What's the opposite of having green fingers?  Black fingers?  Blue ones perhaps?  Whatever it is I must have them.  I'm like some sort of an evil Disney character where I covet the look of roses in the form of  cool Tumblred images, as opposed to the real thing which withers under my very gaze and negligence.  Do you see the distinct lack of water in this jug (no vases in my hovel…)?  No longlife sachet is going to cure this beautiful bouquet.  As for the real grown-in-the-ground sort of flora?  Don't even go there.  I'll have to find some way of supressing my black/blue blighted fingers when I get down to Port Eliot and find myself in Michael Howells' curated Flower Show. 



My lack of affinity with flora though can't touch the 'Memoirs of Roses', which is exactly what designer Hermione de Paula has based her A/W 11 collection around.  Hermione has returned to what she knows and does best – manipulated floral prints that twist the image and symbolic values of the English rose into something darker.  She embraces all facets and connotations of the rose to create her prints for the season which have been paired with shapes and silhouettes that best showcase the sprawl of roses.  She paints them in natural and synthetic shades and textures to illustrate a journey – classic red roses symbolising the first throws of love, delicate rose petal confetti cascading at a wedding, the artificiality of jewel and feather encrusted roses at a Las Vegas shotgun wedding, green roses (they apparently exist!) embodying the spirit of adventure and wooden roses laid down on a coffin as a final adieu.  In all these guises, Hermione has maintained a sensual spirit in her way of manipulating her floral prints that first drew me to her work.  The many print options of course means that if you're not a raging red rose kinda gal, you can go for more delicate and subtle shades or you can take a detour into the purple-based prints where the rose is more difficult to make out.   Some would say the shapes are simplistic but I think I'd prefer silhouette to be left out of it if it means that you can waft and faff more easily in Hermione's tunics, neat collared shirts, scarves and dresses the play with varying lengths. 

Hermione has shown over the past season that her aesthetic can be applied to so many instances – custom printed Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, specially bound diaries and books in collaboration with Prometheus Bound and installations for Liberty department store paves the way for Hermione's flowers to bloom in many other forums.  I didn't get to go to her London Fashion Week event where she organised a Las Vegas Shotgun wedding to celebrate her collection with Pomp de Franc cupcakes as part of the wedding feast but it seems to demonstrate Hermione's ability to create a seductive universe into her flower-filled world, one where even a black-fingered me can hope to step into. 

Rose1 Rose10


Rose9 Rose11




Rose28 Rose14


Nk2 Nk4




Rose16 Rose24

Rose6 Rose7



Rose17 Rose18



Rose20 Rose21


Rose23 Rose22


Rose25 Rose27

Rose26 Rose19



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  1. WearIAm says:

    Very interesting pictures! I usually like to dabble in floral pieces, but this different, darker stance on floral makes for a much more intriguing outfit!

  2. First of all I am a big fan of floral print, still I don’t have a lot floral printed clothes in my wardrobe… what’s going wrong here… anyway, got roses yesterday from a friend, so nice to get flowers! Makes the house so much more a house 🙂
    XO Charlotte

  3. j.esp says:

    amazing entry love the floral print! i also some cupcakes in there yummy.

  4. Cute and flower-friendly post from the black-fingered you !
    would be great to read more topics we don’t read about so much like this, and who knows, one day, on the art of flower making in fashion and couture! What about lifelong flowers that don’t need so much daily care? i guess a bliss for all the black-fingered ones around!…
    work with craftsmen of luxury in Paris and two of them indeed are flower makers for couture. I posted a photo reporting on the art of flower making too on our The Daily Couture blog. Vive les fleurs! http://thedailycouture.com/2011/06/21/francais-bruno-parurier-floral/

  5. Beautiful photos. If I had a fat wallet, I would fill every room in my house with fresh flowers. There’s something so cherry about the look and smell of fresh flowers. Even photos or prints of flowers are beautiful. =)
    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and Fashion

  6. Goguma says:

    Delish. Inspiring pictures.

  7. RIY_KA says:

    very pretty, you really get sucked in to her world, very inspiring 🙂

  8. poppy says:


  9. Elle says:

    Aw I think it’s called having a ‘black thumb’
    The prints are so gorgeous, roses ftw. Found that pic of 3d flower skirt you posted a while back (Iceland maybe?) so inspiring. They should be taking their roses to 3D level x

  10. Isabel says:

    These are beautiful! And yes, the opposite of having a green thumb is a “black thumb.”

  11. wideeyes says:

    Love this- so pretty! Did you plan to review Hermione de Paula in coordination with the HP release??

  12. oh my dior says:

    wow beautiful pieces so creative love the roses!

  13. Sarah says:

    I think the first 5 images that feature the red rose print on black, are simply beautiful!
    I’m really getting into print at the moment, and this post has made me fall in love with wearing print even more! Also, as I wear a lot of black, the different colours used for the prints have shown me that I don’t have to ignore colour or print – both work!
    also, I really want that book! is it just a notebook, or an actually book I could buy? I’m a bit of a book nerd 🙂
    xx Sarah

  14. Betsy says:

    Florals, florals, floral, florals. Love them.

  15. This print is wonderful!

  16. I like how this isn’t your everyday floral, darker, more ethereal. Smitten.

  17. Han says:

    I love absolutely everything about this post!
    Great inspiration!

  18. Taylor Lewis says:

    I love florals especially for spring but for summer also 🙂

  19. dd says:

    what a great look – kind of gothic but not at the same time. Great collection.

  20. Claire Fahey says:

    I love florals and a sorta dark forals. They are kinda like away to say im a really pretty bada**. This collection is really great!

  21. Sarah says:

    Oh, I love those edgy prints, absolutely amazing!
    Don’t worry, I am terrible at looking after plants and flowers too. I once bought a plant which I was told was very easy to look after and would last months, a week later and it was dead :-(.

  22. nice pictures, roses can only make things more beautiful

  23. Wow I absolutely love those prints!
    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  24. Lois says:

    Wow, I love the intricate patterning on some of those photos!

  25. Love it. Particuarly the rose headpiece 🙂

  26. Lots of lovely images. I had not heard of this particular designer, so an educational read too. Love the images on your blog, great stuff. xx

  27. monia says:

    Thank you for this post because I am reconsidering roses on a dress! I think I am loving it so much!
    Monia, Rome

  28. Sophie says:

    These floral prints are gorgeous! I like the dark edge they seem to possess. Check out the Rutzou prints on blouses and scarves at http://www.theclothesparlour.com/

  29. Mary says:

    I really, really, really like this.

  30. Kate says:

    Loving all the colour combos.

  31. Andy says:

    very elegant fashion design motif

  32. Olive says:

    Super cool post!I love it!

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