The first thing that hits you first when you walk into John Rocha's Dover Street store at the moment is not John Rocha's own wares but his daughter's.  Simone Rocha's A/W 11-12 collection is out in force at the store and as the only UK stockist, it's a fine place to go and ogle at her pieces.  Call it nepotism if you must but I don't believe a designer should feel apologetic about using whatever connections and resources if they have them at their disposal if they have the talent to back it up and Papa Rocha definitely did right by Simone in proudly selling her collection.

This isn't a simple case of Like Father, Like Daughter though.  If anything, my guesses are that Simone often meets unnecessary suspicions of "Oh she's on successful because her father is….".  Take those mean-spirited assumptions aside and judging by her latest A/W 11-12 collection, Simone has something quite unlike what her father does, to give – something that you can see vaguely comes from the same family tree but the result is starkly different.  

Her deconstructed tailoring took a big stride for A/W 11-12 with the addition of textures and a slight nod to the Prarie/Mid-West (hinted at in the 'Wanderlust' film by Columbine Goldsmith for Dossier above) with a red gingham grounding the collection somewhat.  She focuses on shirting and from that stems collars, bibs and shirts in sheer fabrics.  On top of that goes the mannish blazers with sections sheered out to add a much-needed delicate touch.  Ponyskin coats make up a convincing outerwear offering and varies up the texture to some degree.  







IMG_5853 IMG_5856

Where it gets even more texturally interesting is when Rocha combines chunky knit with a sheer overlay and uses a shaggy faux fur to bulk up sleeves.  They become effective when employed sparingly in the collection.  A bandeau dress isn't my usual bag but made up in the knit with the cloud of sheer fabric surrounding it, I'm suddenly signing myself up to that tube-dress wearing train…




Her MA degree placed her in a certain mould where you could possibly see her going in the direction of her father's footsteps but this A/W 11-12 collection defiantly communicated that she'd carve out her own niche, one that has now attracted star stockists such as colette and RA in Antwerp.  





You will have seen Simone's work peppering the internetz through what many regard as the star of her show – her shoes.  I don't necessarily think that they trumped over her clothing but they were certainly surprising in terms of finesse and advanced development of design.  They've been described as 'invisible' heels with a chunky of lucite elevating lace-up brogues with emphasis on the negative space between the toe of the shoe and the ground.  They are indeed a design wonder and in the showroom garnred plenty of gasps.  Simone may find herself doing full guns ablazing with a fully developed shoe line earlier than she thinks with this stand out design.  The full range of Simone's footwear is for sale at John Rocha's Dover Street store.  One more excuse to pop in for a gander… 









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  1. eilis boyle says:

    Love John and LOOOOOOVE Simone!

  2. Sarayu says:

    Love the shoes and the creative stint in her all the way !

  3. Lally says:

    Simone is great. I love the film, I wish my summer could be that hot and hazy.

  4. wei wei liao says:

    everything is so pretty and i want them all!

  5. Love the collection. The shoes are brilliant reminds me of something unique that United Nude would do, I love the red ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Valeria says:

    It’s a collection really particular, love it an I love use and match of different materials: is the first time for me to see this designer.

  7. Katie says:

    I like the layering of sheer with knitwear.

  8. Meena Dhuga says:

    wow! i love her collection! it is so cool! love the general vibe and everything. my fav pieces are the airy fairy shirts a collars, they are so perfect.
    Meena โ€šรดโ€ข

  9. jacquie says:

    love love the collection. and the shoes are cool!

  10. John’s being very clever here supporting his daughter like this. I agree this isn’t nepotism I think it’s exactly what anyone would do in John’s situation but it’s not entirely one sided. His daughters cool designs are re-igniting his own so it’s win win for everyone! Sooooo glad to see closeups of those shoes, hope the Rocha’s get on the e-commerce train sooner than later!

  11. susie_bubble says:

    Good point! I do feel like Simone Rocha is bringing more a new generation of people to get to know John Rocha’s work….
    I really think John Rocha needs to get on the e-commerce train for sure…. it’s fairly difficult for people to get hold of his work if you’re not in Dublin/London….

  12. Jael Paris says:

    Your posts always make my artsy heart happy.

  13. Minette says:

    these shoes remind of being on tippy-toes at all times.


  15. Very interesting texture contrast, transparent chiffon on heavy wool knit is ingenious!
    Shan @ Orchira

  16. Steff says:

    I need those shoes. I do hope an online shop is in the works as well.

  17. Duck says:

    Testing Testing 1 2 3…
    I hadn’t noticed the shoes when I was in the store! I’d day I’d have to go back but that will just end in me spending more money I don’t have.. I almost bought one of those stand-alone collars – very reasonably priced they are too – but I just had no idea what I could wear them with. I think it’s one of the few things that would really just be for girls ๐Ÿ™

  18. Frock Star says:

    Wow! I love the shoes!!! Check out my blog at
    xxxxxxxxxFrock Starxxxxxxxxx

  19. Your photos are wonderful… !

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