Come on you Reds (and Blues)

It's not been a great day for chanting about reds down in Holloway Road where "In Arsene we Trust" is law, not opinion.  Understandably Steve's definitely got the blues today after the pounding yesterday.  He'll be licking his footie-related wounds later on his blog but for now, I've been feeling the reds and blues through an altogether more upbeat channel. 

Search for red and blue plaid or check on eBay and you'll probably find yourself knee deep in generic shirts that guys wear as part of their urban lumberjack look.  They're not going out to chop trees in the depths of Shoreditch, Williamsburg or the Mitte but who's checking.  Through the course of a few shots of it from the A/W 11-12 collections and most recently in S/S 12's Louis Vuitton menswear collection helmed by Kim Jones, red and blue in square formation never jarred so beautifully together.

The red and blue plaid message was really honed in at Thakoon's A/W 11-12 show.  I really thought Thakoon stepped it up a level for the season turning out a collection that was unexpected and a welcome change-up from his tendency for ultra-feminine prettiness.  Where sporty elements are used such as parka drawstrings or pufffa jacket quilting, in conjunction with his Masai plaid print, that's when my interest levels at the show were especially piqued.  


Thakoon1 Thakoon2



At its most accessible level, Thakoon's Masai plaid print comes in 40" x 60" wool scarf that can loosely drape around the shoulders/neck. For extra feel-good appeal, 100% of the scarf's sale proceeds go to UNICEF who are working in the countries that make up the Horn of Africa.  


My mum, your nan, and the neighbour's dog has probably made the connection between Thakoon's Masai plaid and the appearance of a red and blue check at Kim Jones' Louis Vuitton S/S 12 menswear debut.  It's most probably a happy coincidence that Jones has used it as an accent print in the collection appearing in sproadic moments as well as being a convenient vehicle for Louis Vuitton's logo to to be housed.  

VUIT_MW_SS12_0350 Lvbs1

Lvbs2 VUIT_MW_SS12_0369

Y-3 also had it popping in and out of their A/W 11-12 collection… 


…and here in the Dazed & Confused July 2011 issue in a Dutch tulip field, both the Y-3 and Thakoon plaid dance merrily together on Lisanne de Jong.  I don't post up full editorials anymore like I used to because sites like Fashion Gone Rogue do such a stellar and fast job of it but I thought I'd take the opportunity to say that this has sky-rocketed up the 2011 editorial charts… 


Dazed & Confused July 2011, Photography Viviane Sassen, Styling Katie Shillingford

To add to this cacophony of red and blue checks, Rag & Bone's collection also sticks vividly in my head.  My pictures turned out to be duff at both show and showroom which is a shame because I enjoyed immensely delving into their last S/S 11 collection where I thought Rag & Bone had shifted somewhat in aesthetic.  This A/W 11-12 collection was no different.  The duo promoted challenging layering and the ultimate belief that a kilt is a wardrobe staple – can't fight that from my perspective…   




What does all of this summarise for me?  That I need to find my own Masai plaid to get happy with for the coming months.  At the moment, that plaid is taking the form of a vintage dress by Pendleton that I bought from Etsy (it's jostling with eBay in the vintage scouring stakes).  Reds and blues are piled on in separates but alas it's not quite the same striking effect as Thakoon's in-yer-face plaid.  The only saving grace is in the combination of a pair of Ayame socks and Tsumori Chisato red and blue shoes that have…

…wait for it ((LOL cat fans will like this…)…

…a cat face built into the shoe as well as a cat paw print in the heel.  Take that Cat Power…   





(Vintage Pendleton dress, vintage Neil Barrett leather jacket, Monki red checked shirt, Mundi cardigan wrapped around waist, Jaeger Boutique bag, Ayame socks, Tsumori Chisato shoes)

All backstage imagery by Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digital

18 Replies to “Come on you Reds (and Blues)”

  1. Oh Wowow Susie – You have such a good eye! I’m amazed that you remember these details and then incorporate them so well into your wardrobe – Amazing!My favourite collection is definitely Rag and Bone. I also am very jealous of your Jaeger bag – We were eyeing it up for so long and never even got it in time! 😀

  2. Susie a gooner? I have a hard time imagining you, glued to your laptop/blackberry, nervously refreshing that Transfer Clockwatch thingy on Sky.
    Also, amazing attention to details for the outfit.

  3. Such amazing outfit! I am in envy with your dress and Tsumori Chisato shoes. I guess, anything with primary colours combined together makes me tingle with happiness and love.

  4. its really awesome work, no words for these aesthetics. hardly we found these kind of work on sites……………

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