>> Can you totally tell that I'm complete out of my depth and out of place on Huntingdon Beach.  This is well and truly the land of washboard stomachs (both guys and gals), brown (yet never orange…) tans and hair that perpetually looks sunkissed and shiny.  I must have been the only one there wearing more than one layer.  Then again, if I had it, I'd flaunt it too.  Instead of a hot bod, my 'it' therefore became lots of layers of orange as a nod to my Orange County surroundings (not gonna lie, scenes of Ryan, Marissa et co. kept flashing back).  My orange lollipop outfit was pepped up by some Pura Vida bracelets that I bought at the US Open of Surfing event after being fed some story about Costa Rica cottage industry and a pair of United Nude sandals with rainbow straps that make lovely welts on my feet.  All in all, I'm totally adhering to the manners and practises of an uncomfortable and slightly awkward English person on a beach, complete with lobster-red patches on my back (again, English repression meant I couldn't quite muster up courage to ask someone to rub suntan lotion down the back…).  







**EDIT** This is what happens when the other half isn't here to zoom into my chest area to do a couple of shots.  The Whistles swimsuit hasn't got a polka dot pattern but has in fact got little rounded hearts all over that are less cutesy than yer average hearts.  Afterall, you don't want to give off the wrong impression with mega STRAIGHT, regularly spaced hearts.  Better to have rounded fluttery ones that are just a little bit hard to pinpoint. 

(Lacoste red jacket, ASOS Premium sheer shirt, Whistles 'Love' swimsuit, Tory Burch trousers, Jas M.B. bag, Prada sunglasses, United Nude sandals)

Fujifilm Instant pix by Max of Art Wednesday and Joy Yoon

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  1. I was surprised to see you mention US open in your tweets. Great to see that you are enjoying the contest. If you have a spare moment there are some amazing second hand / thrift shops up the road in long beach – heck there is even one on main st. HB called American Vintage. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  2. I love the first image of you with all the bikini-clad girls and shorts boys in the backdrop! Lovely outfit. When I went to LA I was the same with the OC memories when we went to the beach. But come on, Seth was the best!

  3. gah! you are literally minutes from where i live. would have loved to happen upon you at the open!!
    do most def check out the vintage stores in Long Beach if you can–some wonderful treasures to be found amidst hipster heaven.
    enjoy your stay!

  4. Oh this is a funny post, yes you do look out of place, or is it that i am not used to seeing you in photos in this type of landscape? Anyway, it’s great and refreshing to keep it personal as you do! I like the colorful sandals that go with everything. Enjoy the sun and heat, in Paris, it’s grey and cold…

  5. you DO have a hot bod! and you don’t have to show it all off to flaunt it; your personal style is sexier than showing tons of skin. think of it this way: i can run around in a bikini but sometimes i’m not confident to wear “out there” outfits like you do. just a thought from another lady who sometimes has issues with confidence. you’re definitely an inspiration to me! your body doesn’t have to be rock hard and in “perfect shape” (whatever that even IS) to be beautiful. keep doing what you do! thanks for the inspiration. chin up beautiful.

  6. I looooove those pants. And the sandals, too – I had considered getting a pair when I was at the United Nude shop in NYC the other day. You say ‘welts’… are they really all that bad? Uncomfortable welts, or more just, marks when you remove your shoes?
    From a long-long-longtime reader, short-time blogger myself:

  7. This post made me laugh haha, at least you naturally have a bit of colour to you! I plan to move to California from England after Uni and I have red hair and freckles- thaaat will be a sight.
    I wonder what the people of California thought of your quirky style? I mean your outfit wouldn’t stand out so much in for example London, but I imagine its a completely different story in Cali.
    Loove your whole outfit, especially the sunglasses.
    Feel free to check out my blog some time;

  8. I wish I had seen you while I was there because I, probably along with you, was the most fully dressed person there as well. bikini and board shorts isn’t my thing but my transparent maxi dress is!

  9. Loving these colors. I wish no one had heard of ASOS. I have been a devout fan for years and years now! Great affordable pieces that are often quirky and so fun!

  10. Love the photos so inspiring… Im following youre blog…
    Check out my blog and be my guest to follow it..

  11. This post made me laugh haha, at least you naturally have a bit of colour to you! I plan to move to California from England after Uni and I have red hair and freckles- thaaat will be a sight.

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