I think I've become known as the 'scarf girl' since a mention came out in the New York Times that I liked to wear scarves in a multitude of ways.  Blame it on the sheer power of NYT.  Since that article, every day a scarf label seems to suddenly emerge out of nowhere in emails accompanied by the gentle push of "Let's see if we can work out a deal where you write about me and…" blah blah blah.  Sadly it tends to be a bit of a deal breaker when they address me as 'Tavi' or 'Rumi', after a copy and paste mishap.  Still, better for me to chase the scarves that float about than vice versa.  It just so happens that four scarfy finds have come up simultaneously for me to earn the 'scarf girl' moniker.


On Tuesday, Grazia had their first Fash Factor competition.  Replace the X with Fash, minus Simon Cowell and delusional singers and bung in the editors of Grazia plus a few guest judges such as myself, Jonathan Saunders and Jane Shepherdson.  With one minute to pitch their label either wearing their own wares or an accompanying model, designers queued around the block to try and nab the chance of being featured in next week's Grazia.  With a longer pitch, an uber bitchy-judge (we were all too mild-mannered perhaps…) and a TV show could be in the making.  The winners have been announced and the runner-up in the accessories category was Ali Mapletoft, the designer behind scarf label Age of Reason.  I missed her pitch but the judges mentioned the words 'bondage', 'Hermes-esque' and 'Russian Dolls'.  After a poke around Age of Reason's blog, I found a wonderful pic of Ali herself wearing her scarves in a way that makes 'scarf girls' like myself most excited with glints of bondage chains and gimp-masked matryoshka dolls peeking from a swash of pale pink silk.  Ali's designers references recognisable scarf designs and layouts with very different motif and subject matter, contorting the Hermes-esque flurries of chains and flowers into hand cuffs and sketches of saucier stuff (for a special range of Coco de Mer - one of the nicest places to shop for lingerie in London in my opinion).  The geek in me niggles that with limited stockists, Age of Reason could do with e-commerce but I'm sure that will change once the Grazia piece comes out and a likely deluge of requests come her way.  



Pomme_Grey_Flat Pomme_Grey_SML

Pug_Long Pug_Long_Flat

Russ_Blue_Flat Russ_Blue_LRG

Russ_Brown_LRG Russ_Pink_Flat


Going to the Pitti event in Florence proved to be an opportunity to follow up on the designers I saw last time I was there, one of them being Pierre-Louis Mascia who still has mega cute vids on his website demonstrating bits of scarf wearing.  For S/S 12, he continues to mix up different genres of prints – the traditional paisleys with the abstract marble strokes and florals, leopard and polka dot also thrown into the mix.  Huge scarves come double sided and split up into panels and t-shirts made up of silk panels balance out these patterns together in a seemingly haphazhard way.  Pierre-Louis has also added bags (with contrasting lining of course) and double sided blankets and towels to appropriately get into the homeware pie.  I think I renacted a Lenor fabric conditioner advert at the stand when I took one of the blankets and rubbed it against my cheek, exclaiming how soft it was.  Pierre-Louis might have been a bit scared that I was going to make off with it…   


IMG_8559 IMG_8560








I definitely haven't fogotten about Forget Me Not whose scarves mix geometrics, forest animals and vibrant colour palettes.  Coco's illustration portfolio continues to become a rich source of inspiration and her scarves are one outlet of her drawings.  Once restricting herself to large squares, for A/W 11, the collection expands to long rectangles that make knotting into make-shift dresses or skirts an even easier affair.  The diamond shapes are definitely for fashioning into headbands.  The added fringing on the heavier twill scarves make for warmer wrap-up options.  For timing's sake though the image from Forget Me Not's S/S 11 campaign which has the model laid out on rectangular scarves as though they were beach towels is definitely inspiring for all my 'anticipated' (it may not happen…) Cornish beach laying and Hampstead Heath-lounging over the next few weeks.  






Finally, this is a scarf tidbit that isn't really news but Marni's Foulard collection for A/W 11-12 is well and truly a welcome addition in so much that it's also supposed to be a slightly less expensive collection than its mainline.  This isn't the first time Marni has done diffusion as, I think this is an additional diffusion collection, to accompany Marni's Edition line which I only just recently discvered in Browns.  Consuelo Castiglioni describes the Foulard line a a 'flirtatious little love poem' in comparison to the mainline collection novel which only makes the collection even more enticing.  Not that I need poetic persuasion when Castiglioni mixes these graphic printed silks with ease and skill.  The "Let's see how many colours and patterns we can fit into one ensemble" is a dangerous game to play but Castiglioni knows when the clash produces far too much noise which leaves it far too tempting for the likes of me to make these pieces an even louder affair.   


