Still playing catch up with all of my Stockholm Fashion Week things.  Their S/S 12 presentations come well timed as I'm trying to make the most out of the last fleeting days of summer and it just so happens that a lot of the designers have been exploring ideas of travelling to far-flung places and being wandering nomads in their collections.  It seems a bit obvious to go "Ah spring/summer!  Let's go on a holiday!".  I noted this last time I covered the S/S 11 collections in Stockholm.  However it's a little more than just taking a fortnight off in the sun.  Designers in Stockholm have been REALLY trying to get away. 

Hope couldn't even specify where they had gone.  It's an amalgamation of places where Yves Klein Blue and shades of indigo look really good judging from their latest S/S 12 collection.  It's actually the 'loosest' I've seen Hope been where they have really relaxed their aesthetic to allow more playful elements into the fold.  Rag rug knitting, hand dyed fabrics, Mexican Bajaa hoodies, Hamman towels and a play of texture with mixed linen fabrics that feel quite bohemian all contribute to a traveller's wardrobe that still feels very rooted in Hope's mode of relaxed tailoring.   Whilst they done a bit of scouring around the world for textures and details that work within the collection, the flood of Yves Klein Blue is actually a reference to the freedom and serenity of the Nordic light.  I loved how the blues infiltrated the collection in different ways, fading in and out of that very saturated and specific shade of blue. 

Other designers at Stockholm Fashion Week have noted very specific locales for their inspiration journey, which I'll be posting up when my little Bon video probings are also live but for Hope, a label that constantly loops back to Scandi surroundings, this was a playful departure that meant they could travel the world without ever straying too far away. 

Yves Klein : "Anthropometry"

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  1. Claudia says:

    Great coverage! Love the shoes at the end ๐Ÿ™‚
    x claudia

  2. loubehr says:

    Amazing … This electric blue is something !

  3. I love the knitted skirt
    โ€šรดโ€ข Charlotte

  4. Olive says:

    I love the skirt that look made from a thousand of unused fabrics ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Louise Mills says:

    I LOVE the rag woven skirt!!
    (pretty certain it’s woven, not knitted, I’m a weaver:)!

  6. sorita says:

    A modern fashion. For modern man it is truly obsolete.

  7. Katie M says:

    What a beautiful and modern collection. Very refreshing!

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