take part in this! Congratulations! Wish I could have been there to see it unveiled. xx

  16. Sara says:

    Susie that looks great! That’s a hard thing to do and you did an awesome job of mixing your style with the brand.

  17. Wow that’s so exiting! I would maybe faint if I were you. So cool to have that printed on the window.

  18. Wow, that is great to have a window after you! They all look great, and love the mustard and teal color blocked mannequin!

  19. Sary Rojas says:

    Definetly I feel like Susi help me to wear a style with her touch!
    Sary Rojas 😀

  20. Tasty Tuxedo collar mustard coat. I see more Class Act than Sad Act Susie!

  21. INTIZ says:

    that’s awesome Susie 🙂

  22. Hilde says:

    That’s pretty incerdible! 🙂
    Love your choices, your touch makes the clothes look that more interesting.

  23. cheap uggs says:

    stylish and very fashionable ,i’m loving it.

  24. Shini says:

    Squealed myself when I went back during my lunchbreak (also a break from sobbing in the corner of carnaby street realising all the streetstyleworthy people are either home or dead) would you laugh if I bought the outfits AS IS and wore it?
    Best bit was how you put together the green polkadotties with green/pink leopard dress and of course the yellow socks in yellow slippers magic…

  25. susie_bubble says:

    You go for it… I was shopping in my OWN Edited area yesterday – SAAAAAAAD to say the least…
    Why were you taking streetstyle pics???

  26. susie_bubble says:

    It has been an aaaaage – thanks so much for coming!

  27. revivalvintage says:

    next…to see your name in lights

  28. carol p says:

    ‘A Lack of Color’ is one of my favourite Death Cab songs yayyy! x

  29. Danni says:

    Love the look of this, and it definitely does have that ‘Susie’ feel! I used to revel in Topshop, I’d visit it at every opportunity and, like you, save up my minuscule amount of pocket or gifted money and buy something special [which at that time was a pretty plain navy cardigan. Something my dad would call ‘trendy’. Oh lord]. Now I always seem to skip it for fear of spending all of my wages, but I think I’mma have to brave it soon. It all looks far too good to miss x

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