>> Doubling up on bags has already become a well-established habit.  (Not to be confused with err… double bagging…).  A larger tote/satchel with the cumbersome camera, books and magazines inside it alongside a smaller crossbody bag holding my phone, Oyster card and keys and other bits and pieces that need to be easily accessible.  

Tripling up on small cross body bags might look a little excessive but I'm only learning from the soldiers of WWII or more specifically… Prof. Emelius Browne in Bedknobs and Broomsticks as he leaves dear Miss Price for the army and neatly, distributes the weight of all his stuff by criss-crossing two smaller bags across his chest.  On the road, he would probably also have had a water flask to add to that load.  

That very random cinematic recollection gave me faith that a trio of bags isn't so absurd afterall.  Afterall, when in doubt, I say look to the past for affirmation that modern convention isn't all it's cracked up to be (works for hooped full skirts, slip dresses and brocade heels too).  Well, actually I cracked when I spotted the Jaeger Boutique 'Mini Ric Rac' bag on Liberty London Girl in Stockholm (incidentally Disney Roller Girl also has it too – we form an unlikely trio to all go for the same bag but I suppose that's the trick of the bag's scalloped edge design with a magnetic closure).  With the Jaeger sale still on, i opted for the bag in red (though it comes in navy), in addition to a sunglasses case (that can also be a coin, credit card, keys holder if you want) in a shiny bottle green and together with the Coach bag, I have three distinct bag categories to swing around.  A designated sunnies holder to prevent lens scratching.  The red bag holding the essentials – debit card, Oyster card, eyedrops, keys and phone.  The brown one holding the non-essentials – powder compact, notepad, perfume compact, lipbalm and BB cream.  Not at all ridiculous… 






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  1. bang bang is really awesome says:

    Whenever I see someone lugging around four bags, I think of Bang Bang from the Brothers Bloom. Sure, she did it with cameras, but the similarities remain. Tourist chic.

  2. susie_bubble says:

    Bang Bang: If only I was as cool as Rinko Kikuchi….!

  3. I love the red bag and I think I just found myself an early christmas present…!

  4. Taylor Lewis says:

    love this look, its awesome hehe
    please visit…

  5. Lisa says:

    Woow, i like your blog very much ! 🙂

  6. I love this idea!

  7. Elisa says:

    I find that I can cope with a maximum of 2 bags at a time. The little red one is delightful.

  8. Rochelle Fox says:

    cutee i always carry two bags a small one inside a big on just in case xx ‚ô• A Fox That Meows

  9. Anieblu says:

    love love love and love, for moore bags I get moore i need it; is some kind of “bag addiction” even i don¬¥t want to ealth it!!! XD
    hugs from…

  10. Diana B says:

    Yes Bang Bang was exactly what I was thinking! Now you just need to throw your glasses into a river and pull another pair out of your bag, nonchalantly of course

  11. Flower Cake says:

    love these eensie weensie bags

  12. Sarah says:

    Haha this is such a good idea, I need to start doing it because I only carry a big bag and spend ages rooting around inside it for keys and my oyster card. All the bags are absolutely gorgeous, too.

  13. Friperie says:

    During the work week I always carry two bags one for small items one for large items 🙂

  14. Hannah says:

    I always seem to have a backpack and a cross body bag these days. One bag just isn’t enough!

  15. A. says:

    Hi Susie, where´s the cute blouse from, please? thanks

  16. Multiple bags!? Say, this is so brilliant; I may just BAG this idea for myself.
    Thanks for being such awesome inspiration over the years. <3!

  17. Putu Gian says:

    wow! I’d like to try that…I also feel that carrying just 1 bag sometimes isn’t accessible..right? nice idea :))

  18. oh susie, you are amazing all the time! i love the red bag!

  19. Oh I love the green bag, very cute that you have three bags (a new trend maybe) 😉

  20. saigon says:

    the red one definitely my fave. you could have put 3 more bags and you would act as a merry-go-round

  21. Annie says:

    I love love love those sun glasses 🙂

  22. Never thought about three bags, but it definetly works! Love the green sunglasses case.

  23. Olive says:

    I adore your bags collections! I also love the detail on your blouse, I recognized that this blouse was the same one as you wore on the first day of stockholm fashion week. I love how you mixed it with a red skirt!

  24. Is that a traditional Romanian blouse you are wearing? It’s called an “ie” in Romanian. It looks great on you 😉

  25. Great pictures and cute bags! would have thought wearing three bags would be a headache (or backache?) but it works!

  26. SO funny. I have also been eying the green sunnies case and have a VERRRY similar Coach bag. Someone (now who was it?) told me that an ex-Luella designer is now at Jaeger Boutique (from whence the red bag came). That figures…

  27. Shan You says:

    It’s a good idea at least it’s much easier to find the things you need!!!

  28. Vani says:

    You’re always so original! Very cute bags.

  29. Eline says:

    love the red bag!
    So cute. 🙂

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