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  1. azede says:

    this makes me want to design and silk screen my own scarfs, what a fun project that would be. Thanks for the idea.

  2. s says:

    the 1rst pic is wonderful…. I have many HERMES scarf… love them ! ;D

  3. Maya says:

    I must try and wear a scarf as a top. It looks fab 🙂 xx

  4. Kate says:

    Love it. Liberty of London is my fav for scarves. They even have a really sweet gift set of cards that has pictures and instructions for loads of different ways to wear scarves 🙂

  5. Leigh says:

    Beautiful scarves. I have a bit of a mania for them, so it looks like I’m going to be adding to my collection soon.
    Thanks for bringing us all these unique labels and shops, Susie. I just received my first order from Of a Kind, which you profiled in http://stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2010/12/following-and-finding-one-of-a-kind.html
    The pieces are beautiful (you can see photos on my blog http://creatureofdesign.blogspot.com) and I love the stories behind them. You and others might be interested to know that the site is running a rare 25% off everything promo, ending today.
    Keep trucking on, Susie. You make fashion intelligent and thoughtful.

  6. Meena Dhuga says:

    great idea! i love all the crazy prints and stuff, so cool 🙂
    Meena xxxx

  7. shabby says:

    Disappointed I only just read about the Fash Factor in the Evening Standard & here! Definitely an amazing opportunity for aspiring creatives! Congrats to the winners and to you for taking part!

  8. very nice
    Copper Etiquette Shop Dresses

  9. loving it. now i need to get myself a good scarf!!

  10. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! I’d LOVE a step-by-step guide on how you wear your square scarves differently…I love scarves but am clueless on how to wear them, most of the time they end up being used folded up into long belts…

  11. RIY_KA says:

    I really like all the sketches for the scarves from age of reason, they are very cool!!
    and of course Marni, I can def see you in some of those looks, its amazing how the are so many clashing prints that, you would think wont work together, but marni makes it work, so well

  12. Danii Boy says:

    Whoa. I love the scarves. The ultimate gateway to neck-styling. Man, I love the variety of colourful hues of scarves. They’re a masterpiece. Love love love, I want their love.
    I am most interested in the doggy-print scarf.

  13. I think the prints are fantastic.. a great look!

  14. Handbags says:

    I love Hermes scarfs and the first picture is lovely. I am also crazy about handbags and purses. You could write a post about these two types of accessories and include many pictures.

  15. Purses says:

    For me one of the must have accessories are scarves. I wear them in a number of different way but a step-by-step guide would definitely be useful. I always try to match my scarf with the rest of my outfit.

  16. BeLighter says:

    Beautiful colours and prints! Probably the top accessory in my wardrobe! the first photo is simply amazing!!!

  17. Imageatelier says:

    What an easy way to add color and prints to a neutral colors wardrobe.

  18. Shelley says:

    LOVE the striped socks and colour-blocked shoes in the last photo!

  19. I’m a massive scarf fan (and have way too many). I love the coco one with owls on. My favourite scarf at the moment is the lobster scarf by Charlotte Taylor http://www.charlottetaylorltd.com/#gallery_8 – but I already have he penguin one so I have to wait a bit yet.

  20. mimi says:

    I LOVE the FoRGET ME NOT scarves, they are amazing, it s the first time I saw the new winter collection, it is so fantastic, I love it, where I can buy them, they are not online yet…

  21. Loutaylor says:

    I made a papercut illustration of a beautiful Lucy Jay scarf (they’re pretty amazing too) for Betty Magazine here: http://blog.bettymagazine.co.uk/2011/07/first-cut-is-deepest.html

  22. Sarah says:

    I am in LOVE with all those scarves! I really want them all, especially the Age of Reason designs, they are beautiful, I would feel amazing wearing them.
    I have developed a fascination with scarves recently, so I have really enjoyed this post 🙂
    xx Sarah

  23. love! i would love to have more inspiration about styling with scarves

  24. They are very cool! Love them ;D

  25. Swan says:

    This cut and paste getting your name wrong thing is insane. That is so lame.

  26. Lori Weber says:

    I love scarves and want to wear them more often. I tend to wear them in colder weather but would like to try more silk and lighter blends for summer style. I just ordered several alpaca scarves – simple, but very pretty.

  27. zara says:

    i have been trying to find a bubble scarf i can’t find it anywhere and its starting to wear out .
    its plain and it bubbles around it do you know where i can find them please ?????

  28. Tina says:

    Another great collection!
    Thank you so much giving some great ideas on how to come up with a new fashion statement.

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